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Chapter 161 Fengzhous State Overseer Cui Heng Deserves Death!

The ministers were furious, but Wei Yi did not seem to care.

He was still kneeling on the ground with a humble and respectful attitude.

He lowered his head and said, “Exalted Immortal, I have worked hard to rule and tried to promote peace.

However, there are many selfish people in this world, not counting the number of people who have proclaimed themselves as kings.

There are even people who command armies and dominate the world with their own strength.

They ignore the laws and govern themselves, causing the country to become lawless.

The peoples livelihood is difficult, and the countrys strength is weakening day by day.

Its really not this little emperors fault.”

Wei Yis words directly portrayed himself as a depressed king.

At the same time, he removed the responsibility of the weakening of the country from himself.

In short, all the fault lay with those people who controlled their own armies and ruled over a territory.

They mainly referred to the State Overseers.

In the 11 states of the Great Jin, the 10 State Overseers did not listen to the Imperial Courts orders.

“Heh, as a barbarian chieftain, you cant even control your own subordinates.

Arent you still trash” White Tiger Child still despised Wei Yi, but he no longer planned to take it out on him.

He waved his hand and said, “Get up.”

“Thank you, Exalted Immortal!” Wei Yi hurriedly stood up and bowed beside White Tiger Child.

He said with a fawning expression, “Exalted Immortal, where should we go first”

“Lets go to your palace to take a look first.” White Tiger Child felt that this Emperor was pleasing to the eye and nodded with a smile.

“Although youre a little useless, youre still not bad.”

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Before he descended to the Lower World, he had read many books describing this land.

The book emphasized the situation of the Lower World Emperors.

In the descriptions of these books, the Emperors of the Lower World were usually very arrogant.

ere u

Even though they looked respectful on the surface, it was difficult to hide the pride in their heart.

Therefore, the evaluation of most places in the Lower World in the books of the Immortal sects was that they needed to be beaten or taken down a notch.

This was also the reason why White Tiger Child showed off his might when he first descended.

His goal was to take them down a notch first.

However, this Wei Yi gave White Tiger Child a different feeling.

He was so respectful and sincere, without any arrogance.

This was a completely different image of a Lower World Emperor from the records.

“When I return, Ill write what Ive seen here in the sects books and describe the true Emperor of the Lower World.

Ill definitely be able to stun everyone.” White Tiger Child thought happily.

Although he had already become an Earth Immortal, his temperament was still that of a child.

He would love some unnecessary vanity.

This was because his brain had not matured well.

This was not a derogatory term.

White Tiger Child had coincidentally formed a spirit contract with a White Tiger Divine Beast cub at a young age.

While he possessed extremely high aptitude and a long lifespan, it also slowed down his development speed.

Even though he was already more than a hundred years old, his brain was still about the same age as a ten-year-old.


The reason why he suggested going to Wei Yis palace was because when he was reading the books in the sect, he realized that there were many fun, interesting, and delicious things in the palace.

This was fatally attractive to children.

“Exalted Immortal, youre actually going to the palace.

This is really an honor.

Please follow me.”

At this moment, Wei Yi became even more obsequious.

He bent even deeper and even bent his back, speaking humbly.

He looked exactly like the eunuch who usually followed him around.

All the civil and military officials present were stunned.

They had never thought that the Emperor could be so obsequious.

Even to the Immortals of the Upper World, this attitude was too much.

Some of the old officials were so ashamed that their faces turned pale.

They lowered their heads, wishing that they could die on the spot and bury themselves in the ground.

It was better than embarrassing themselves by following the Emperor here.

Only Chu Yuanliang lowered his head with a puzzled expression.

He had a feeling that something was wrong with Wei Yi now.

He asked curiously, “What is His Majesty trying to do”

Why did he feel that something was wrong

That was because the current Emperors actions did not match his personality.

As the current Prime Minister, Chu Yuanliang knew Wei Yis personality best.

His goal was very clear.

Especially after Wei Yi said that he wanted to be the ruler of a fallen country and no longer restrained his emotions.

This personality was even more obvious.

He ceded Fengzhou to the grassland barbarians and even sent the Hongwu Divine Sword over to destroy the country.


Letting the State Overseers of the world kill Cui Heng together was to let the “countries” of the world strengthen further.

It was also to speed up the destruction of the country.

From his actions, it seemed that Wei Yi was not afraid of death.

After all, how could an Emperor not die after a country was destroyed

But if he was not afraid of death, why was he so respectful to this Upper World Immortal God to the point of flattery

What was his purpose for being so respectful Was he afraid that if he was killed by an Immortal, he would not be able to leave his name in history

Chu Yuanliang did not think so.

Being killed by an Immortal from the Upper World and then losing his country in the end could be said to be the first person in history.

It was impossible for there to be no records.

But if it wasnt for this, then what was it for

He could not understand it.


After leading White Tiger Child down from the mound,

Wei Yi became a professional nanny.

He brought this Upper World Earth Immortal around the palace and even gave him all kinds of novel things to play with.

He even brought him to visit the harem.

This made all the civil and military officials extremely ashamed.

They almost wanted to write a letter and resign on the spot.

However, White Tiger Child was very satisfied with Wei Yis considerate service, and he changed the way he addressed him from a Barbarian Chieftain to an Emperor.

However, Wei Yi expressed that he felt ashamed to be called Emperor.

He felt that he could not even control the various State Overseers and could only watch helplessly as the countrys strength declined day by day and was not worthy of being Emperor.

White Tiger Child even comforted him and said that this was not his fault.

It was just that those State Overseers were too detestable.

After touring the entire palace, White Tiger Child suddenly said to Wei Yi, “Previously, you said that the reason why this country is weak is because the various State Overseers dont respect the Imperial Courts decree and are divided up.

Who among these State Overseers is the most overboard”

Wei Yi was stunned when he heard that.

Then, he suddenly knelt in front of White Tiger Child and said with a sorrowful expression, “Its Cui Heng, the Fengzhou State Overseer, Cui Heng!”

“Fengzhou State Overseer, Cui Heng” The White Tiger Child nodded and chuckled.

“Alright, I understand.

Dont worry.”


The next morning.

White Tiger Child sat on his golden carriage and was pulled into the sky by three White Tigers.

Auspicious clouds automatically condensed under the golden carriage, and the ten Human Immortals followed behind.

One of the older Human Immortals came to the golden carriage and asked worriedly, “Immortal Child, are you really going to avenge that Emperor”

“Why Is there a problem” White Tiger Child looked at the Human Immortal and said in a low voice, “Actually, its not just to vent my anger, but also to increase the harvest of the Heaven Dew Crystals this time.

“This Great Jin is too weak.

When the golden carriage descended in the capital of the Central Continent, it actually only collected that little bit of Heaven Dew.

In the end, it might not even be able to condense 2,000 crystals.

This is too little.”

“…” The Human Immortal fell silent.

Descending to the Lower World to collect Heaven Dew Crystals was extremely beneficial.

However, descending to the capital of the current dynasty was a privilege that only the Nine Immortal Sects had.

The aristocratic families could only descend to the other states to collect Heaven Dew Crystals.

The difference in benefits between the two was huge.

The Immortal sects that descended to the Imperial Capital could use the Immortal weapon to gather the formless aura of the entire country through the special status of the capital.

There were usually more than 5,000 Heaven Dew Crystals condensed like this.

When it was good, there could be 6,000 or even more than 8,000.

This was also the reason why aristocratic families could only collect a few dozen pills at most.

After all, most of the formless Qi in the country had already been collected by the Immortal Sects.

What was left was just scraps.

The Immortal sects allowed the aristocratic families to descend to the Lower World to collect Heaven Dew Crystals because they did not want to give up on these scraps, but it was not convenient for them to completely monopolize them.

A dog had to be given a bone.

However, the gains this time were shockingly low.

There were not even 2,000 crystals.

It was already scraping the bottom.

This meant that this country was already in a situation where it could collapse at any time.

If he wanted to increase the amount of Heaven Dew Crystals gained, the best way was to increase the strength of this country.

This way, by the time he returned to the Heavenly Void World, he could squeeze out some more formless Qi and condense more Heaven Dew Crystals.

Under Wei Yis continuous hints, White Tiger Child already firmly believed that as long as he killed Cui Heng, the power of the Great Jin would increase.

This was the reason why White Tiger Child decided to attack Cui Heng.

Avenging Wei Yi was just a bonus.

“Are you worried that I cant deal with Cui Heng” White Tiger Child saw through the Human Immortals thoughts and chuckled.

“How is that possible Im an Earth Immortal.

In the past 3,000 years, only one Perfected Hengxia has appeared.” An Earth Immortal was invincible in the Lower World.

For 3,000 years, this had been the consensus of everyone in the Heavenly Void World.

Although Perfected Hengxia had broken this consensus a hundred years ago, she had long disappeared.

Could this Cui Heng be as strong as Perfected Hengxia

That was obviously impossible.


White Tiger Child had an extremely high status in the Beast Taming Immortal Sect.

The golden carriage he was riding on was a Deva-level Immortal artifact that could travel 30,000 li a day.

Therefore, in less than half a day, White Tiger Child arrived in the sky above Changfeng Prefecture City from the Central Continent Imperial City.

He looked down from the clouds and saw countless citizens living and working in peace.

What he saw was filled with vitality and all living beings competing.

“As expected, they deserve to be killed!” White Tiger Childs expression darkened as he snorted.

“Such a place and such commoners are actually not under the rule of the Great


This is cutting off the power of the Great Jin and reducing my Heaven Dew Crystals!

Fengzhou Governor Cui Heng deserves to be killed!”

At the same time, Zheng Nanxun, who was in the State Overseers Office, sensed killing intent coming from the sky.

She was immediately shocked.

“This aura, its an Earth Immortal!”

But before she could speak, the distant Yellow-scarved Strongman moved.

“Theres killing intent!”

The Yellow-scarved Strongmans rough voice sounded like rolling thunder that spread throughout the entire State Overseers Office.



The ground trembled.

The 16.5-meters-tall Yellow-scarved Strongman jumped into the clouds.

He arrived before White Tiger Child who was pointing below.



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