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Chapter 231 The Power of the Soul, The Reappearance of the Former Heavenly Court Palace! (3)

Pei Qingshu saw that the ground under the feet of the giant in the distance was cracking inch by inch.

Visible cracks spread out, and they were all so deep that the bottom could not be seen.

Even a mountain more than ten kilometers away was shaking, as if it could collapse at any moment from the aftershock.

However, after seeing this scene, he was not shocked but happy.

He widened his eyes and looked at Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate.

“This, this is!”

At this moment, Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate was in a sorry state.

His high and mighty dignity from before had already disappeared, replaced by an indescribable anger, and his entire body emitted extremely strong killing intent.

That was because the world-shaking punch just now did not hit the Empress phantom that Li Mingqiong had manifested.

Instead, for some reason, it suddenly changed direction and hit himself in the face.

In the end, this punch actually landed on his own face!


Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate punch was so powerful that it directly smashed his mouth crooked, and golden blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

The entire scene looked like he was torturing himself.

When Ye Yun and the other Nine Elders of the Immortal Sect saw this scene, they were directly stunned.

They all stared at Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate in disbelief.

They could not understand why he would hit himself.


What was going on

Only Pei Qingshu understood why.

After the initial shock, he realized what was going on.

This should be because Li Mingqiong had used the power of her soul to mislead Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerates senses, making him think that he was attacking Li Mingqiong, but he was actually attacking himself.

Shed silently guided the perception of a Golden Immortal in the wrong direction, causing the other party to only be able to hit himself.

This was the power of the Soul Golden Core!

“How is this possible!” The Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate was shocked.

He had already sensed that his perception had been bewitched, but he could not think of this fact first.

So he attacked again.

This time, Heavenly Saint Supreme Venerate did not just throw an ordinary punch.

He also used a martial technique.

The laws of the world were also affected and intertwined with his Undying Body, making his attack more than ten times stronger than before!


With another loud bang, Heavenly Sage Supreme turned into a headless giant this time.

Hed exploded his head!

This scene caused the world to fall silent.

Li Mingqiong sat on the shoulder of her Empress phantom and looked at Heavenly Sage Supreme with a smile.

“Why Do you have any masochistic tendencies”


A mouth grew out of Heavenly Sage Supremes neck as he shouted angrily.

Immediately after, his head grew out again.

He gritted his teeth and stared at Li Mingqiong.

He shouted sternly, “Heaven Saint Palace!!”


Before he could finish his sentence, a rumbling sound came from the huge light door.

The outline of a palace was faintly discernible, as if it could rush out at any moment and descend into the sky of Linjiang County.

Li Mingqiongs expression changed drastically.

She was already certain that the danger she felt earlier came from the phantom of this palace!

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In Daoyi Palace.

Cui Heng suddenly stopped flipping through the book and frowned slightly.

He looked in the direction of Linjiang County.

“This power aura seems to have reached the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm.”

At the same time, Daoist Three Yang rushed over and said to Cui Heng, “Senior, for some reason, the Immortal Ascension Platform of Daoyi Palace suddenly lit up.

It corresponds to the Heaven Unity Palace of the 36 palaces of the Daoyi Heavenly Court.”


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