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Chapter 176 Unparalleled Demon, Heavens Wrath Lightning

The earths core was thousands of kilometers below the ground.

Extremely scorching and blazing Earth Fire surged here, but it could not drown the purple-black ball at the core.

This strange light that was filled with darkness and distortion often corroded the Earth Fire.

It tried to rush out.

However, every time this happened, the Earth Fire would blaze with golden light.

They intertwined with each other to form a chain-like seal, firmly suppressing the purple-black mass inside.

In the past years, every time the purple-black light attacked the seal, it would be quickly suppressed.

Then, there would be a long period of peace.

However, this time, the purple-black balls impact on the seal was extremely violent, far exceeding any time in the past.

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At this moment, the entire core of the planet seemed to be boiling.

The Earth Fire surged and soared, and the golden chains and seals shone brightly, as if they had condensed into substance and were doing their best to suppress the purple-black mass.


Boom! Boom!

The purple-black color in the Earth Fire continued to collide with the golden chains, producing loud sounds.

There were no signs of stopping

At the same time, a crazy and violent voice came from inside.

“Holy Saint! Holy Saint! Holy Saint…”

This voice seemed to be calling out to something.

It actually came from the Earth Fire.

The seal formed by the golden chains did not seal it.

Perhaps it was because too much time had passed, or perhaps it was because it had been continuously attacked by that purple-black mass for so many years.

The power of the seal had already weakened!

After the sound passed through the golden chain seal, traces of power gradually seeped out from within, causing an obvious flaw to appear in the seal.

Immediately after, more and more purple-black light emerged from the seal.

The crazy and violent calls became clearer and clearer.

“Holy Saint! Holy Saint! Holy Saint…”


In the sky above Langya County, the battle between the Nine Fire Flame Dragon and the ten Buddha phantoms continued.

After being dyed purple-black, the battle power of these Buddha phantoms had become much stronger.

They had also become almost crazy.

When they attacked, they did not care about defending themselves at all.

They were simply like lunatics.

This finally made it difficult for the Nine Fire Flame Dragon, which was only equivalent to the mid-stage Foundation Establishment realm, to resist them head-on.

It could only shrink its body again and rely on its agile movements to circle around the ten Buddha phantoms.

But even so, it was clearly at a disadvantage.

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During the battle, both sides had already left Langya County and arrived in the sky outside the city.

At this moment, the little Fire Dragon had just dodged the frontal attack of a Buddha phantom when another Buddha phantom attacked from its side.

Before it could dodge, the foot of another Buddha phantom stepped down from above.


The foot of the Buddha phantom broke through the layers of flames on the little fire dragons scales and knocked it down from 10,000 feet into the sky, landing on a mountain peak below.


An extremely terrifying and powerful impact smashed down fiercely with the little Fire Dragon.

The top of this 1,000-foot-tall mountain immediately exploded with rings of fiery “ripples”.

Immediately after, a monstrous sound wave exploded from the top of the mountain like billions of lightning bolts.


Amidst this world-shaking bang, the entire mountain peak split open.

A huge gap instantly opened from the peak to the foot of the mountain!

It was as if an ancient Heavenly God had split this thousand-foot-tall mountain in half with a huge ax.

However, this was not the end.


After the mountain cracked from top to bottom, it collapsed completely.

Dozens of cracks appeared from the original spot and continued to crack.

In the blink of an eye, the entire mountain peak shattered!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At the same time, waves of heat surged into the sky.

The flames on the little Fire Dragons body spread in all directions, igniting everything on the collapsing mountain.

The mountain that had shattered into hundreds of pieces turned into huge fireballs and fell.

Such an earth-shattering scene allowed the people in Langya County to clearly sense the battle.

They were all terrified.

At this moment, Wang Dongyang, White Tiger Child, Wei Yi, and the others, as well as the people from the four Immortal sects, had all ascended to a high place.

They looked at the battle in the distance and personally witnessed the entire mountain collapse.

Everyone was stunned.

This was the first time they had truly watched a battle between Heaven Immortals, and it was also the first time they had seen such terrifying power.

It almost made them feel like their hearts were about to burst.

What was the power of heaven and earth

This was the power of heaven and earth!

The thousand-foot-tall mountain was so huge that even an Earth Immortal Bodhisattva would have to spend a lot of effort to dig through it.

However, to a Heaven Immortal-level mighty figure, just the power of a single exchange could shatter such a mountain into pieces and collapse it! It was too terrifying!


At this moment, a dragon roar sounded from the collapsed mountain.

A 1,200-foot-long Fire Dragon suddenly soared into the sky.

The endless flames instantly turned the sky within a few kilometers into a sea of fire, enveloping the ten Buddha phantoms.

The Nine Fire Flame Dragon was enraged.

It completely activated all the power it contained, causing the flames on its body to carry traces of Golden Core aura.

It was refined by Cui Heng with a spell.

Its essence was Golden Core Dharmic powers.

When it used all its strength, it was normal for it to release traces of power that contained the aura of a Golden Core.

And just this trace of Golden Core Dharmic powers made the flames released by the Nine Fire Flame Dragon sublimate to the extreme, directly strengthening it countless times.

Originally, the flames of the Nine Fire Flame Dragon could only burn the golden bodies of these ten Buddha phantoms and could not cause any damage to the purple-black light.

Every time the flames attacked, it could only watch helplessly as the Buddha phantoms used that strange power to extinguish the flames.

However, the sea of fire this time was different.

The crimson flames carried a wisp of gold!

After the ten Buddha phantoms were enveloped in it, they planned to use the same trick again and try to extinguish the flames with purple-black light, but they realized that it was useless this time.

The flames were still scorching and burning!

“Ahhh! This, what kind of flame is this!”

“Why cant it be destroyed This is impossible.

How is this possible!”

The voices of these Bodhisattvas came from the Buddha phantom, filled with shock and fear.

Clearly, the flames had already burned through the Buddha phantom.

It began to roast the ten Bodhisattvas inside.

Gradually, the shouts of these Bodhisattvas resounded through the sky.

Even the people in Langya County could clearly hear them.

The four Immortal sects faces turned pale, and their expressions were filled with despair.

The Bodhisattvas of the Baolin Buddhist Hall were their only hope.

Now that even such hope was about to be destroyed, it meant that it was very likely that they would be wiped out next.

What should they do now!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, these people from the Immortal sects suddenly felt their hearts beating violently.

At the same time, a thick sense of fear and panic involuntarily surged in their heart.

This emotion even suppressed the despair they felt because the ten Buddhas were about to be defeated.

It seemed to come from their instincts.

The people from the Immortal sects were extremely puzzled by this sudden change in emotions and did not understand what was going on.

However, when they realized that Wang Dongyang and the others from the aristocratic families were also filled with panic and were holding their thumping hearts, the other party finally noticed the abnormality.

This inexplicable panic spread indiscriminately!

What was going on!


Just as both sides were feeling extremely puzzled, a huge bottomless crack suddenly appeared in the ground under their feet.

The entire Langya County City was instantly divided into two.

Whether it was the city wall or the ordinary houses and pavilions, as long as they were located on or nearby this huge crack, they would all collapse and fall into the crack.

Moreover, the crack continued to spread after separating the entire Langya County City.

It only stopped after extending for more than a hundred kilometers.

It felt like the ground had completely cracked open.

And this was only the beginning!

The moment the crack stopped spreading, an extremely dense purple-black light spewed out from the depths of the void, rushing into the sky like a waterfall.

At the same time, anyone who saw this purple-black light, be it ordinary people or Human Immortals and Earth Immortals, felt a buzzing in their heads.

It became incomparably painful and almost exploded.

The Nine Fire Flame Dragon was also attracted by the changes here.

It turned around and the red light in its eyes immediately intensified.

It sensed a negative aura that was thousands of times denser than those Buddha shadows.

Buzz! Buzz!

At this moment, ten cracks suddenly appeared in the flames that enveloped the sky.

Then, the ten Buddha phantoms that were about to be burned to ashes flew out and turned into ten purple-black lights.

They rushed towards the light curtain like moths to a flame and instantly fused into it, disappearing

“Holy Saint! Holy Saint! Holy Saint…”

A voice filled with madness came from the purple-black light curtain.

Such a voice sounded like countless messy pieces of information surging into ones ears.

Moreover, it directly pushed open the skull and stuffed in the information.


The Nine Fire Flame Dragon let out a dragon roar, burning with raging flames.

The fire that spread for hundreds of kilometers and was thousands of feet tall rushed over, trying to ignite it.

However, before it could approach, a purple-black palm that could cover a radius of hundreds of feet suddenly stretched out from the light curtain and grabbed its body.

No matter how the flames burned, they could not cause any damage to the palm.

“Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! Die die die!!” Another roar came from the light curtain.

It was still a voice filled with madness, but it also contained extremely strong killing intent.

Before it could finish the sentence, a 165-meter-tall giant walked out.


This was a peerless demon wearing broken armor and emitting purple-black smoke all over his body, as if he had walked out of the depths of the Nine Nether!

“Ahhh!!” The giant held the Nine Fire Flame Dragon in his hand and roared at the sky in extreme madness.

“Holy Saint! Holy Saint! Holy Saint! Slaughter this world, slaughter!”

The Nine Fire Flame Dragon struggled with all its might, but the difference in strength between the two was too great.

It could not break free at all.


At this moment, a thunderclap suddenly came from the sky!

It was as if it had awakened all living beings.

It instantly woke up all the living beings who were immersed in madness.

Then, they could not help but look up at the sky.

Above the nine heavens, a thundercloud that covered dozens of kilometers had condensed at some point.

The golden snakes danced wildly, and countless lightning bolts were brewing.

It was as if the Heavens were furious.

Lightning tribulation was about to descend!


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