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Chapter 187 Meeting Again in a Hundred Years

It had been a long time since the State Overseers Office was so lively.

Cui Heng looked at the people kneeling in front of him and could not help but sigh with emotion.

In just half a year, everything he had experienced was far more exciting than the past 300 years.

Before transmigrating to Earth, he was an orphan.

He had no family, no attachments, and his life was relatively monotonous.

After transmigrating, he stayed in the Beginners Space for 300 years.

It could be said that the people in front of him were the group of people who were closest to him.

Now that he was about to leave, he naturally had to make some preparations.

“Follow me in.” Cui Heng smiled and walked into the inner hall of the government office.

Liu Litao, Chen Tong, Lu Zhengming, Zhao Guang, Zheng Nanxun, Zhang Shuming, and the others were stunned when they heard this.

They looked at the inner hall of the government office in front of them in surprise and then looked at the people around them.

Could they even fit in there

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Although the inner hall of the State Overseers Office was not small and could accommodate more than 10 to 20 people, there were already more than 20 people present.

It would be a little crowded if they went in together.

However, since Cui Heng had already walked in, they could only follow.

However, as soon as they stepped into the inner hall of the government office, everyone sensed something different.

The space inside seemed to have expanded a lot.

It was not as crowded as expected.

“Whats going on This place shouldnt be so big.” Liu Litaos eyes widened as he looked around in shock.

He had been working here for two months and could not be said to be unfamiliar with it.

But now, he could not help but wonder if he had come to the wrong place.

How could the inner hall of the Fengzhou Governors Office be so big!

At this moment, the inner hall of the government office was more than ten times larger than the one he usually worked in.

Although the interior furnishings and tables and chairs were all familiar to him, the difference in size was too great.

It was as if the entire place had been expanded.

But he was still handling official documents here just now.

At that time, he was still laughing normally.

Moreover, from the outside, the appearance of the inner hall of the government office did not change much.

How did the expanded space inside come about

It was too amazing!

Although the others were not as familiar with the State Overseers Office as Liu Litao, they had been here many times.

They clearly remembered that this place was definitely not as big as it was now.

This sudden situation really shocked them.

Zheng Nanxuns heart skipped a beat.

She looked at Cui Heng and asked respectfully, “Ancestral Grandmaster, is this your divine power”

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In her opinion, only her Ancestral Grandmaster could do such a magical thing.

This was a true Immortal technique with unbelievable power.

Everyone looked at Cui Heng.

Although they had the same guess earlier, they were not sure.

After all, this method of directly expanding space was too unbelievable.

Under normal circumstances, humans were like this.

Even if they had already seen the shocking phenomenon Cui Heng had triggered, they still found it unbelievable when they saw such a miracle with their own eyes.

“Thats right.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and said to Zheng Nanxun with a smile, “Since all of you came to pay your respects to me, I couldnt possibly meet with you all in the courtyard.

However, the inner hall of the government office is a little small, so I used some methods to expand the space inside a little.”

This was a flexible use of the “Miniature Thousand Mile Court”.

It temporarily stretched the space in the inner hall of the government office, allowing the space to expand more than ten times.

To him, who had already reached the Nascent Soul realm, this was not a difficult thing.

It was simple.

Everyone present could not help but exclaim in their hearts when they heard this.

If this was called using some tricks, all the martial techniques in the world and martial artists were just a joke.

They could not suppress the excitement in their hearts and could not help but praise.

“Ancestral Grandmaster is mighty!”

“Ancestral Grandmaster is powerful!”

“Exalted Immortals might suppresses all!”

“Lord Overseer suppresses the world!”


After a while, the inner hall of the government office regained its calm.

Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“I came back this time to tell you something.

Ill be leaving here for the Heavenly Void World in a few days.

“Originally, I planned to go to you one by one to explain some things.

Now that youre all gathered here, it saves me a lot of effort.”

“Ancestral Grandmaster, are you really leaving” Zheng Nanxun took a step forward and bowed respectfully.

“Im willing to follow Ancestral Grandmaster and serve at your side.”

She no longer had anything to worry about in this world.

Her only wish was to find her Master.

In her opinion, following Cui Heng was the most likely way to find Jiang Qiqi.

“Im not leaving for good.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and said to Zheng Nanxun, “Ill be back in a hundred years.

At that time, I want to see how the Immortal Dawn Sect is developing.”

What he meant was that he wanted Zheng Nanxun to stay in the Immortal Dawn Sect and teach the younger generation disciples well.

“…” Zheng Nanxun fell silent when she heard this.

After thinking for a moment, she seemed to have thought of something and nodded solemnly.

“I wont let Ancestral Grandmaster down.”

She already understood Cui Hengs meaning.

The Immortal Dawn Sect had just finished unsealing the mountain and needed experts to hold down the fort.

Logically speaking, she shouldnt leave.

Zheng Nanxun had been focused on finding Jiang Qiqi and did not realize this.

Now that she had come to her senses, she felt a little ashamed.

She was determined to wholeheartedly develop the Immortal Dawn Sect.

“Thats good.” Cui Heng nodded and looked at Lu Zhengming and Zhao Guang.

He smiled and said, “You guys were the first to follow me.

How do you feel now”

“Its all thanks to Lord Overseers guidance that I can have my current achievements.” Zhao Guang sighed with emotion.

“Otherwise, Im afraid I would have died in the wilderness long ago.”

He was referring to his encounter at King Lus tomb.

“If not for Lord Overseers help, I would probably still be locked up in the dungeon.” Lu Zhengming also sighed and said, “I was once a wanderer.

Although I wasnt as carefree as before after I arrived in Xiling County, when I saw the smiles of the people, it was all worth it.”

“Its all your own ability to govern a place well.” Cui Heng praised and then said, “Before I go, Ill leave some nomological cultivation techniques in the Hong River.

“In the future, if youre tired of the mortal world, you can remove your official positions and go to the bank of the Hong River to burn incense and kneel.

At that time, you can obtain the techniques and step onto the path to Immortality.”

Whether it was Zhao Guang or Lu Zhengming, they would normally not live to a hundred years old.

However, these two people were indeed somewhat fated with Cui Heng.

Zhao Guang was the fifth person Cui Heng had seen after transmigrating, and the first person he had seen after walking out of the Beginners Space.

He had also followed him conscientiously in Juhe County.

Later on, he became the county magistrate of Juhe County and did very well.

Lu Zhengming was the first person to help him understand this world deeply.

He was also the one who gave him a basic understanding of the situation of the Immortal Dawn Sect.

To him, it had extraordinary meaning.

Cui Heng naturally had to take care of them.

“Thank you, Lord Overseer!”

Zhao Guang and Lu Zhengming cupped their hands and bowed respectfully to Cui Heng in unison.

Then, Cui Heng looked at Liu Litao and Chen Tong and said with a smile, “I see that the two of you look a little haggard.

Have you had too much work in the past two months”

“Im indeed a little tired.” Liu Litao smiled bitterly.

“However, Lord Overseer has entrusted me with an important task and I dont dare to slack off.

Itll be easier to resolve other matters if I approve the official documents earlier.

However, some things are indeed not about the number of official matters.

After Hui Shi left, the situation in the various counties became a little complicated.

Ill let Deputy Chen elaborate”

“Lord Overseer, after Hui Shi left, some things became difficult to resolve.” Chen Tong nodded and said seriously, “There are new policies implemented everywhere.

Its inevitable that well encounter some resistance.

Im a little powerless to deal with them.”

Previously, Hui Shi was the enforcer of the new policies everywhere.

Whoever dared to say no would immediately be killed.

Now that Hui Shi had gone to the Heavenly Void World, in less than two months, there were already resistance forces who raised their heads and planned to counterattack.

“Heh, these people are really bold.” Cui Heng sneered.

“This matter isnt difficult.

Ill leave a Nine Fire Flame Dragon here.

If anyone dares to do anything wrong again, you can let the Nine Fire Flame Dragon turn them into ashes!”

With his current cultivation realm, he could already condense five Nine Fire Flame Dragons, and each of them could reach the Late-stage Golden Core realm.

This was because he had just broken through to the Nascent Soul realm and his spells had just improved.

In a while, he would be able to condense Nine Fire Flame Dragons at the Grand Completion Golden Core realm.

“Thank you, Lord Overseer!”

Liu Litao and Chen Tong bowed respectfully and heaved a sigh of relief.

Actually, what they were most worried about was that after Cui Heng left, the new government would no longer be able to continue.

It would even attract a large-scale counterattack.

With their strength, they would not be able to stop it.

Now that they had the Nine Fire Flame Dragons help, their future work would be much easier.

“You can also seek the opportunities in the Hong River.

Whenever you want to go, just burn incense and kneel by the Hong River.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “I hope you all will still be alive a hundred years later.”

“Lord Overseer, dont worry.

Even if its just to see you again, well live until then.” Liu Litao and Chen Tong laughed when they heard this.

Next, Cui Heng reminded the others of some things.

Finally, he looked at Zhang Shuming and smiled.

“Perfected Zhang, from the looks of it, you seem to be a little anxious from waiting”

“No, no.” Zhang Shuming quickly shook his head.

“Perfected Zhang, dont worry.

When Im leaving, Ill naturally come to find you.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “Ill also give you some time to handle the sects matters.”

“Thank you, Exalted Immortal!” Zhang Shuming was overjoyed and bowed to Cui Heng.

He wanted to go to the Daoyi Palace in the Heavenly Void World to seek a higher and more complete inheritance.

And following Cui Heng was his only hope.

Now, he had finally gotten what he wanted.

After that, Cui Heng stayed in Changfeng Prefecture for another day and met some people to talk.

The next morning.

He walked out of the State Overseers Office and turned into a stream of light that soared into the sky.

He flew towards the moon.


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