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Chapter 247 100-Year-Old Great Wei, Hong Yin and Xuan Ren

Li Cheng and Li Wei gave up resisting after being convinced by Huo San and followed this unbelievably powerful Fire Dragon to Changfeng Prefecture.

This was also Cui Hengs decision.

He would let these two Chongyang Star people stay in Changfeng Prefecture first.

With Huo Sans main body there, if anything happened, it could immediately deal with it and not cause too much trouble.

Moreover, Cui Heng would definitely descend on Changfeng Prefecture.

At that time, it would be more convenient to meet these two “aliens”.

Not only did Li Cheng and Li Wei not feel that there was anything wrong with this, they even felt very glad.

In their opinion, it was already very lucky that outsiders like them were not sealed and suppressed after being discovered by the natives.

Not to mention that Changfeng Prefecture had specially arranged for residences and sent someone to specially manage their food, clothing, and accommodation.

They were completely treated as guests.

In a courtyard in Changfeng Prefecture City.


Li Cheng and Li Wei looked at the table of delicacies in front of them and looked at each other.

“Brother, what do you think is going on” Li Wei casually set up a soundproof restriction and pointed outside.

She asked with a puzzled expression, “Are they not afraid that we will cause trouble”

“Im afraid its not just that theyre not afraid of us causing trouble.” Li Cheng smiled and picked up his chopsticks to take a bite.

His eyes lit up and he praised, “It tastes good.

The chefs here are not bad.

Theyre much better than what we ate in Juhe County.”

“Brother!” Li Wei was very dissatisfied with her brothers actions.

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“Dont be anxious, dont be anxious.” Li Cheng smiled and took another bite of food.

He looked outside and said in a low voice, “Im guessing he doesnt take the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect behind us or even the entire Chongyang Star seriously.”

“Ah!” Li Weis eyes widened when she heard that.

She asked in disbelief, “That cant be.

Even if Cui Heng is a Sage, its impossible for him to ignore Chongyang Star, right”

There were three Sages on Chongyang Star.

In the myriad worlds, it was an extremely powerful force.

What kind of existence would dare to ignore the entire Chongyang Star

A legendary expert at the peak of the Sixth Realm, or an unheard of Seventh Realm expert

“Its impossible for Cui Heng to be just a Sage.” Li Cheng shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “Have you forgotten That Fire Divine Dragons attitude towards us changed too quickly.

One moment, it looked like it wanted to surround us in a sea of fire and it would never let go until it figured out our identities.

The next moment, it gave up on attacking us.

Such a sudden change is clearly under the instructions of another person.

This person is clearly Cui Heng.

Moreover, the notification came so timely that I suspect that our actions have been exposed to Cui Heng from the beginning

If thats really the case, then what kind of powerful perception is this Even a Sage probably cant do it.”

“No, no way.” Li Wei was shocked when she heard this guess.

She frowned and said, “Weve always been very secretive.

Its impossible for us to be discovered.

Moreover, were both Limitless Golden Immortals.

Its impossible for us to be constantly monitored, and to the point that we were completely unaware and unable to discover anything.

This is…”

At this point, she suddenly paused and shook her head.

“If Cui Heng is really an existence above the Sage realm, then this guess is indeed possible… Brother, Im a little scared.”

She was not even this scared when she faced Huo San earlier.

After all, no matter how strong Huo San was, it was only at the Limitless Golden Immortal realm.

It could not forcefully strip away the Immortal True Essence in their bodies.

At most, it could seal them, but not kill them.

The existences above the Sage realm were different.

They could directly kill them!

“Theres no need to be afraid.” Li Cheng shook his head and smiled.

He continued to pick up some food with his chopsticks and placed it in Li Weis bowl.

“Dont think too much.

These people shouldnt have any ill intentions.

In this situation, the stronger the other party is, the safer we will be.

The higher the chances of us surviving in the end, the better.

We can take this opportunity to understand Cui Heng well and see what kind of person he


“Wu, were really unlucky.” Li Wei frowned and said dejectedly, “It wasnt easy for us to find clues about Great-grandfathers murder.

I thought it was a good thing, but I didnt expect things to end up in such a state.”

“Is that so” Li Cheng disagreed.

He shook his head and chuckled.

“No, in my opinion, this encounter isnt all bad.”

“Why” Li Wei asked curiously.

“Its also because of this Cui Heng,” Li Cheng explained with a smile.

“If he really doesnt have any ill intentions towards us, then to us, its a good opportunity to get to know a big shot.

This is a big shot suspected to have surpassed a Sage!”

“Thats right!” Li Wei suddenly understood and smiled excitedly.

“Im actually looking forward to the day we meet.”

“We have to study carefully how to cozy up to someone powerful,” Li Cheng said with a smile.


Central Continent, Great Jin Imperial City.

Just like how the Great Wei Imperial Court stood up from the bones of the Great Zhou Imperial Court, this Imperial City was also established on the ruins of the Great Zhou Imperial City.

80 years ago, the 27-year-old Emperor Taizu of Great Wei, Wang Shanjun, led an army to attack the Great Zhou Imperial City with the help of Prime Minister Wu Yin.

The last Emperor, Wei Yi, knew that his time was up, so he burned the entire palace and died in the sea of fire while laughing, putting an end to his ridiculous life and bringing the entire Great Zhou Imperial City to ashes.

At the same time, this fire completely burned away the various privileged groups that relied on the Great Zhou Imperial Court.

The nobles of the past had all turned into dust.

Since then, a new order had been established along with the new palace.

The founding father of Great Wei was now “Hong Yin”.

Yin meant inheritance, and it was also the name of Prime Minister Wu Yin.

This expressed the determination of Emperor Taizu of Great Wei, Wang Shanjun, to inherit Hongwus will, and also expressed his greatest respect and gratitude to Wu Yin, the Prime Minister and his teacher.

In the next 60 years, Wang Shanjun worked hard to govern and strengthen the country and its people.

He often led troops on expeditions to expand the land and grew Great Weis territory to 21 states.

In the 42nd year of Hong Yins reign, Prime Minister Wu Yin advised before he died that he had to leave some things for his children and grandchildren to do.

If not for that, this Hong Yin Emperor would probably have been able to expand his territory to 30 states.

But even so, the nation of Great Wei was powerful, its citizens were rich, and its territory was the largest in history.

Under Emperor Hong Yins lead, the entire Great Wei rose.

In the end, 20 years ago, in the 60th year of Hong Yins reign, Wang Shanjun, who was already 87 years old, announced his abdication and handed the throne to his son.

The Emperor was changed to Xuan Ren.

As the retired Emperor, he lived in seclusion in the palace and cultivated martial arts.

He no longer interfered with political affairs.

Just like that, the power of Great Wei was passed over smoothly.

Moreover, because Emperor Hong Yin was still in the palace, the group of people who had been suppressed could only continue to endure it.

They did not dare to counterattack at all.

Now, it was already the 20th year of Xuan Ren, this Emperor was an extremely good ruler.

While consolidating Emperor Hong Yins achievements, he firmly walked the path of implementing Hongwus theory of governance.

Moreover, he advanced steadily, allowing Great Weis national strength to grow firmly.

To this day, the citizens of Great Wei are still rich.

There was almost no year of drought.

Their territory had also increased to 23 states.

Be it the commoners or the Imperial Court, everyone was full with praise for Emperor Xuan Ren.

However, Emperor Xuan Ren was never complacent.

He knew very well that the current results were not his own work.

That was because from the first day he ascended the throne, Emperor Xuan Ren had developed the habit of returning to the palace every day to ask his father about politics.

Later on, under Wang Shanjuns persuasion, he changed it to consulting about politics every month.

Today was the day to consult his Royal Father about politics again.

After Emperor Xuan Ren withdrew from the court, he sent his personal eunuch away and came to Jingheng Hall alone.

This was where Emperor Hong Yin lived.

“Your son requests an audience with Royal Father.” Emperor Xuan Ren bowed respectfully outside the Jingheng Hall.

He was almost 70 years old this year, but his physique was still strong.

His actions were not sloppy at all.

“Come in directly.” Wang Shanjuns voice came from inside.

“Youre already so old.

Dont bow so often in the future.

Im afraid youll die in front of me.”

“Royal Fathers martial cultivation is profound and his lifespan is long.

Your son cant compare to you.” Emperor Xuan Ren smiled as he walked into the Jingheng Hall and saw Wang Shanjun sitting cross-legged in linen.

The current Wang Shanjun was already more than a hundred years old, but he still looked like he was 56 years old.

Especially his eyes.

They were filled with divine light and looked very young.

He looked to be ten or twenty years younger than Emperor Xuan Ren.

“Kid, why arent you willing to practice martial arts” Wang Shanjun shook his head and sighed.

“Tell me, what do you want to ask this time”

“Royal Father, the 100 years are almost up,” Emperor Xuan Ren said solemnly.

“According to tradition, the Upper World Angels will descend soon.

In two to three months, Upper World Immortals and Buddhas will descend.

This is the first time our Great Wei has interacted with the Upper World like this.

I want to ask Royal Fathers opinion.

Its better to treat this matter seriously”

“You dont have to worry about this.” Wang Shanjun stood up and patted Emperor Xuan Rens shoulder gently.

He smiled and said, “Ive long understood the situation and made plans.

You dont know this, but an accident happened a hundred years ago.

Most of the past Angels and Immortals probably wont descend anymore.

Tomorrow, Ill personally head to Changfeng Prefecture to welcome Immortal Cui.”

“Ah!” Emperor Xuan Ren was surprised when he heard that.

He said in surprise, “Royal Father, is the Immortal Cui youre talking about the Immortal Cui that youve been worshiping since the beginning”

“Thats right.” Wang Shanjun nodded, his expression as if he was lost in his memories.

“Your fathers life only changed after I met this Immortal Cui.

That was in Xiangxi Town of Juhe County in Lu County.

At that time, my name was still Wang Hu…”


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