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Chapter 235 Big Pot

The Sixth realm of the Immortal World, Myriad Techniques Return to One, did not correspond to the Nascent Soul realm.

Actually, Cui Heng had similar speculations before.

On one hand, the realm of Martial Dao and Immortal Cultivation could not completely correspond.

On the other hand, it was also because the gap between the Grand Completion Golden Core realm and the Early-stage Nascent Soul realm was too huge.

From the cultivation method of the Golden Immortal realm, it was possible that the Martial Dao cultivation system could not complete such a huge leap.

However, speculation and true knowledge were two different concepts, especially for the cultivation of the Nascent Soul realm.

After Cui Heng learned what level the so-called Myriad Techniques Return to One was equivalent to, his Nascent Soul cultivation increased further.

At this moment, the outline of the Nascent Soul in his Niwan Palace had already become very clear.

It looked like a newborn baby, and its facial features were identical to his when he was young

From this, it could be seen that the information provided by the Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate just now had indeed allowed him to obtain a lot of feedback from exploring the unknown.

“This is really a rich experience monster.” Cui Heng was overjoyed in his heart, but on the surface, he calmly put away the drop of Sage blood in his sleeve.

He looked at Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate again and said indifferently, “Continue.”


Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this.

When he saw Cui Heng casually kill the Nine Elders of the Immortal sects and refine that drop of Sage blood, his heart was in his throat.

He was afraid that he had lost his value to Cui Heng.

If that happened, he would definitely not live for long and might even be killed on the spot.

“Thank goodness, thank goodness, he still wants me to continue.

Thats good.

I still have value…” Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate adjusted his mood slightly and said respectfully,” Its like this, after my father, Divine Lord Tianhe, returned…”

Previously, he had already returned alone 6,700 years ago.

Due to the contamination of the Sage blood, he could only use a secret technique to replace the Immortal True Essence with the Daozhou Stars Star Gods Immortal True Essence that had just completed the initial nurturing to prevent himself from being completely corroded by the Sages blood.

After replacing the contaminated Immortal True Essence out of his body, Divine Lord Tianhes condition finally returned to normal, but he did not intend to stay in Daozhou Star for long.

Instead, he ordered the Sect Master of Daoyi Palace at that time, Daoist Xuan Che, the author of the Dao God Heaven Opening Secret Records, to help him collect some rare materials to replenish the energy of the World Piercing Flying Shuttle.

Then, he rode it and left Daozhou Star.

This was a little different from what Daoist Xuan Che had recorded in the Dao God Heaven Opening Secret Records.

The ancient book said that Divine Lord Tianhe used those precious materials to build a flying ship and left.

Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate said that those precious materials were only to replenish the energy of the flying shuttle.

Cui Heng believed in the latter more.

After all, the World Piercing Flying Shuttle was clearly not something that a mere Golden Immortal could create.

Even a Limitless Golden Immortal or for a so-called Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm expert, it was unlikely.

“If I can obtain this flying shuttle, I can try to analyze it, or I can use this opportunity to grasp the method to safely cross the starry sky.” Cui Heng thought to himself, quite tempted.

When he reached the Mid-stage or Late-stage Nascent Soul realm in the future, he would most likely still have to explore the path to the universe.

Now, he should plan in advance and make some preparations.

The mode of transportation was naturally indispensable.

Hence, Cui Heng took the initiative to ask, “I heard that after Divine Lord Tianhe left on the World Piercing Flying Shuttle, he fell on Tianzhu Star”

“Reporting to Venerable Sage, he did not fall.” Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate shook his head and said, “Father told me that he was a little worried that the energy replenished by those materials might not be enough to cross the distant starry sky.

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“So when he was passing by the Tianzhu Star, he used the Heaven Saint Palace to extract some of the Earth Core Essence from the Tianzhu Star to replenish the energy of the World Piercing Flying Shuttle.

However, something happened…”

It turned out that in the 300 years when the Dao God brought the entire Daoyi Heavenly Court away from Daozhou Star, a young Half-step Golden Immortal had driven this flying ship to this starry sky.

He planned to use the core of the Tianzhu Star to cultivate a peerless martial technique while digesting the Immortal True Essence.

This peerless martial technique was extremely powerful.

As long as one could master it, they would be able to look down on most martial artists of the same level.

However, the cultivation difficulty was also extremely high.

If he could use the power produced to break through to the Golden Immortal realm, the chances of success would greatly increase.

When Divine Lord Tianhe came to Tianzhu Star to extract the essence energy, this Half-step Golden Immortal was only a little away from completely digesting the Immortal True Essence in his body.

He was only one step away from cultivating that martial technique.

As long as Divine Lord Tianhe came a day or two later, he would have succeeded.

But it was just lacking a little bit of time.

Because this martial technique had extremely harsh requirements for the environment for cultivation, one had to cultivate in the core of the earth without being disturbed.

Otherwise, it was very likely that one would suffer from Qi Deviation and die on the spot.

Therefore, the moment Divine Lord Tianhe extracted the essence of Tianzhu Stars core, the power in the Half-step Golden Immortals body went berserk.

He became extremely crazy and his strength swelled to the Golden Immortal level.

He, who had fallen into extreme madness, rushed out of the core of the planet and started fighting the defenseless Divine Lord Tianhe.

Divine Lord Tianhe was an experienced Golden Immortal and was only a step away from the Limitless Golden Immortal realm.

Even if the power in the Half-step Golden Immortals body was violent and his martial cultivation was extremely powerful, he was still not his match.

In the end, the Half-step Golden Immortal was beaten to death by Divine Lord Tianhe, causing Tianzhu Star to undergo visible changes.

This was the situation that Daoist Xuan Che had observed on Daozhou Star.

After the Half-step Golden Immortal died, his Immortal True Essence still existed.

After Divine Lord Tianhe collected it, he found the cave abode built by the Half-step Golden Immortal on Tianzhu Star and obtained the secret manual that recorded that martial technique.

Then, he was scared silly.

It turned out that the Half-step Golden Immortals name was Li Fa.

He was a legacy disciple of the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect, a large sect on Chongyang Star.

He was also the personal disciple of a Limitless Golden Immortal and had even received the care of a Venerable Sage.

He did not know where Chongyang Star was, nor did he know how powerful the Nine Deaths Heavenly Sect was.

However, he knew what a Limitless Golden Immortal was, and he also knew what a Venerable Sage was.

These were not people he could afford to provoke.

At the same time, he also realized that there was a brand on his body at some point.

This brand seemed to be connected to something in the endless distance.

It was enough to track him down with this connection.

Hence, Divine Lord Tianhe gave up on leaving this starry sky and chose to return to Daozhou Star.

He escaped into the Heavenly Void World and relied on the power of the Daoyi Palace to temporarily isolate this connection.

Divine Lord Tianhe had given up on leaving this starry sky and chose to return to Daozhou Star.

He had also escaped into the Heavenly Void World and relied on the power of Daoyi Palace to finally temporarily isolate this connection.


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