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Chapter 259 A Figure More Magnificent than the Stars

“Immortal Venerable, its the large flying shuttle of the Netherworld Sacred Sect and the Sun Family of Qingyang Star.”

Li Cheng recognized the origins of these flying shuttles at a glance and reported to Cui Heng, “The other flying shuttles should be from the Chen family of Baijing Star and the Ten Thousand Sword Sect.”

A large flying shuttle was different from a small individual flying shuttle.

This was already a large strategic weapon.

It had to display the characteristics of the faction it belonged to.

Otherwise, it was very likely to cause unnecessary conflict.

“Looks like your actions have indeed attracted a lot of attention.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“So many forces have been attracted over.”

“Ive embarrassed myself in front of Immortal Venerable.

This is also because we lack experience and dont have a good concealment method.

Thats why we were tracked down,” Li Cheng said with some shame.

After all, he and Li Wei were only 700 years old and most of their time was spent on cultivation.

Their experience in traveling was indeed not enough.

“Flying shuttle in front, I advise you not to resist unnecessarily.

Hurry up and leave the shuttle for inspection!”

At this moment, the three large flying shuttles sent another message.

At the same time, they were getting closer and closer to the flying shuttle.

At this rate, they would probably collide with it soon.

A small flying shuttle could not withstand the impact of this huge flying shuttle weapon.

“Immortal Venerable, what should we do now” Li Cheng asked Cui Heng.

Faced with the current situation, it was definitely impossible for him to make a direct decision.

Of course, he did not have the ability to make a decision.

“Lets do as they say.” Cui Heng smiled.

“Lets go out.”


“Ah” Li Cheng could not help but be a little confused.

What was going on Shouldnt he release his aura and pressure to scare the other party out of his wits and resolve all problems

With Cui Hengs strength, it was definitely easy for him to do this.

There was no doubt.

Why did he have to do as the other party said

Li Cheng did not understand why, but he did not dare to ask what was going on.

He could only nod and say, “Yes, Immortal Venerable.”

Then, the door of the shuttle opened and Cui Heng walked out with Li Cheng.

He came to this dark and deep starry sky.

He only stood beside the flying ship, as if he was quietly waiting for an inspection.

He did not seem to have any intention of resisting.

This situation surprised the people on the huge flying ship.

Under normal circumstances, if one suddenly intercepted the other partys flying shuttle for no reason in the starry sky of the universe, they would encounter very intense resistance and might even directly fight.

Why was it so smooth this time

In the large flying shuttle of the Netherworld Sacred Sect.


A burly man in a black robe laughed as he said to a woman wielding a bone sword.

“Haha, this genius from the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect is too timid.

He actually came out directly.”

This persons name was Tan Sheng, and he was a Limitless Golden Immortal from the Netherworld Sacred Sect on Chongyang Star.

Decades ago, he received an order from the sect.

The information was that Li Cheng and Li Weis shuttle had been in an abnormal state in the past few decades and had been flying in the same direction quickly.

They must have obtained some extremely important clues.

It might even be a clue to Li Fas death.

If it was really related to Li Fa, then it meant that the place Li Chenghe went to was very likely to have the mysteries of breaking through the Sage realm and advancing to the Peak of the Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm.

It was impossible for any faction with a Myriad Techniques Return to One Sage to not care about this temptation.

As long as one could break through to the Peak of Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm, his status would become completely different from now.

Even if one wanted to rule the entire Five Views Realm, it would probably not be a problem.

After all, in the past, existences of this level were only big shots in myths and legends.

If one really appeared, it would definitely cause a huge commotion.

However, compared to Tan Shengs excitement, Feng Lanzhi, who was sitting in the drivers seat, frowned slightly.

She looked at Cui Heng, who was standing beside Li Cheng, and said in a low voice, “Could there be a trap We dont know that person.”

“Hes probably just a Limitless Golden Immortal.

Could it be that a Sage will appear in such a desolate starry sky” Tan Sheng shook his head and smiled.

“But I have a bad feeling.” Feng Lanzhi patted her chest and frowned.

“I even feel like I cant breathe.”

“Lanzhi, youre too cautious.” Tan Sheng shook his head and said in a low voice, “Being cautious is not wrong.

It can allow you to avoid many unnecessary dangers.

But sometimes, if were too careful, its easy to miss many gains and opportunities.

After all, our Netherworld Sacred Sect isnt the only one here this time.

We have to be quick.”

As he spoke, he pointed outside and saw that the people in the other two large flying shuttles had already walked out and were flying towards Cui Heng and Li Cheng.

They were from the Sun Family of Qingyang Star.

“Yes, Senior Brother is right.” Feng Lanzhi nodded.

She had been convinced by Tan Sheng.

“Lets go out quickly lest the Sun Family beat us to it.”

“Hahaha, thats right.” Tan Sheng nodded in satisfaction and smiled.

“Lets go!”


When Tan Sheng and Feng Lanzhi walked out of the flying shuttle, the three people from the Sun Family of Qingyang Star had already arrived in front of Cui Heng and Li Cheng.

These were three Limitless Golden Immortals.

They were all men.

But they looked like they were from the older generation.

The leader was an old man who looked to be in his sixties or seventies.

His hair and beard were white, and his eyes were deep.

His face was amiable.

His name was Sun Guangzhao, and he was an old man over 4,000 years old.

“Little friend Li, we meet again.” Sun Guangzhao smiled and greeted.

His attitude was rather friendly, and he did not look like he was going to forcefully check the flying shuttle.

Although sound could not be transmitted in the universe, this was not a problem for a Limitless Golden Immortal.

He could directly communicate through information perception.

It was no different from speaking normally.

“So its Senior Sun.

Its indeed been a long time.” Li Cheng nodded and returned the greeting, putting on a humble appearance.

He pointed at the large flying shuttle in front of him and smiled.

“Senior, what are you doing”

“Ah, its like this.” Sun Guangzhao pretended to be surprised.

“Little friend, youve been away from the Five Views Realm for a long time, so you dont know.

Its like this…

A few years ago, an Evil Star God barged into the Five Visions Realm to do evil.

We couldnt take it anymore, so we could only join forces and form a team of 16 flying shuttles to chase after this expert.

This time, we happened to chase him here.

To prevent unnecessary trouble, we accidentally let that Evil Star God escape and delayed the encirclement, so we set up a checkpoint here to stop all flying shuttles from passing.

We didnt expect to coincidentally stop Little Friends flying shuttle.

What a coincidence.”

Evil Star God

Li Cheng almost laughed out loud when he heard this.

Then, he looked at Cui Heng beside him, not sure what to do next.

This old man in front of him was clearly treating them as fools.

This action naturally could not be hidden from Sun Guangzhao and the other two, as well as Tan Sheng and Feng Lanzhi, who had just rushed over.

They immediately looked at this unfamiliar young man.

Why did Li Cheng look like he was following orders

Who was he

There didnt seem to be such a person in the Five Views Realm

Could it be an expert from this remote starry sky

From his aura and perception, he seemed to be an ordinary Golden Immortal.

He was nothing…

All kinds of thoughts flashed through their minds.

“Looks like your Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect doesnt have much prestige on Chongyang Star.” Cui Heng glanced at Li Cheng, then looked at Sun Guangzhao and the others and chuckled.

“You said that you came here to chase after an Evil Star God”

“Thats right.” Sun Guangzhao nodded and sized up Cui Heng.

He frowned slightly and said, “You are”

“Hm!” Cui Heng raised his hand and interrupted Sun Guangzhao.

He asked again, “Are you really sure that theres an Evil Star God on Tianzhu Star”

“Little friend, are you suspecting me” Sun Guangzhaos gaze turned cold.

“No, I just wanted to ask…” Cui Heng suddenly turned around and raised his hand to point at Tianzhu Star.

He pretended to be puzzled and said,” Is that the Star God you mentioned”

“What” Sun Guangzhao was stunned when he heard this.

He subconsciously looked at Tianzhu Star.

He knew that the so-called Star God did not exist at all.

What he saw made his gaze freeze.

At the same time, Tan Sheng, Feng Lanzhi, and the other two Limitless Golden Immortals also revealed shocked expressions, their faces turning pale.

“What is this!”

How was that possible!

An incomparably huge human-shaped shadow suddenly appeared on the scarlet planet in front of them.

Vast and boundless power instantly filled the surrounding void.

At this moment, everyone felt that this huge planet had come to life!

It possessed spirituality and came to life.

It carried the boundless power of the entire planet and became a new living being.

It controlled everything on this planet!

It had become him!

He was even larger than the entire Tianzhu Star.

At this moment, if one looked up at the starry sky from Daozhou Star, they would be able to see that Tianzhu Star was wrapped in a ball of red human-shaped light.

The entire planet seemed to be held in his arms, and it actually seemed a little pocket-sized.

As for the large flying shuttles, compared to this incomparably majestic figure, they were simply insignificant.

The human-shaped figure that suddenly appeared was like a ruler, the Giant God of Tianzhu Star.

Other than Cui Heng, everyone else felt an incomparably huge impact.


It was simply too unbelievable!

“Immortal, Immortal Venerable, this, what is this!” Li Cheng also looked at Cui Heng in disbelief.

Although he could not understand the current situation, he was very sure that this was definitely Cui Hengs doing.

Only this Immortal Venerable could do such a bizarre thing

“This is a Star God.” Cui Heng had a strange expression on his face.

He pointed at Sun Guangzhao and chuckled.

“Didnt this old man explain it very clearly just now”

“I, I, I didnt…” Sun Guangzhaos lips trembled, and for a moment, he didnt know how to speak.

“Arent you here to surround him” Cui Heng pointed at the giant god shadow on Tianzhu Star and smiled.

“You can go now.”


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