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Chapter 228 Requesting the Supremes Power

Although the description of the Dao God in this book was quite detailed, Cui Heng still could not tell why the Dao God had led 35 Golden Immortals to Daozhou Star.

Could it be that he just wanted to establish a so-called Heavenly Court and enjoy ruling over all living beings

That would be too boring.

However, there were also some gains.

He confirmed that the Tianhe Divine Lord worshiped by the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect was one of the 35 Golden Immortal Divine Generals under the Dao God, and that the Dao God and the others had left 7,000 years ago.

Only Divine Lord Tianhe had returned around 6,500 years ago.

He might have fallen on the Tianzhu Star adjacent to Daozhou Star.

Above the Fifth Realm of the Immortal World, a cultivator was known as a “Limitless Golden Immortal”.

The Sixth Realm of the Immortal World should be the “Myriad Techniques Return to One Realm”.

It seemed very powerful.

7,000 years ago, a major event happened in the depths of the starry sky, or it might have been a huge explosion.

The light could be seen even on Daozhou Star, and it even drowned the Daoyi Heavenly Court outside the planet.

Of course, it was also possible that this explosion had already happened countless years ago.

After all, under the scale of the universe, it was very normal for the light from an explosion tens of thousands of light years away to only reach here after tens of thousands of years.


“The universe is indeed filled with danger.”

Cui Heng had a deeper understanding of this.

Once again, he felt that it was a very wise decision not to rashly explore the starry sky.

These records about the Dao God indicated that there must be an existence much stronger than the Limitless Golden Immortal in this vast universe.

This was enough to make him feel afraid.

A Limitless Golden Immortal was equivalent to the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm.

Although the current Cui Heng was already countless times stronger than his previous self, he did not have a particularly clear concept of his current strength.

Therefore, he was still used to using the strength of a Grand Completion Golden Core cultivator as a comparison.

“However, from the current progress, if I explored the entire Heavenly Void World and learned all kinds of secrets, it shouldnt be a problem for me to advance to the Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm.

However, its hard to say if I can advance to the Late-stage Nascent Soul realm.”

Cui Heng began to think about his future cultivation path.

He knew very well that it was impossible for him not to explore the universe.

The cultivation of the Nascent Soul realm was to explore the unknown and search for knowledge.

If the place he was at was no longer unknown to him and the system currency were exhausted, he would be unable to learn new spells.

Then, he could only use the extremely inefficient method of seclusion to comprehend the Dao.

But that was not much different from lying down flat.

It was impossible for Cui Heng to do that.

He always remembered the Systems evaluation of this world.

Immortal Kings were everywhere, and ferocious beasts roamed the land.

There were mighty figures who could blow up a galaxy and destroy worlds with a single word.

Lying down flat in such a dangerous world

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What was the difference between that and courting death

“If I really want to explore the universe in the future, I should start from the Tianzhu Star.”

Cui Heng recalled the letter Hong Fugui had left behind and thought to himself, “From the letter that Fugui left behind, his wife used a flying ship to bring him away from Daozhou Star.

“The records of the Daoyi Palace also say that Divine Lord Tianhe used a flying ship to cross the starry sky.

This is probably a special treasure that can cross the starry sky.

Moreover, from the records, as long as one has the method, even a Golden Immortal can forge it.”


He was not surprised by this situation.

Although his cultivation realm was definitely countless times stronger than the so-called Golden Immortals or even Limitless Golden Immortals, the “knowledge” he grasped in terms of cultivation might not be stronger than these people.

Forging a flying ship that could cross the starry sky was undoubtedly within the scope of “unknown knowledge”.

This was the same principle as when he referenced martial techniques in the Great Jin to create spells.

“Hm, in that case, I can pay attention to the books related to the Tianzhu Star next.” Cui Heng once again set his learning direction.

Of course, the main direction was definitely to study the Dao God.

The books in Daoyi Palace were as vast as a sea of fog.

Even if it was only the parts about the Dao God, he was far from finishing reading them.


At the same time that Cui Heng finished reading the Dao God Heaven Opening Secret Record, the battle in Linjiang County had already reached the end.

Pei Qingshu and Li Mingqiong worked together.

It was not something the Nne Elders of the Immortal sects could resist at all.

One of them secretly used his powerful soul power to create a mental maze to trap the Nine Elders of the Immortal Sect.

Every time, only one of them would be released.

The other would rely on his powerful Martial Dao True Body to repeatedly blow up the one that was released.

Such cooperation could be said to be flawless.

The crushing scene that Ye Yun and the others had planned had indeed appeared, but they never expected that the ones being crushed were themselves.

Before long, eight of the Nine Elders of the Immortal sects were beaten down.

Although these Taiyi Mystic Deities all had undying characteristics and could not be completely killed, they would still be mentally exhausted after being beaten to death by Pei Qingshu again and again.

When Li Mingqiong was mentally exhausted, she would use the power of her Golden Immortal soul to give them a psychological hint, making them think that they could no longer revive.

From there, they would fall into a state similar to suspended animation and would not continue to resist.

Now, only Ye Yun was stubbornly resisting.


An earth-shattering bang exploded in the sky.

Ye Yun, who was like a dried corpse, was blown up by Pei Qingshus punch.

Countless withered flesh and bones flew in all directions under this punch.

They were wrapped in purple-black light as bugs crawled out of the fragments one after another.



It was as if these fragments had grown countless tentacles and wanted to touch each other before reconnecting and returning to their original state.

“I think youre the Evil Demons!”

Pei Qingshu sneered with killing intent in his eyes.

The scarlet blood qi on his body soared into the sky like flames, dispersing the surrounding purple-black fog.

“Pei Qingshu, youre courting death!”


The Ye Yun that had already shattered into countless pieces actually cried out again.

It was a purple-black bug with a mouth growing out of some of the pieces that were further away.

They made a sound in unison, and the scene was incomparably terrifying.


At the same time, these fragments tried to break through the barrier of the Qi and blood flames and return to their original state.

However, under the obstruction of Pei Qingshus Qi and blood, this was impossible.

This directly caused more purple-black bugs to grow out of Ye Yuns dismembered body.

Even the appearance of the bugs began to change.

Not only did some of the bugs start to grow mouths, they even began to grow eyes.

Countless gazes filled with killing intent stared at Pei Qingshu.

Countless mouths opened at the same time and shouted.

“Supreme! I beg Supreme to send down your great divine power to kill the Evil Demons!”


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