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Chapter 170 A Storm Is Brewing

In the meeting hall of the Baolin Buddhist Hall, the twelve Bodhisattvas looked at each other.

At the same time, they fell into deep thought.

This banquet coincided with their previous thoughts.

Moreover, it resolved the problem of choosing a place to discuss.

However, they were still hesitant.

Firstly, it was too informal to let a mere Wang Family of Langya host such an important event.

The Wang Family of Langya was only a branch of the Wang Family in the Upper World.

They were not worthy of being taken seriously by the Baolin Buddhist Hall.

With the invitation of the Wang Family of Langya, it was a matter of lowering their status for the Baolin Buddhist Hall.

Secondly, this also caused them to lose a chance to confirm their leadership.

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However, the former was something that all 12 Bodhisattvas agreed on, while the latter was something that some people hoped would be opposed to.

Although the 12 Bodhisattvas were all at the same level and had the same cultivation realm, their ages and qualifications were still different.

The most likely ones to obtain leadership were the three or four old Bodhisattvas.

Therefore, the remaining eight or nine Bodhisattvas who were slightly less qualified could not wait for the leadership authority to be confirmed, lest they were led by someone of the same level.

Then, there was a very realistic problem in front of them.

Should they accept the invitation of the Wang Family of Langya

“Whose idea was it” Monk Zi De, the most senior of the twelve Bodhisattvas, asked.

This was an old monk who looked to be in his eighties.

He was actually more than 300 years old.

His long snow-white eyebrows hung to his chest, and his face was covered in age spots.

To a Bodhisattva realm Buddhist martial artist, this was almost the limit of their lifespan.

“Bodhisattva, it should have been done by Wang Donglin, the envoy from the Wang Family of Jiangdong in the Upper World,” Kong Hui said respectfully.

Then, he told him about the hatred between the Wang Family of Langya and Cui Heng, as well as Wang Donglins previous alliance to attack Cui.

In the end, he said, “The Human Immortal Wang Dongyang and the others from the Wang Family of Jiangdong in the Upper World have also arrived in Langya.

They should also be supporting him.”

“I see.” Monk Zi De nodded lightly when he heard this.

Then, he said indifferently, “Since its just a small clan, theres no need to care about them.

Lets continue discussing.”

As the most senior of the 12 Bodhisattvas, he was the most likely to obtain the leadership position.

Moreover, he had gradually gained the upper hand in the previous argument.

He would succeed in a few days, so he naturally did not want to stop here.

However, his decision to directly represent all the Bodhisattvas present immediately attracted dissatisfaction.

“Senior Brother Ji De, how many days have we been discussing” Monk Ji Tong also spoke.

He looked to be in his thirties or forties and was just over 200 years old.

He was one of the younger Bodhisattvas.

“Oh” Monk Zi De looked at Monk Jitong and said indifferently, “Junior Brother Jitong, whats your opinion”.

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“Senior Brother, do you still remember the reason why we came to the Lower World this time We were ordered by the Buddha to completely destroy the Immortal Dawn Sect and Daoyi Palace!” Monk Jitong directly mentioned Buddha Baolin and said in a low voice, “If were still only discussing the location now, how can we get anything done Senior Brother, have you forgotten the mission the Buddha gave us”

This was equivalent to accusing Monk Zi De of disrespecting Buddha on the spot.

“You!” Monk Zi Des long eyebrows twitched with anger when he heard this.

“Dont talk nonsense!” he shouted.

“Isnt that the truth” Monk Jitong asked aggressively.

Although he was not as experienced as others, he was also a Bodhisattva and was not afraid of Monk Zi De.

Buddhism did not emphasize etiquette.

As long as their cultivation levels were the same and their seniority was the same, without any special appointments, they were all on the same level.

There was no difference in status.

“Alright!” At this moment, Monk Ji Feng spoke up and stopped their argument.

He looked to be in his fifties or sixties, and his actual age was close to 300 years old as well.

He was second only to Monk Zi De among the 12 Bodhisattvas, and he was the strongest.

“How about we compromise” Monk Jifeng looked at Monk Zi De and Monk Jitong.

“Lets see how the other Immortal sects react before we make a decision.

How about that”

Monk Jitong and Monk Zi De looked at each other and nodded after a slight hesitation.

This was already a relatively milder solution.

If they continued to argue, it would not be good for everyones face.

They had to stop before it was too late.

“Thats all then.

Kong Hui, remember to pay attention to the movements of the other Immortal sects,” Monk Zi De instructed.

He took the opportunity to make a final decision

“Yes, Bodhisattva!” Monk Kong Hui left respectfully, feeling a little regretful.

Actually, from his perspective, he really, really hoped that the matter of killing Cui Heng would be settled as soon as possible.

After all, he was the one whod pushed all the blame onto Cui Heng.

As long as Cui Heng was alive, he would not be able to feel at ease.

Only when Cui Heng was dead could he truly feel at ease.

After walking out of the meeting hall.

Monk Kong Hui looked at the blue sky and sighed softly.

He thought to himself, “These Bodhisattvas are not much better than us mortals.”

Thinking of this, he could not help but have some rebellious thoughts.

“Theyre just a group of lucky people from the Upper World.

If I can also live in the Upper World, Ill definitely be a Bodhisattva at their age.”

As a Martial Dao expert who had unlocked his divine treasures before the age of 100 and stepped into the Deity Realm, Monk Kong Hui had always been extremely confident in his aptitude.

He had always thought that if he could have the cultivation resources and brilliant martial techniques of the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World, he would definitely have cultivated the Arhat Golden Body long ago.

In the future, he would definitely be able to step into the Bodhisattva realm.

Especially in the past few days, this group of Bodhisattvas had been discussing the location of the meeting in name, but in reality, it was to fight for leadership.

This made him have even deeper thoughts.

“I have to think of a way to make this happen as soon as possible.”

Monk Kong Hui thought to himself, “As long as we kill Cui Heng and destroy the Immortal Dawn Sect and Daoyi Palace, I have a chance of being accepted into the Blessed Pure Land by Buddha with my contributions this time.

Only then will I have a chance to become a Bodhisattva!”

Currently Wei Yis emotions was very complicated.

It could be said to be a pleasant surprise.

On one hand, he was shocked that White Tiger Child had returned.

This fellow was actually not dead!

When did Cui Heng become so soft-hearted He actually didnt kill this Upper World Earth Immortal or even imprison him and directly let him come back.

What was he doing!

On the other hand, he was happy that White Tiger Childs attitude towards him had become even better after he returned.

If it was White Tiger Child who had felt touched by Wei Yis deep bootlicking and wanted to help him do something previously…

Then it was White Tiger Child who was licking Wei Yis boots now.

A lofty Earth Immortal from the Upper World was almost obedient to Wei Yis words.

This Emperor Wei Yi had accomplished something that all the previous Emperors of the Great Jin had never dreamed of.

He commanded an Earth Immortal!

Wei Yi himself found it unbelievable.

He could not understand what White Tiger Child was trying to do.

Actually, this was just White Tiger Child feeling a little guilty for not fulfilling his promise to Wei Yi and planning to help him do some other things to compensate.

On this day, Wei Yi brought White Tiger Child to the city wall of the palace.

He looked at the bustling city outside the palace wall and the tall city wall in the distance and sighed.

“Immortal child, do you think these people, the Imperial Palace, the Imperial City, and the thousands of miles of rivers and mountains outside the Imperial City belong to me”.

“Belong to you” White Tiger Child was a little surprised and asked curiously, “The entire Lower World belongs to our Heavenly Void World.

Why do you have such an illusion”

“…” The corners of Wei Yis mouth twitched slightly when he heard this, and he was speechless.

He still wanted to guide White Tiger Child to acknowledge this concept and ask him to help him clean up Great Jin.

He did not expect this answer.

Although White Tiger Child could be said to be obedient to Wei Yi now, this was only because he felt a little guilty.

It was impossible to change his basic understanding of the Lower World.

Wei Yi could directly get White Tiger Child to kill some people, but he could not let White Tiger Child clean up some people for the sake of “his Great Jin”.

He also understood that it was impossible to rely on White Tiger Child to clean up this dilapidated country.

He still had to rely on Cui Heng.

But now, White Tiger Child was already frightened by Cui Heng.

The previous alliance against Cui Heng was also easily broken.

What else could make Cui Heng attack

Wei Yi fell into deep thought.

“Emperor, you seem to be very troubled” White Tiger Child saw the change in Wei Yis emotions and asked, “Is there anything I can help you with”

“No, Im just a little worried as I watch this country decline day by day.” Wei Yi sighed.

These were his heartfelt words.

“So youre still thinking about killing Cui Heng.” White Tiger Child was so frightened that his face turned pale.

He shook his head repeatedly and said, “I advise you to give up on this idea.

I cant help you, and no one in this world can help you.”

“Ah” Wei Yi was confused.

When did I say that

Then, he realized that in order to lure White Tiger Child to his death, he had linked the weakening of the Great Jin to Cui Heng.

However, he did not expect Cui Heng to leave such a huge psychological trauma on White Tiger Child.

He was so frightened by something that was not directly related.

This was an Earth Immortal!

How powerful was Cui Heng “Your Majesty!” At this moment, a sharp voice came from afar.

It was Attendant Wang Chun rushing over.

“What happened Why are you in such a hurry” Wei Yi frowned slightly, looking a little unhappy.

“Your Majesty, theres indeed something important.” Wang Chun hurriedly said, “The Wang Family of Langya has sent an envoy over.

Hes a Human Immortal from the Upper World called Wang Dongyang.

He said that he has something extremely important to discuss with Your Majesty and Immortal White Tiger Child.”

“The Wang Family of Langya, Human Immortals of the Upper World!” Wei Yi was shocked when he heard this.

Then, he looked at White Tiger Child and asked, “Immortal Child, what do you think”

“Lets go and meet him.” White Tiger Child nodded and smiled, pretending to be interested.


The news that the Wang Family of Langya was about to hold a banquet to discuss the attack on Cui Heng quickly spread throughout the world.

Moreover, as the Emperor of the Great Jin and the Imperial Beast Immortal Sect accepted the invitation, even the four immortal sects that were preparing privately to destroy the Immortal Dawn Sect and Daoyi Palace were alarmed and decided to go to the banquet to take a look.

The 12 Bodhisattvas of the Baolin Buddhist Hall finally gave up on fighting for leadership and chose five Bodhisattvas to head to Langya County in Yanzhou.

Everyone in the world could feel that this would be an incomparably huge storm.

At this moment, it was brewing.

The mastermind behind this banquet was currently in the State Overseers Office in Changfeng City, staring fixedly at the golden carriage that belonged to White Tiger Child.

At this moment, seven days had passed since the arrival of White Tiger Child.

The Heaven Dew on it was about to condense into crystals.

Cui Heng planned to study what this Heaven Dew Crystal was.

He wanted to see if it could help his cultivation.


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