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Chapter 184 Chaotic Dantian, Birth Of A Nascent Soul

In Cui Hengs Dantian, the Golden Core began to spin, forming a vortex that attracted the surrounding Seven Emotions Light.

The light gathered by the seven emotions of all living beings slowly fused into the Golden Core and gathered towards the spiritual seed in the core of the Golden Core.

The source of this spiritual seed was Cui Hengs soul.

In the past, when he condensed his Golden Core, Cui Heng used his soul to represent the heavens and the Sea of Dao Foundation to represent the earth.

He was in the middle and was a human, forming the concept of the Three Realms of Heaven, Earth, and Man.

With the concept of the Three Realms corresponding to the outside world, it interweaved with the laws of the world, allowing the soul to borrow the power of the world to ignite True Fire.

In the end, it calcined the boundless Dao foundation ocean into a Golden Core.

The first wisp of True Fire ignited by his soul was the initial appearance of the spiritual seed.

Therefore, the spiritual seed was not a seed at all.

Instead, it was a ball of True Fire!

Under the nourishment of the seven emotions of all living beings, a soul seed True Fire with spirituality was born.

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Hence, after the Light of Seven Emotions was sucked into the Golden Core, it was immediately ignited by this True Fire and turned into nourishment for the spiritual seed.

At the same time, the laws and principles interwoven within his Golden Core were ignited.

This was the essence of the Golden Cores power, and also the source of Cui Hengs Dharmic powers.

Now, they were all ignited to nourish the spiritual seed.

Even the Immortal Golden nature at the core of the Golden Core was injected into the spiritual seed and fused with the True Fire.

In other words, at this moment, Cui Heng only had a Golden Immortal body.

He didnt even have the Immortal Golden nature.

As long as someone came to launch a sneak attack and destroyed his body, they could directly kill him!

Of course, Cui Hengs body still had the characteristics of an Invincible Vajra.

Even if an expert comparable to the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm ambushed him, they might not be able to destroy him.

However, all the power in his body had already been calcined by the True Fire and turned into nourishment for the spiritual seed.

It was at its most empty state.

Under such circumstances, once the outside was attacked, the state of the body would be instantly broken.

The interior of the Golden Core, which was in a burning state, might explode on the spot.

At that time, even if he did not die, his cultivation would most likely be wasted.

It was precisely because of the various different states that the process of nurturing a Nascent Soul was extremely dangerous.

When breaking through, one had to ensure absolute safety.

In the Blessed Land Dao Palace of the Grotto-Heaven, Cui Heng did not have to worry about his safety.

He could devote himself to breaking through.

Gradually, the True Fire in the Golden Core burned brighter and brighter, and its spirituality became more and more dense.

The interior of the Golden Core seemed to have become an embryo that was nurturing life and began to pulse rhythmically.

At the same time, the seven emotions of all living beings outside the Golden Core had been absorbed completely and refined.

The seven-colored light disappeared and was replaced by chaos.

This mass of chaos was boundless.

There was no light or shadow, no sound, no beginning or end.

Only a pure Golden Core sat in the middle, pulsing rhythmically.

It was like an egg floating in chaos, waiting for the embryo to be nurtured.


While Cui Heng was in seclusion, the outside world was also quietly changing.

Wu Yin left Changfeng Prefecture and began to travel the world to find people who were suitable for him to assist.

At the same time, he was also observing the deeds of the people everywhere to prepare for the future.

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Xu Fengan was invited over by Liu Litao from the Yuhua Sword Pavilion.

He was given the official position of an army officer and built an army according to the theory of the Great Harmony Collection as the foundation for future operations.

The entire Fengzhou continued to implement the government decrees set by Cui Heng, and the lives of the people became richer and more prosperous.

Such a life made every family only recognize the State Overseer of Fengzhou.

Some of them did not even know that there was a Great Jin Emperor.

In the Central Continent Imperial Court, Wei Yi made a rather ridiculous decision.

He planned to order all the officials in the world to collect rare beasts for him and raise them in the Imperial City.

Then, he would choose a palace to specially raise them and experiment according to some of the methods provided by White Tiger Child to try to nurture Immortal Beasts.

This was a complete act of squandering the countrys reserves.

The money in the treasury should not be used like this!

The courtiers naturally objected strongly.

Chu Yuanliang even directly wrote a letter to resign, hoping that Wei Yi could retract his orders.

However, Wei Yi was extremely stubborn and insisted on his way.

The courtiers could not persuade him at all.

Now that he had an Earth Immortal as his helper, there was no longer any restraint on the execution of his edicts, so it was even more impossible to persuade him.

Hence, he still issued the edict and rejected Chu Yuanliangs resignation letter.

After the officials from all over the world received the decree, they were in chaos and scolded the incapable ruler.

In the various counties, thanks to Cui Hengs previous two knocks on the heads of the aristocratic families, the local government officials also began to implement similar policies to Fengzhou.

The lives of the commoners gradually became better.

However, there was still an Imperial Court hanging above their heads.

They did not know when an Imperial Edict would descend, burying their current beautiful life and returning them to the past.

All these were worldly disputes.

In the Heavenly Void World in the mortal world, Hui Shi immediately left after the people from the Heavenly Cycle Star Pavilion brought him to “Ascend”.

He knew very well that it was impossible to hide the matter of the Lower World for too


They would be exposed soon.

He had to leave before that.

Otherwise, a huge battle would be inevitable.

This did not match Cui Hengs goal of letting him come to the Heavenly Void World in advance.

Therefore, after Hui Shi left the Heavenly Cycle Star Pavilion, he picked up his old profession of disguise.

Coupled with his Deva Realm cultivation, it was enough to hide him from all martial artists below the Heaven Immortal Realm.

After some thought, he set off for Linjiang.

He did not know about Cui Hengs relationship with Pei Qingshu.

The reason why he chose to go to Linjiang was because it was one of the richest counties in the world and also where the first aristocratic family, the Linjiang Pei family, was located.

In Hui Shis opinion, this was a good place to gather information.


Pei Yuezhi has been extremely busy recently.

As a martial arts genius who had cultivated to the Inner World realm at the age of 24, he was entrusted with a heavy responsibility by the family head, Pei Qingshu, to serve as the deacon of the Linjiang Pei Family.

He was in charge of recruiting outstanding guest elders with clean backgrounds for the family and strengthening the familys forces to resist the suppression of the Nine Preeminent Families, 24 Families, and the Nine Immortal Sects.

As the number one aristocratic family in the world, the Pei family of Linjiang was very strong and received excellent treatment as a guest elder.

It was the first choice for many martial artists to seek refuge.

Therefore, the position of deacon of the Hall of Recruitment was actually very suitable for accumulating fame in the pugilistic world.

Pei Yuezhi also knew that the family head wanted to focus on nurturing him.

He was usually conscientious and never neglected anything.

However, there were too many martial artists who came to register recently.

He had not slept for seven days and seven nights.

Even if his body could withstand it, he could not help but feel tired mentally.

This was all because of the chaos in the Lower World.

There were more than a dozen Earth Immortals and dozens of Human Immortals from the five Immortal sects who descended, but only the Heavenly Cycle Star Pavilion returned.

Moreover, the people from the Heavenly Cycle Star Dipper Pavilion had actually brought someone up from the Lower World.

They even let the other party leave on his own and that person had long disappeared.

This matter shook the world.

The people from the Nine Immortal Sects began to arrest people everywhere as if they had gone crazy.

As long as they were suspicious and did not have any backing, they would inevitably be captured and interrogated by the Nine Immortal Sects.

This made the idle martial artists of the pugilistic world feel insecure and want to join the aristocratic families as guest elders.

Among them, the Linjiang Pei family was their first choice.

Pei Yuezhi;s workload immediately exploded.

“After dealing with this persons application, Ill go back and rest.”

He grabbed his hair and rubbed his temples.

He forced himself to focus and pulled out a form from the side.

He lowered his head to check it.

“Name: Chen Shihui.

Realm: Divine Treasure…”


In the Blessed Land Dao Palace of the Grotto-Heaven World.

49 days had passed.

Cui Heng was still sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed.

From his appearance, he had not changed at all.

However, his Dantian had already gone through a huge change.

At this moment, the Golden Core in the chaos had already become extremely huge, almost a thousand times larger than before.

The interior had already been completely burned away by the True Fire.

It could be said that only the shell of the Golden Core was left.

Its spirituality had already grown to the extreme.

In the core of the True Fire, a young figure could be vaguely seen curled up.

This was an infant whose entire body was suffused with a clear and colorless light.

He emitted an extremely pure aura, as if he was a living being that had existed since before the creation of the world.

He was not tainted by any Postnatal filth and had the initial Dao


The power contained in the infant was extremely powerful.

Even if it was just closing its eyes and curling up to breathe softly, the power contained in its breath was like hundreds of cultivators at the Grand Completion Golden Core realm channeling the Heaven Earth Origin Qi with all their might.

Entering the Nascent Soul realm from the Golden Core realm was not only a breakthrough in cultivation, but also an extreme sublimation of the essence of life.

At this moment, Cui Heng was also breathing in and out essence energy at the same pace as the infant in his Dantian.

His eyes closed slightly.

Sensing something, he suddenly opened his eyes.

At the same time, in his chaotic Dantian, the infant in the Golden Core suddenly opened his eyes, and his curled up hands and feet began to stretch.


With an indescribable bang, the Golden Core that only had a layer of shell left suddenly shattered.

In an instant, boundless pure light burst out from it, like the first ray of light at the beginning of the world, illuminating the boundless chaos.

In the shattered Golden Core, an infant slowly stood up.

The billions of rays of lights immediately seemed to have found their owner and lingered around him.

The infant was like a god that had split the world apart.

His eyes emitted golden light, and the chaos in his gaze instantly disintegrated, turning into Yin and Yang, clear and turbid Qi that rose and fell.

At this moment, Cui Heng had already stood up.

He opened his arms and looked up at the sky.

His eyes also released a golden light that seemed to be able to pierce through everything.

Immediately after, he felt the Dharmic powers in his body begin to increase exponentially.

Soon, they became indescribably powerful.

The myriad techniques in the world began to resonate with his Dharmic powers.

The entire Grotto-Heaven was filled with golden light.

Golden lotus flowers bloomed out of thin air, as if the entire world was celebrating the birth of a new Nascent Soul.

Outside the Grotto-Heaven, countless living beings looked at the sky in shock.

All kinds of phenomena appeared in every corner of the planet.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

At the same time, everyone heard a faint rumbling sound in their ears.

This was the entire planet trembling slightly!


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