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Chapter 156 Empress of Great Zhou

A Guardian Venerable

Cui Heng laughed when he heard this.

“What capabilities do you have to dare to ask me to be a Guardian Venerable”

Buddha Baolin sat high in the sky, his lotus throne shining brightly.

He chuckled and said, “I have a longevity technique.

I can allow you to live for a thousand years.

I also have a pure lotus platform that can help you spy on the Heavenly Dao.

I have a supreme technique that can transcend all living beings.”

“Its not enough.” Cui Heng shook his head and said, “If your Baolin Buddhist Hall is really so powerful, why would the Heavenly Void World respect the Nine Immortal Sects and the Three Buddhist Monastery only be a side sect”

“The Nine Immortals Sect is just a skeleton in a tomb.

Only Buddha can save all living beings.” Buddha Baolin smiled again and said, “Benefactor, it wasnt easy for you to obtain your Heaven Monarch cultivation.

If you can join our Buddhist Sect, you might be able to obtain the Bodhi Saint Fruit and become eternal.”

“What if Im unwilling” Cui Heng said in a low voice.

“Buddha is merciful.

If Benefactor is unwilling, this poor monk will not force you.” Buddha Baolins four faces were very kind as he smiled and said, “However, the hundred years are almost up and a mighty figure will descend.

Although youre a Heaven Monarch, you dont have any inheritance to rely on.

The Nine Immortal Sects wont let you off.

At that time, your successor will be killed, your martial cultivation will be erased, and even you will be suppressed.

“But if you joined my Buddhist Sect, none of this would happen.”

“Heh, is there anyone in the Heavenly Void World who is stronger than me” Cui Heng put on an arrogant expression and sneered.

“Im already above the Heaven Monarch Realm.

Whats there to be afraid of”

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“Hahaha, Benefactor, its better not to boast.” Buddha Baolin laughed loudly.

He opened his four mouths and said at the same time,This poor monk is advising Benefactor with good words.

Benefactor naturally wont believe me.

When disaster is imminent, youll know.

Im going!”

Before he could finish his sentence

A layer of purple-black light lit up on the body of this Buddha.

It seemed to want to escape into the void and leave this place.

However, he only swayed slightly before the purple-black light on his body was suppressed by an invisible force.

He remained where he was and did not leave as he had expected.


Buddha Baolins four faces finally changed color.

His eight eyes looked at Cui Heng in disbelief and he said in shock, “You can actually stop me from leaving.

How can you stop me from leaving!”

However, the expression on his face quickly changed from shock to fear.

At the same time, the huge Buddha phantom quickly shrank.

In the blink of an eye, it became the size of a palm and was captured by Cui Heng

“How is this possible!”

Buddha Baolin looked at Cui Heng in horror.

This sudden change had completely overturned his understanding.

This was an incarnation condensed from the Sky Ruins Insect.

It possessed mental strength that was only slightly weaker than a Buddhas and even had the ability to hide in the void.

How could he be captured so easily!

Cui Heng imprisoned the phantom of Buddha Baolin in his hand and examined it carefully.

“Its actually a living being.”

There was a reason why he said so much to Buddha Baolin just now.

On one hand, he realized that this Buddha phantom could actually provide emotional feedback.

This allowed him to adjust the other partys emotions through conversation and even obtain some information about the Heavenly Void World.


On the other hand, he could take the opportunity to investigate the essence of this Buddha phantom and cut off his connection with the outside world to prevent him from sending news to the outside world and escaping into the void.

When Cui Heng investigated the essence of this Buddha phantom, he realized that although the other party looked like the phantom incarnation of a Buddha, its essence was that of a Heavenly Void Evil Bug.

Strength at the Third level of Qi Refinement and spiritual power at the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

It was just that some special methods had been used to forcefully increase the strength and spiritual energy of the Sky Ruins Evil


Through adding the Buddhist aura on the Sky Ruins Evil Bug, it pushed its strength to the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

With the Buddhist seal as the foundation, it gathered a large amount of incense and power of faith and pushed its spirit to the late-stage Foundation Establishment realm.

Therefore, this so-called incarnation of the Baolin Buddha was actually not directly related to the real Baolin Buddha, it was not an incarnation of the Baolin Buddha himself, nor was it descended from the Heavenly Void World.

It was just a strange creature condensed from the Heavenly Void Evil Bug, the Baolin Buddha Dharma Seal, and the power of incense from all living beings.

Its understanding of itself, the knowledge it knew, and even the methods it used to do things were only set up by the person who condensed this “Buddha Incarnation” according to the image of Buddha Baolin in his heart.

After seeing through all of this, Cui Heng was even more curious about the essence of the Sky Ruins Evil Bug.

This was already the third time he had seen the Sky Ruins Evil Bug, but he still hadnt figured out what it was.

The previous two Sky Ruins Evil Insects he had seen were only in ordinary states.

Other than being able to pollute the mind, there didnt seem to be anything special about it.

He did not expect that after the Sky Ruins Evil Bug was strengthened, it could actually condense into a living being that could provide emotional feedback.

Even if this kind of creature was not complete and did not have a body of flesh and blood, it still felt a little unbelievable.

After all, the Buddhas seal, the power of faith, incense, and images were all dead things.

After adding a Sky Ruins Evil Bug to a few dead objects, it actually made the dead objects come to life.

This made Cui Heng involuntarily think of the process of a Golden Core cultivator nurturing a Nascent Soul.

If he could figure out the essence of the Heavenly Void Evil Bug, could it help with the cultivation of the Nascent Soul realm

“What is the Sky Ruins Evil Bug” Cui Heng asked in a low voice.


“Sky Ruins Evil Bug” The Buddha phantom was suddenly stunned when it heard this.

Its entire body suddenly burned with purple-black flames.

In the blink of an eye, the Buddha phantom disappeared in this pitch-black flame.

Only a curled up purple-black worm was left.

Then, the old scene repeated itself.

The little bug also dissipated into a purple-black color and disappeared.

Cui Heng looked at his empty palm and was silent for a moment.

Then, he said to Zheng Nanxun beside him, “Lets go.

Follow me to the Baolin Buddhist Hall.”

Zheng Nanxun nodded subconsciously.

She had yet to recover from the sudden change.

In the blink of an eye, Cui Heng had already arrived above the Baolin Buddhist Hall.

At this moment, countless devotees were hurriedly walking down from the mountaintop.

At the top of the mountain, there were cries coming from the Baolin Buddhist Hall.

Listening carefully, they realized that their Arhat was dead.

Cui Heng had heard from Zhang Shuming that the Buddhas usually descended from the main sect of the Upper World.

One could use the seal bestowed by the Buddha to condense a Buddha incarnation.

Now, the Arhat was dead.

From the cries of the monks in the courtyard, this Arhat should have died when the incarnation was forcefully pulled away by him.

This was another dead end.

“Looks like I can only ask the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World when they descend.” Cui Heng looked down at the monastery below and suddenly smiled.

“However, since Im already here, I cant come for nothing.”

Hence, he quickly descended and received a system notification.

[Congratulations! You have discovered an item that can be converted into currency.

Do you want to convert it immediately]


Cui Heng directly ordered the system.

[Currency 1,159,642.5]


Cui Heng had gained a lot from this trip to Yuzhou.

Although it was a pity that he did not find out the essence of the Sky Ruins Evil Bug, obtaining more than a million coins was not a wasted trip.

Most importantly, the feedback from the Seven Emotions could be said to be a great harvest.

The emotional feedback provided by the late-stage Foundation Establishment Buddha phantom was huge.

The red light that symbolizes joy increased by a foot and seven inches, the purple light that symbolizes anger increased by five inches, the gray light that symbolizes sorrow increased by seven inches, the green light that symbolizes fear increased by a foot and five inches, the black light that symbolizes evil increased by seven inches, and the yellow light that symbolizes desire increased by a foot and two inches.

In this way, the Light of Seven Emotions was extremely close to the height of seven feet.

In particular, the red, green, black, and yellow lights were already more than six feet tall.

The purple and gray lights were also more than five feet tall.

Only the white light that symbolizes love remained at a height of just over four feet.

However, this was not a difficult matter.

When the various government decrees were implemented or when the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World descended, the remaining light should be completed very quickly.

“The main problem now is still that the currency is not enough to consume.”

Cui Heng thought to himself, “After I cultivate a few more spells, Ill go to the various aristocratic families and sects.

I should be able to convert a lot of currency.”


It had been 634 years since the Great Zhou Dynasty was established.

Deep in the Imperial City, it was silent for 634 years.

In the tall courtyard walls, within the magnificent palaces.

Generations of Emperors had lived their lives here, and generals and prime ministers had been waving their hands.

Of course, most of them were court officials.

They had to stay within these high walls for the rest of their lives.

Yu Wei was one of the court officials.

She became an orphan when she was six years old.

She should have died a miserable death, but she was extremely lucky to be saved by the Empress who went on a patrol and brought her back to the high walls of the Imperial City

When she grew up, she became one of the female officials in the inner court.

Moreover, she was one of the servants who specially served the Empress.

She was in charge of books and documents and also delivered letters.

This was not an easy task.

Especially sending letters.

The Empress trusted her very much.

Even some secret letters were sent by her.

Among them, that persons secret letter was the most important.

Now, Yu Wei was holding a sealed secret letter.

She hid the letter in her arms and walked towards the Empresss chamber with a calm expression.

On the way, from time to time, other eunuchs sized her up, and some familiar eunuchs came over to talk to her.

Yu Wei responded very appropriately and did not let down her guard against anyone.

This was because the Empress had said that anyone inside this high wall could be a spy sent by someone else.

They could be someone who wanted to harm her.

When sending a secret letter, she could not reveal any flaws.

After walking through a familiar path, Yu Wei arrived at the Empresss chamber and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, she saw the graceful figure behind the screen.

At this moment, the Empress was lying lazily on the bed, looking magnificent.

However, Yu Wei only dared to take a look.

She hurriedly lowered her head humbly and knelt on the ground respectfully.

She took out the secret letter and held it above her head with both hands.

“Your Grace, its a letter from Deva Pei.”


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