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Chapter 214 Self Detonate

As a Taiyi Mystic Deity who had lived for more than 7,000 years,

Ye Yun had always been very confident in his judgment.

He had already determined this since he chose to become a Divine Generals envoy.

Hed been through a lot along the way.

Every time he faced a major event, he trusted his judgment.

Without exception, they were all successful.

Especially the one 3,000 years ago.

If he did not believe his own judgment at that time, he would have long passed away.

It was impossible for him to break through to the Taiyi Mystic Deity Realm, let alone live until the end.

He could not chart for a higher realm like just now.

All of this was because he trusted his judgment and was convinced.

This was the powerful confidence he had built up over the past 7,000 years.

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Therefore, he firmly believed in his judgment and felt that the evil demon that came from the Lower World could not be a Half-step Golden Immortal, let alone a Golden Immortal of the Fifth Realm.

That was a Golden Immortal Supreme!

Even in the vast world, it was a big shot at the peak.

How could such a figure appear in this kind of place

“Lets go out first.”

Ye Yun thought to himself as he began to adjust his bodys condition.

His withered body began to recover quickly.

This “dried corpse” that was originally just skin and bones grew flesh bit by bit.

Its head, body, and limbs were all returning to normal at an extremely fast speed.

In the blink of an eye, he had become a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties.

He no longer looked like a dried corpse.

“After I capture that evil demon from the Lower World, I can try to get something out of him.” Ye Yun calculated in his heart and thought to himself, “Someone who can break through to the Taiyi Mystic Deity Realm on his own must have quite a secret.”

Then, he walked out of the cave abode and arrived at the cave filled with runes.

At the same time, Huo Si, who had been waiting outside for half a month, suddenly widened its eyes.

It could sense that something had changed in the cave.

Someone had appeared inside!

Was it the person that the Immortal Venerable had instructed!

“Its finally here!”

Huo Sis entire body became excited, and it wished it could immediately capture the people inside alive.

However, it was very patient and did not act rashly.

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It still waited outside.

When the person inside walked out by himself!

Before long, Ye Yun walked out.

The moment he saw the sunlight, he subconsciously closed his eyes and frowned, as if he was very unhappy with the sunlight.

Just as Ye Yun was about to circulate the power in his body and fly away…

Huo Si suddenly moved!


A dragon roar resounded through the world.

Huo Si, who was originally in the form of a pocket-sized snake, instantly became larger, turning into a 5,000-foot-long huge fire dragon that pounced towards the Ye Yun that had just soared into the sky.

The huge Dharmic powers of a Late-stage Golden Core instantly enveloped the void within a radius of more than ten kilometers.

In the blink of an eye, this area became a sea of fire.

However, there were no trees burning, nor were there any living beings being burned by the flames.

These flames seemed to have intelligence and knew what could and could not be burned.

Facing such a sudden and powerful attack, Ye Yun was completely stunned.

He was incomparably shocked as he watched Huo Si extend a dragon claw.

It was as if he was grabbing a little chick, and he was instantly grabbed in his hand.

Moreover, the power of this dragon claw was extremely powerful.

It was impossible to break free with the strength of a Taiyi Mystic Deity.

“Whats going on Whats this Where did this dragon come from Theres such a powerful force in the world Half-step Golden Immortal!” Ye Yun was horrified as countless thoughts appeared in his mind.

However, he quickly realized that he had been targeted for a long time.

This dragon must have been waiting here for a long time to capture him after he came out.

“Is it because I destroyed the books of the Heavenly Unity Sacred Sect last time” Ye Yun turned his head.

“You can find me with just that weak fluctuation of power How is that possible!”

But no matter how much he did not believe it, it was already a fact that Huo Si had caught him.

And there was no way to escape.

“Ridiculous! I, Ye Yun, have lived for 7,000 years and have dominated the universe.

How can I be captured just like that!” Ye Yun continued to grit his teeth and struggle.

But this was useless.

Huo Si possessed Late-stage Golden Core Dharmic powers.

In terms of realm, it was at least equivalent to a Golden Immortal.

Its cultivation level was naturally far stronger than Ye Yuns, and it could imprison him tightly.

However, this did not mean that he could not do anything else.

“Damn it!” Ye Yuns face was gloomy, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Who is it Is it that demon from the Lower World Damn it! Just you wait!”


Suddenly, there was a loud bang.

Ye Yun, who was grabbed tightly by Fire Fours dragon claw, exploded.

As an extremely bright purple-black light shone in the air, an incomparably huge impact spread out in the sky, instantly forming a huge purple-black fireball in the sky.

At the same time, everyone within a 50-mile radius looked up at the sky and saw this strange huge fireball and the huge fire dragon entrenched above.

Moreover, because the impact of the explosion was too huge, the clouds in the sky were almost pierced through, forming a huge circular hole.

It was as if the sky was leaking.

Coupled with the purple-black fireball and the fire dragon, it made the people who witnessed this scene feel that the end of the world had arrived.

All of their faces revealed despair.


Huo Si was also in extreme shock.

It had only been born for half a month and had not experienced much.

It did not expect Ye Yun to self-destruct so decisively.

A moment later, the purple-black fireball gradually dissipated, and the spreading impact gradually calmed down.

Huo Si became seven feet tall, and it held an incomplete arm in its dragon claw.

This was a part of Ye Yuns body that it had hurriedly used its Dharmic powers to protect when he self-destructed.

The rest had already been blown into powder and practically ceased to exist.

“He should be trying to trick me into thinking that he died in this self-destruction.

Hell revive after I leave” Huo Sis gaze moved away from the arm and he sneered, “Im the smartest Nine Fire Flame Dragon.

How could I fall for such a trap!”

Hence, it did not leave.

Instead, it continued to circle around the forest, waiting for Ye Yun to revive.

To Huo Si, only by capturing this person alive could it complete the mission given to it by Immortal Venerable.

“Next time, I will never give you a chance to resist!”

In the cave abode.

Above the central palace, purple-black bugs suddenly crawled out of the void and landed on the ground densely.

Then, they quickly fused together and turned into a ball of purple-black mud.

Immediately after, the lump of mud kept squirming and gradually grew limbs, a torso, a head, and facial features.

A moment later, this lump of mud turned into a dried-up Ye Yun.

He had revived!

“Damn it, damn it!”

Ye Yun roared, his dark eyes filled with anger.

In the past 7,000 years, this was the first time he had been forced to self-destruct and escape!

But he could not go out now.

That fire dragon was too powerful, completely beyond his expectations.

When he was imprisoned by the dragon claw, he could clearly sense how powerful its strength was.

He could not resist at all.

“Notify everyone immediately.

I have to inform everyone immediately!” Ye Yuns entire body was trembling.

He was panting heavily, and pustules kept bulging on his face and body.

We have to kill them.

We have to kill them all! I have to inform the Supreme that there are Half-step Golden Immortals here with ulterior motives.

I have to get the Supreme to attack personally!”

Great Zhou Imperial City, Empresss bedroom.

Li Mingqiong suddenly sat up from the bed behind the screen and asked Yu Wei in disbelief, “What did you just say Pei Qingshu isnt dead!

“He even brought amaster back to Linjiang County!”


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