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Chapter 248 Without Immortal Cui, There Would Be No Great Wei

The current founder of the Great Wei Dynasty, Hong Yin, had seen Cui Heng a hundred years ago.

At that time, Cui Heng had just walked out of the Beginners Space and was looking for a place to collect the seven emotions of all living beings.

He happened to meet Wang Shanjun, who was at the time, called Wang Hu and only seven years old.

Hence, he used a tomato he had brought out from the Beginners Space as a reward and asked Wang Hu some questions.

This was originally just a means for Cui Heng to get the information he wanted, but it completely changed Wang Hus fate.

That tomato was planted by Cui Heng in the Beginners Space.

It was rich in spiritual energy and to martial artists, it was a divine medicine that could even revive the dead.

If Wang Hu ate it directly, he would be reborn on the spot and his aptitude would increase greatly.

Even if he did not cultivate any martial arts, he would be able to become an expert with just his body after he reached adulthood.

However, he did not eat it himself.

Instead, he brought the tomato home and distributed it to his parents and grandparents.

They each ate a fifth.

Eating it like this was not as good as eating it alone, but it also greatly increased his aptitude, making his body stronger and his mind very bright.

He looked very different from his peers.

Most importantly, Wang Hus grandfather was already critically ill at that time.

After eating a piece of the tomato, he directly recovered and became lively.

And his grandfather had made a friend when he was traveling in his early years.

This friends name was Wu Yin…


Wu Yin searched everywhere for children with good aptitude.

He originally did not intend to go to Xiangxi Town.

After all, it was an era of chaos.

Not many children in town could even read.

If he wanted to search every town, it would take too much effort.

However, when he heard that his old friend was there, he went over to catch up with him and happened to see Wang Hu.

That was how Emperor Wang Shanjun, who established the Great Wei Dynasty, was discovered and nurtured.

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Emperor Xuan Ren couldnt help but sigh with emotion after hearing his fathers description of the past.

“The wonders of the world are really unexpected.

Im afraid even this Immortal Cui didnt expect that his unintentional actions would actually create an Emperor like Royal Father who can change the world and rebuild it.”

“No.” Wang Shanjun shook his head and stood with his hands behind his back.

With his back facing Emperor Xuan Ren, he said, “I dont think so.

Your fathers achievements today are actually inseparable from Immortal Cui.”

“Ah” Emperor Xuan Ren looked confused.

In his eyes, Wang Shanjun was the greatest Emperor since ancient times.

His achievements were unparalleled and unmatched by his predecessors.

He was a top-notch Emperor that was hard to come by in a thousand ages.

In the past, when he was in power, he ruled the entire world with great authority.

Why was he suddenly so humble now

“Do you know that Prime Minister Wu was once Immortal Cuis subordinate” Wang Shanjun suddenly turned to look at Emperor Xuan Ren and said indifferently, “Also, the aristocratic families that should have been our greatest enemy back then were also beaten into submission by Immortal Cui and did not dare to act rashly.”

“Ah, this…” Emperor Xuan Ren was speechless, and he was inexplicably shocked.

If this was true, then his father was right.

The establishment of Great Wei had been facilitated by Immortal Cui from the beginning

“Moreover, Heavenly King Hongwu was also Immortal Cuis student back then.

The Great Harmony Collection was passed down by Immortal Cui.” Wang Shanjun told Emperor Xuan Ren another secret.

“What!” Emperor Xuan Ren was shocked.

This shocked him more than anything else because the administrative core of Great Wei was based on Hongwus theory of governance, the Great Harmony Collection.

Even this came from Immortal Cui.

From the looks of it, although Immortal Cui had never appeared during the establishment of Great Wei, the entire Great Wei had long taken the shape of Immortal Cui.

“Do you understand now” Wang Shanjun stared at Emperor Xuan Ren and said in a low voice, “What kind of great divine power is Immortal Cui Im afraid he had already planned all of this when he gave me that Immortal medicine.

Most of the things that happened in the past hundred years are in the grasp of his hands.

The reason why our Great Wei was successfully established is because of Immortal Cuis gift.

Actually, I should have told you these things earlier, and I should have announced it to the world to praise Immortal Cuis actions.

However, Immortal Cui has never appeared, so I cant publicize this matter.

Now that the 100-year period is approaching and Immortal Cui is about to return, Ill personally go over and ask him about his thoughts on this matter.

Its fine to tell you now.

From now on, you have to remember that it is precisely because of Immortal Cuis gift that Great Wei was established.

Otherwise, everything is useless.

The Emperors after us must also respect Immortal Cui.

Otherwise, they are not fit to inherit the throne.

Do you understand”

“Yes, Royal Father! I understand!” Emperor Xuan Ren knelt down respectfully.


In the starry sky outside Daozhou Star, the closest living star was Tianzhu Star.

Legend had it that at the time of the birth of the world, a Heavenly God accidentally threw a lamp to the ground.

A pool of oil dripped into the universe and formed this Tianzhu Star.



Therefore, Tianzhu Star contained extremely dense fire-element essence energy.

The power of the five elements on the entire planet was extremely unbalanced.

The fire element accounted for almost 99% of it, and the other four elements only accounted for less than one percent.

If one looked down from the sky of the outer universe, they would be able to see that Tianzhu Star was completely fiery red.

The surface was filled with surging and chaotic fire storms, and it was simply like a large burning fireball.


Such a place was very dangerous.

Those who had not reached the Mystic Deity realm would be courting death if they came to such a planet.

But now, there was a person walking leisurely on the surface of Tianzhu Star.

He was wearing a black robe with a hood, and his face was covered by the hood, making it impossible to see his appearance.

At this moment, he arrived at the edge of an incomparably huge basin.

He sniffed and chuckled.

“Thats right.

This is the place where Li Fa was killed back then.

Theres still the smell of the Immortal True Essence.

I wonder what secret this fellow found back then that the old fellow from the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect cant forget about it.

Its been almost 7,000 years and hes still offering a huge reward.

Could it really be a secret to breaking through the Sage realm

In the last 100 years, Li Cheng and Li Weis flying shuttle has been flying towards this starry sky.

They havent changed direction or stopped.

They should already have a very clear direction.

I reckon its the living star next to Tianzhu Star.

Whats its name on the star map Oh, right, Daozhou Star.

Its suspected to contain an inheritance left behind by Sage Daoyi.

Its said that a Sage walked out of there a million years ago.

Hmm, its worth taking a look.”

The black-robed man stood in the middle of the violent flames and raised his head to look at the scarlet sky.

He raised his right hand and gestured in the direction of Daozhou Star with a light smile.

“If I cause a disaster on such a living star and destroy some living beings, my martial cultivation should be able to advance to the next level!”


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