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Chapter 158 Immortals Arriving One After Another

Heavenly Void World, Jiangdong County.

The Wang Family had been here for a very long time.

Ever since the Nine Immortal Sects enlightened all living beings in the wilderness 5,000 years ago, the Wang Family had taken root here.

The current Wang Family of Jiangdong was already one of the Nine Preeminent Families.

They watched the rise and fall of countries and the change of dynasties.

However, in the past hundred years, the Wang Family in Jiangdong had not had a good time.

In the disaster 300 years ago, the Wang Family of Langya in the Lower World was almost wiped out.

Their reputation plummeted, causing the Wang Family of Jiangdong to lose their source of Heaven Dew Crystals.

To the main sect of the Heavenly Void World, if the reputation of the Lower World branch was too low, even if they descended, they would not be able to collect many Heaven Dew Crystals.

They might even suffer a loss.

After all, descending to the Lower World was not without costs.

It also consumed Heaven Dew Crystals.

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Opening a Lower World path for Human Immortals required 20 crystals, and a path for Earth Immortals required 70 crystals.

Every time they descended to the Lower World, they would at most collect 70 to 80 Heaven Dew Crystals.

This was when the Lower World Branch was at its peak.

There were usually only 50 to 60 pills.

If the reputation of the Lower World branch was damaged or even declined, it was possible that they would only be able to collect 30 to 40 Heaven Dew Crystals.

However, in a situation like the Wang Family of Langya, which was almost wiped out, they no longer had any reputation.

It was possible that they could not even collect a single Heaven Dew Crystal.

It was a pure loss.

This was also why the Wang Family of Jiangdong did not send anyone to the Lower World 200 years ago.

However, this also allowed them to luckily avoid the Great Calamity a hundred years ago, and their families forces grew stronger.

However, the Wang Family of Jiangdong was not happy yet.

The Immortal sect that directly governed the Wang Family of Jiangdong, the Black Yellow Heavenly Palace, had suffered heavy losses in the Immortal Falling Calamity.

An Earth Immortal and seven Human Immortals had died, and an Earth Immortals corpse had been destroyed.

In order to recover their vitality, they borrowed 500 Heaven Dew Crystals from the Wang Family of Jiangdong.

To be returned in full 500 years later.

There was still no news from them yet.

The Wang Family of Jiangdong were really pitiful.

From 3,000 years ago until now, they had only collected more than 2,000 Heaven Dew Crystals.

More than 600 pills were used to open the passageway to the Lower World, and more than 1,000 were used to exchange for the Three Primordial Immortal Pills.

A hundred years ago, there were only about 500 left.


Following that, they were “borrowed” away by the Black Yellow Heavenly Palace.

The Wang Family of Jiangdong, which was ranked among the Nine Preeminent Families, had completely become a poor family.

The Heaven Dew Crystals used to open the passageway to the Lower World this time were all borrowed!

It was with high interest rates.

No one would believe it even if they told the world.

Fortunately, the Wang Family of Langya in the Lower World had already recovered their reputation a hundred years ago.

They should be able to collect a lot of Heaven Dew Crystals this time.

Therefore, the Wang Family of Jiangdong placed great importance on this trip to the Lower World.

Outside the Wang Familys ancestral mansion.

There were more than a hundred people who had come to send the party off.

Three Earth Immortal experts were among them, and they were filled with anticipation for the three Human Immortals who were about to descend to the Lower World.

Wang Chengji was the current head of the Wang Family in Jiangdong.

He was almost 300 years old and looked to be in his sixties or seventies.

His hair was white and his eyes were benevolent.

He came to a young man and reminded him earnestly, “Dongyang, as the eldest brother of the main branch, you must be careful when you lead the team this time.”

Wang Dongyang looked to be in his twenties.

He nodded and said, “Father, dont worry.

I wont let you down.

Ill definitely collect enough Heaven Dew Crystals!”

He was Wang Chengjis legitimate son.

Although he looked young, he was actually more than 200 years old.

Actually, Wang Dongyang had already become a Human Immortal a hundred years ago.

However, because of the lack of Heaven Dew Crystals, he had never been able to exchange for an Earth Essence Immortal Pill, so he had never become an Earth Immortal.

This time, he had come to the Lower World to collect Heaven Dew Crystals not only for the entire Wang Family of Jiangdong, but also for himself.

“Youve always been steady.

Father is not worried.” Wang Chengji nodded and used his True Essence to send a secret voice transmission.

“Dont be too serious about the Baolin Buddhist Hall and the few Immortal Sects besieging Daoyi Palace and the Immortal Dawn Sect.

“Due to the decree of the Black Yellow Heavenly Palace, you must participate.

However, you must always remember that your first priority is to protect your own life.

Only then can you bring the Heaven Dew Crystals back.

You must remember this.”

“Father, dont worry.” Wang Dongyang nodded and said, “Were going to Fengzhou this time.

Theres no powerful inheritance there, and its bordering Yanzhou.

It should be very safe.”

As aristocratic families directly under the Profound Yellow Heavenly Palace, they were going to the Lower World with a mission to help the experts of the Baolin Buddhist Hall and the few Immortal sects destroy Daoyi Palace.

Moreover, the Empress of the Great Zhou had gone to the Black Yellow Heavenly Palace half a month ago and killed two Earth Immortals with a single strike.

Because of this, she had even alarmed the Devas, causing the Black Yellow Heavenly Palace to be on tenterhooks.

This time, there were no Earth Immortals from the Black Yellow Heavenly Palace accompanying them on the trip to the Lower World.

This also meant that Wang Dongyang and the others did not have anyone to take care of them when they were in the Lower World.

If they were to get involved in a great battle, the danger factor would definitely soar.

“Sigh… The current Wang Family of Jiangdong is really in a difficult position.

Fortunately, the Black Yellow Heavenly Palace was more open this time, allowing us to choose the safer Fengzhou.”

Wang Dongyang sighed in his heart, but he still put on a confident expression towards his father.

He bowed and bade farewell.

“Father, the time is up.

Im going to the Lower World now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he and the two people beside him were enveloped by a golden light that descended from the sky.

In the next moment, the three of them disappeared from this world.


Heavenly Void World, Baolin Buddhist Hall.


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