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Zhao Guang was already 36 years old this year.

He was born in Pingyang County of the Great Jins Swallow Mountain Prefecture.

In his early years, he had worked as an alchemist in the mines and was responsible for brewing gunpowder and detonation work in the mines.

Later on, the county governor of Swallow Mountain rebelled and took all the craftsmen in the square to join him.

He took advantage of the chaos and escaped.

Three years ago, Zhao Guang ended up in Juhe County.

Because he was experienced in mixing gunpowder and concocting explosives, he was recruited by a group of grave robbers and started doing shady business for money.

Initially, he felt that this matter was detrimental to his morals and he felt a little resistant.

However, as the number of jobs the grave robbers completed increased, his savings also increased.

Because of his unique skills, he quickly became the second-in-command of the grave robbers gang and gradually became addicted to the thrill of grave robbing.

With the stolen goods he obtained from selling the items from his tomb raiding jobs, Zhao Guang managed to buy a large house in the City in just one year.

He got married and had children.

He even brought his old mother over from the chaotic Swallow Mountain County to support her.


In this chaotic world, Zhao Guangs life could already be said to be very beautiful.

Therefore, he had thought of washing his hands off this business more than once.

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Especially after his son was born and his mother was brought over, this thought became even stronger.

Unfortunately, the leader of the gang of grave robbers and the others wouldnt let him go.

There was a rule in the Great Jin: Kill all grave robbers without mercy!

Those who dared to do such a thing were all outlaws without exception.

As long as Zhao Guang dared to back out, even if he only mentioned it once, he might become a corpse the next day.

But three days ago, the Thief King, Wang Ba, had suddenly gathered all his brothers and told them something.

Wang Ba said that after many years of careful observation, he had already discovered the location of King Lus tomb.

As long as they could finish this job, they would not have to worry about anything for the rest of their lives.

They would also be able to wash their hands off the business.

They would no longer have to take the risk of robbing tombs.


This moved everyone, including Zhao Guang.

King Lu!

This was the grave site of a Region King.

He had been bestowed a region of land upon the founding of Great Jin, and the country of Lu was a prosperous land.

The burial items in the tomb of the King of Lu would definitely be priceless!

The riches inside might surpass the combined amount theyd gained from all the grave robbing jobs theyd ever done in the past!

Hence, everyone agreed!

After a hearty feast of wine and meat, Wang Ba and Zhao Guang brought their companions, a total of seven people out, fully equipped with all their tools.

Taking advantage of the night, they came to this forest that was more than 10 li from Juhe County.


Following a loud explosion, a huge stone door finally appeared in front of them.

Due to the violent explosion, cracks appeared on the stone door.

Zhao Guang stood behind the group and nodded with a smile.

He was not the one who had used the explosives to blow up the passage to the tomb, but he was very satisfied with the power of the explosives he had prepared this time.

According to past experience, as long as a crack appeared on the stone door, the mechanisms in the tomb would be greatly damaged, increasing the chances of survival.

Judging from the size of the crack, it was unlikely to have damaged the buried treasures.

“Hahaha, Second Bros explosives are really getting better and better!”

Wang Ba laughed loudly and turned to Zhao Guang.

“From today onwards, your mother is my mother.

Your wife and children are also my family.


“As long as we are in Giant Deer County, we will not let them suffer any grievances!”

“Haha, thank you Big Brother.” Zhao Guang cupped his fists and smiled.

Right now, he is still relying on his boss.

He wanted to get more after this job, so he naturally wouldnt offend this boss.

However, he had a feeling that what Wang Ba had just said sounded a little strange.


“Big Brother, Second Brother, lets quickly open the tomb door and see what treasures are inside.”

“Yes, yes.

Lets do it quickly.

Recently, quite a number of young disciples from the martial sects have left the county city.

They like to be nosy.”

“The explosion just now was a little too loud.

Wed better search quickly.

This is King Lus tomb! Hahahaha!”

Everyone began to speak one after another as they worked together to push the stone door open.

All of them were skilled in martial arts.

With the combined efforts of the five of them, they quickly moved the stone door of King Lus Tomb, which weighed thousands of catties, into a gap that was wide enough for two people.

“Haha, its open! Its open! The treasures are right in front!”

One of them cheered, feeling as if a mountain of gold and silver was right in front of him.

He directly rushed through the gap.

“F*ck, dont even think about snatching everything for yourself!”

“Wait for this daddy!”

The other two also ran in.

Wang Ba and Zhao Guang were in no hurry to enter.

This was their rule.

The younger brothers would enter first while the two leaders would enter later.

After the three people in front entered, the two of them took out a few lanterns and lit the candles inside before slowly walking into the tomb.

The tomb of King Lu was extremely gorgeous.

It was practically built according to the style of King Lus estate when he was alive.

Even experienced grave robbers like Wang Ba and Zhao Guang were amazed.

With every step they took, they could see treasures that left them dumbfounded.

“Damn it, the treasure vault, its really a treasure vault!” Wang Bas eyes lit up, and even his voice was trembling slightly.

He subconsciously smiled and said, “Mine, its all mine… ours!”

“…” Zhao Guang, who was walking beside him, frowned slightly.

He felt that something was wrong with Wang Ba today.

He seemed overly excited.

He also realized that there were no more sounds in front.

Those three brats seemed to know how to plunder quietly.

Every time, they would make the tomb as noisy as a wet market.

“Whats going on” Wang Ba also seemed to be puzzled.

He looked at Zhao Guang beside him and thought to himself, “It shouldnt be time yet…”

Just then—


“Ghost! Ghost!”


An extremely terrified scream suddenly came from the front.

Immediately after, three figures sprinted out of the tomb like they were running for their lives.

All of their faces were pale, as if they had been greatly frightened.

“What happened!” Wang Ba shouted, “Dont run!”

“What ghost!” Zhao Guang immediately became alert and took out a black donkeys hoof from his chest pocket!


In the blink of an eye, the three of them arrived before the two.

“Big Brother! Second Brother! Quick…”

The three of them wanted to shout, but their voices stopped abruptly.

Their bodies twitched violently, and they actually died from bleeding from their seven apertures in the blink of an eye!

When Zhao Guang saw this scene, he felt like his scalp was about to burst open with fear.

He hurriedly looked at Wang Ba beside him.

“Big Brother, why dont we…”

However, before he could finish speaking, he suddenly felt dizzy and his entire body was wracked with intense pain.

He could feel a warm sensation coming from his eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and seven orifices.

He was probably bleeding.

Blood flowed from all seven apertures!

“You!” Zhao Guangs eyes widened as he stared at Wang Ba in disbelief.

His eyes were filled with anger and hatred.

“Hehe, Brother, go in peace.” Wang Ba turned to look at him, his eyes narrowing slightly as he sneered, “Everything here should have been mine to begin with!”

“G-ghost!” Zhao Guang suddenly exclaimed, his eyes fixed on the area behind Wang Ba.

“What dogsh*t ghosts Theres no such thing in this world!” Wang Ba had raided countless graves before.

He did not believe in the existence of any sinister things at all.

As he mocked Zhao Guang, he turned back to look.

However, this scene caused him to freeze as if hed been struck by lightning on the spot.

He saw a youth dressed in strange clothes slowly walking out of the gloomy and dark tomb, walking towards him step by step.

A person!

There was actually a person inside!

In the tomb of King Lu, which had been sealed for more than a hundred years, there was actually a sixth person besides them!


Hu –

At this moment, a breeze blew over from inside the tomb.

Wang Ba was horrified to find that the candle in his lantern had been blown out.

Man lights candles!

Ghosts blow out the light!

“No! Dont come over!”

Wang Ba was so scared that his face turned pale, and he cried out in extreme fear.

At this moment, he felt something explode in his head.

An indescribable sense of fear instantly overflowed!


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