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It was from the founder of the Great Wei, the current Emperor Hong Yin, Wang Shanjun.

At the same time, the invitation also stated that Wang Shanjun had once obtained a divine medicine from Cui Heng, which changed his fate and he had some fate with Cui Heng.

Li Cheng noticed this.

He immediately decided to bring his sister to the banquet.

Perhaps they could obtain some experience in hugging someones thigh!


At the same time as the banquet in Changfeng Prefecture City, a pitch-black light descended from the western sky.

This light was inconspicuous in the night.

Almost no one noticed it as it silently landed in Yongzhou.

A shuttle-shaped flying ship more than 30 feet long slowly landed at the top of a mountain.

Immediately after, the surface of the flying shuttle glowed with black light.

A square pattern suddenly appeared on the originally smooth surface, forming a door.


A black-robed man walked out.

He opened his palm and grabbed lightly.

The 30-foot-long flying shuttle turned into an inch-long object and landed in his hand.

“Mn…” The black-robed man took a deep breath and closed his eyes, looking refreshed.

Then, he opened his arms and raised them to the sky.

He praised, “What a clean planet.

Theres no protective array densely covered in astral winds, nor are there copper statues patrolling everywhere.

This is the aura of freedom!

The mountains and rivers dont show any signs of being infiltrated by the power of a Sage.

Theyre all filled with the charm of natural creation.

Wonderful, wonderful! From today onwards, this planet will belong to me, Ye Han!

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However, before that, I have to first find out if Li Cheng and Li Wei have found anything and if they have really found a way to break through to the Sage realm.


Also, I need to confirm the level of the strongest person on this planet and set up a massacre list.

Itll be more convenient to live here after I kill them all.

Hm, although my hands are a little itchy and I want to kill someone right away, its inevitable that Ill alert the enemy if I do that.

That wont be fun anymore.

Its better to spread some plagues in secret first and see the effect.

The location… will be chosen from the land Ive descended to.

Tsk tsk, hahaha! There are so many living beings on this planet.

Even if its only a radius of 10,000 kilometers, there are still so many people.

Lets spread the seeds of the plague on them first…”

Before he could finish his sentence, pitch-black smoke crawled out of Ye Hans palm.

Every wisp of smoke that flew out quickly dissipated into thousands of wisps of black smoke.

This was the seed of an epidemic.

For those who had yet to become a Deva, as long as they were infected with this disease, their bodies would become extremely weak at an extremely fast speed.

Their martial cultivation would also be directly emptied, and they would become invalids in less than ten days.

Moreover, this disease had an extremely powerful transmission ability.

As long as one was within three feet of someone carrying the disease, they would be infected.

With such transmission ability, before the first infected person became a cripple, this disease would spread throughout a large city.

Endless panic would envelop everyones hearts.

“Hehehe, be afraid.

Be very afraid! This is all nourishment for my cultivation!” Ye Han grinned, and his face under the black robe looked sinister and terrifying.


After arriving at the banquet, Wang Shanjun, Li Cheng and Li Wei realized that there were so many “Immortals” in Changfeng Prefecture.

He Qingrous cultivation realm was the highest among everyone present.

She was already a Heaven Immortal.

Chen Tong had also broken through to the Earth Immortal realm.

Liu Litao, Zhao Guang, and Lu Zhengming were Human Immortals.

Even the protagonist of the banquet, Emperor Hong Yin, was a Human Immortal.

Such a lineup could be considered a medium-sized sect on Chongyang Star.

Including the Nine Fire Flame Dragon and the Hong River Water God who had not come to the banquet, they were enough to rank among the top sects.

While Li Cheng and Li Wei were sizing up everyone present, He Qingrou, Chen Tong, Wang Shanjun, and the others were also sizing up the siblings who had descended from the sky.

Especially Wang Shanjun.

He already knew that these siblings were made to stay here by Cui Heng.

This meant that to Cui Heng, these siblings were definitely very important.

Perhaps they had very important information.

Then could he help Immortal Cui obtain some valuable information from the siblings to reduce Immortal Cuis workload


After realizing this, Emperor Taizu of the Great Wei took action.

He took the initiative to come to Li Chengs side with a wine glass and smiled as he tried to get close to him.

“Brother Li, although youre older, you look very young.

Shall I call you Brother”

“Eh Uh, sure, sure!” Li Cheng nodded in confusion.

Although he was already more than 700 years old, his mentality was still very young.

In terms of life experience, he might not have more than Wang Shanjun.

“Haha, good brother.” Wang Shanjun had a straightforward personality and usually could not be unrestrained in the palace.

But now that he was the youngest among them, he naturally did not hold himself back.

He said bluntly, “Then let me ask, whats the situation with your Chongyang Star”

As soon as these words were spoken, the others could not help but look over.

Although everyone already knew Li Cheng and Li Weis origins and they had come from a distant planet, Chongyang, no one had asked about the situation on Chongyang.

After all, they were not familiar with each other and were even vaguely hostile.

It was indeed not appropriate to rashly ask about these things.

They did not expect Wang Shanjun to ask directly.

Moreover, he did not beat around the bush at all and asked directly.

This immediately attracted the interest of everyone present.

They also wanted to know about the situation on Chongyang Star.

How powerful would a planet that could produce two Limitless Golden Immortals be

However, would Li Cheng really answer such a straightforward question

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, Li Cheng smiled.

When he heard Wang Shanjuns question, he was overjoyed.

Actually, he was worried that he would not have a chance to show off and could not leave a good impression on Cui Hengs followers, so he agreed readily and said with a smile, “Since you called me brother, such a small matter is naturally nothing.

Moreover, although Chongyang Star is not considered to be famous in the myriad worlds, it is still a rather prominent star.

Many of the details are public and not any secret.

Actually, as long as you can walk out of this planet and enter the starry sky, it wont be difficult for you to understand the situation of Chongyang Star after coming into contact with martial artists from other places…”

Hu –

At this moment, a hot wave of air suddenly blew in from outside, interrupting Li Cheng.

Immediately after, a scarlet flame flew over.

This flame carried an extremely powerful aura, causing everyone present to involuntarily hold their breaths, and their gazes were focused on the flames.

Especially Li Cheng and Li Wei.

They subconsciously took a step back, their eyes filled with shock and their faces revealing extreme fear.

This flame was from the Nine Fire Flame Dragon, Huo San.

Previously, in the sky above the Hong River, Li Cheng and Li Wei were quite frightened by the power it displayed.

“Dont be afraid.”

Huo Sans loud voice sounded out of thin air, but there was no pressure at all.

Instead, it had a gentle charm that comforted the heart, making Li Cheng and Li Wei calm down a little.

Then, the ball of flames transformed into a foot-long red coiling dragon pillar that landed in the middle of the banquet table.

Such a strange action confused everyone present.

Li Cheng was also a little hesitant as to whether he should continue.

Liu Litao looked around and could only stand up and ask, “Senior, you came here to…”

“I heard that this visitor from outer space wanted to explain the situation on Chongyang Star, so I reported this matter to Immortal Venerable,” Huo San said indifferently.


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