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Chapter 195 Divine Investiture

This life; regained memories; powerful being; Taihong Planet!

Cui Heng looked at Hong Fuguis last message and remained silent for a long time.

Thoughts surfaced in his mind.

He was bewildered.

What the System said was indeed true.

This was really a high-level Xianxia space-time dimension.

Thats right.

The planet where the Great Jin was located, and even this so-called Heavenly Void World, was just a corner of the universe and was insignificant.

With the vastness of the universe, it was too normal for some experts to appear.

After all, even the so-called Golden Immortals were only at the Fifth Realm of the Immortal World.

There were still four major realms left.

From Fuguis message, the essence of his wifes soul should not have reached the Nascent Soul realm.

Otherwise, there would not be such a thing as needing to recover her memories after reincarnation.

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“Perhaps its because the cultivation method is different from the Nascent Soul realm I cultivate Even if they reached a realm similar to the Nascent Soul realm, they dont have the characteristics of an indestructible True Spirit”

Cui Hengs mind raced as he began to guess what realm Hong Fuguis wife might be at, as well as what level his wifes biological father and Taihong Planet were at.

“A small flying ship should be some kind of Dharma treasure that can cross the starry sky.

Can I refine something similar A treasure that can sail through the universe and pass between stars…

It doesnt seem to be impossible.

Ive come into contact with the situation in the universe.

At the very least, one can explore a limited area of space with strength around the Late-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

After cultivating to the Golden Core realm and forming an Invincible Golden Body, one can even walk freely in the void of the universe.

For me, its not difficult to refine a ship with strength similar to the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm.

However, how to sail in the universe for a long time, how to grasp the direction of the star map, how to determine the destination and route, these are all problems.”

In short, he had never come into contact with such knowledge before, so he could only guess.

However, Cui Heng was not discouraged by this.

Instead, he became even more excited and chuckled in his heart.

“Even building a spaceship is considered an unknown knowledge.

Doesnt this mean that as long as I study the matter of building a spaceship thoroughly, I can obtain a large amount of experience with regards to exploration into the unknown My Nascent Soul cultivation will definitely improve greatly!”

The existence of a special Dharma treasure like the spaceship was indeed good news for him.

The more unknowns there were, the more methods there were to make the Nascent Soul grow stronger.

Moreover, when Cui Heng carefully thought about the meaning behind this, he felt that the Nascent Soul in his Niwan Palace had become a little clearer.

Clearly, he had received feedback from exploring the unknown.

“As for the father of Fuguis wife, since hes respected as a great expert, he must have an extraordinary cultivation level.

He should be equivalent to a Nascent Soul or Soul Formation cultivator, or even higher”

Cui Heng fell into deep thought again, then shook his head.

“In this situation, its completely meaningless to judge based on only a title.

It will only increase my worries.

No matter what, this has allowed me to confirm that there are indeed many experts in the universe.

I have to be careful at all times.

I cant become arrogant just because of a moment of strength.”

Finally, he reminded himself again that he could not forget his cautious attitude.

He could not be rash.

Thinking of this, Cui Heng suppressed his thoughts and stopped thinking.

He put the book back into the brocade box and slowly closed it.

He nodded and smiled at Hong Kang and Hong Shen.

“Thank you.”

Hong Kang quickly shook his head and bowed with Hong Shen.

“Exalted Immortal, you dont have to thank us.

Were just…”

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They felt that they were not worthy of Cui Hengs thanks.

“Dont be so humble.

Youre his descendants.” Cui Heng stopped the two of them from bowing and made them stand up straight.

He said in a low voice, “What are your plans next”

“Exalted Immortals grace is as vast as the sea.” Hong Kang praised him first before saying, “I plan to bring my grandson to the Linjiang Pei Clan of Great Zhou and find a job as a guest elder to slowly raise him to adulthood.”

Now, the Hong Family Village was in ruins, and the people inside were all dead.

After all, a family is only a family if there are people in it.

The Hong Family Village without people no longer meant anything to him.

Instead, it would also make him miss the people here.

The best way was to leave.

“In that case, come with us.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“Perfected Zhang and I are also planning to go to Linjiang County.

Its on the way.”

This was indeed his plan.

Cui Heng did not intend to directly find trouble with the Nine Immortal Sects.

After all, he had yet to completely figure out the background of these Immortal sects, and he was not sure if the nine Mystic Deities from 3,000 years ago were still alive.

If they were still alive and had reached a certain realm, would they be able to threaten him

Before he figured out anything, it would be too rash to offend the major powers.

He would not do that.

Moreover, he had asked Hui Shi to come over in advance to inquire about the latest news in the Heavenly Void World.

Only by understanding the latest situation could he formulate a direction for his next move.

Hong Kang did not know what Cui Heng was thinking.

He only felt endless gratitude.

Although he did not bow again because he followed Cui Hengs instructions, he still firmly remembered this favor in his heart.

“After recording the ancestral tablets and the names of the people who have just died in the ancestral hall, leave with us,” Cui Heng said to Hong Kang.

“Yes, Exalted Immortal!” Hong Kang nodded.

“Grandson and I will go find some luggage. “Theres no need to look for luggages.” Cui Heng shook his head lightly and shook his hand gently on the brocade box.

He handed it to Hong Kang and said with a smile, “You can just put the memorial tablets inside.”

“Ah” Hong Kang took the brocade box in confusion.

He had seen Cui Heng open the brocade box with his own eyes.

The space inside was very small.

Not to mention putting down all the memorial tablets in the ancestral hall, they might not even be able to put down a single memorial tablet.

However, since Cui Heng had already said so, he could not refuse.

He could only bring Hong Shen to the ancestral hall.

After a few bows, the grandfather and grandson began to move the ancestral tablets.

He tried to place the first tablet into the brocade box.

As soon as the tablet touched the brocade box, it was as if it had entered another world.

But with just a thought of wanting to take out the tablet again, the tablet inside immediately appeared in his hand.

“A miracle, a miracle! No wonder, Exalted Immortal wanted us to use this to keep the memorial tablets.”

Hong Kang could not help but exclaim.

He had never seen such a magical item before.

It was simply unheard of.

He sighed inwardly.

“Perhaps this is the true power of an Immortal God.”

At this moment, in his heart, only people like Cui Heng were True Immortals.

The Nine Immortal Sects were just a group of demons pretending to be Immortals.

The young Hong Shen was also stunned by the wonders of this brocade box.

He even wanted to try if he would disappear after he entered, but under his grandfathers gaze, he did not dare to do so.

In a short while, the grandfather and grandson had already packed the memorial tablets into the brocade box.

“Thank you, Exalted Immortal, for your gift!” Although Hong Kang did not bow this time, his attitude was very respectful and he was very grateful to Cui Heng.

“Lets go.” Cui Heng smiled and walked towards the Great Zhou.

At the same time, his mind drifted to the brocade box.

He placed his attention on the memorial tablets that had just been placed inside.

That was because to his surprise, there was actually a faint soul power and spiritual fluctuation left on these memorial tablets.

Hong Fugui and Hong Yongs names were not among these memorial tablets.

They started from Hong Yongs eldest son.

They had been passed down for more than 200 years and there were a total of 173 ancestral tablets.

Every tablet had soul power and spiritual fluctuations.

What was soul power spirituality

Simply put, it was a trace of a remnant soul after a person died.

Moreover, with Cui Hengs perception, he could confirm that these remnant souls were attached to their own memorial tablets.

In other words, none of the Hong familys ancestors had completely died.

This was not normal.

This was because there was no such thing as reincarnation in this world.

After an ordinary person died, their soul would directly dissipate into the world.

Normally speaking, only martial artists above the Human Immortal Realm would have their souls stay for a moment after death, but they would quickly dissipate.

This was completely death.

However, the memorial tablets in the Hong familys ancestral hall all had remnant souls.

It was indeed a little strange.

Moreover, after discovering this, Cui Heng suddenly had a new idea.

He thought of how he had transformed the Hong River into a river spirit in the Great Jin and ordered it to become the Water God.

Could he use Enlightenment on these remnant souls and make their spirituality complete again To a certain extent, he could make them almost divine.

These memorial tablets could become an investiture of the gods


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