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Chapter 154 Miniature Thousand Mile Court

For a moment, Zhang Shuming and Liu Yiyun thought of many things.

The scene of Cui Heng defeating Monk Dufa with a strand of hair flashed through his mind, and a guess couldnt help but appear in his heart.

Perhaps Cui Heng was not just a Heaven Monarch.

It was an even higher existence!

“Could it be that Exalted Immortal is actually a mighty figure at the Fourth Realm of the Immortal World, a realm in which the name hasnt even been passed down!” Zhang Shuming was shocked.

This seemed to be the only way to explain his actions.

If that was really the case, then he had really hugged a super thigh.

Perhaps Daoyi Palace could become great again in his hands.

All kinds of thoughts flashed through Liu Yiyuns mind.

However, her thoughts were not as complicated as Zhang Shumings.

She just felt that since her Ancestral Grandmaster was so powerful, the Immortal Dawn Sect would not be bullied in the future.

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Perhaps they could even find Ancestral Master back.

That way, the entire Immortal Dawn Sect could be reunited.

That kind of life must be very good.

Cui Heng looked at the three people in front of him and shook his head gently with a smile.

“Dont think too much.

Go back first.

I still have some things to deal with here.”

The three of them cupped their hands and bade farewell.

Cui Heng sighed softly.

“I havent tried to deduce spells yet.

If I start experimenting with spells, the commotion might be even greater.”

Hence, with a thought, he had an idea and asked the System, “If I enter the Grotto-Heaven World now, will I appear elsewhere when I come out”

(Hello, Respected Host! Welcome to the Omnipotent Immortal Cultivation System.

This System will serve you wholeheartedly and protect your path of cultivation.]

(The Grotto-Heaven is an upgraded version of the Beginners Space.

It also has the characteristics of wandering through the gaps between the myriad worlds.

If you dont take any precautions and enter the Grotto-Heaven, you might appear elsewhere when you come out.]

[However, theres no need to worry.

As long as you buy the following value-added services before entering the Grotto-Heaven World, they can provide you with the services of a fixed world.]

(World rivet: After purchasing this value-added service, you can fix the Grotto-Heaven World in the current world.

For a day, it will not wander to other spatial rifts.

Purchasing price: 1,000 coins.]

Cui Heng was speechless.

Perhaps this was the krypton gold system.

Although when he came out of the Beginners Space, he felt that he had appeared at the place where he first transmigrated, and there didnt seem to be any signs of him wandering through the various worlds, he would rather believe it than not.

What if he really went to another world when he came out

That would be a trap.

In any case, it was only 1,000 points.

He would buy it!

Cui Heng instructed the Yellow-scarved Strongman to protect Changfeng Prefecture.

And then…

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(Currency: -1,000]

(Currency: -100]

After two purchases, Cui Heng disappeared from the State Overseers Office.

The next moment, he arrived in the sky.

Around him was a sea of clouds.

Above him hung a sun that emitted endless light and heat, illuminating this world.

Cui Heng looked down and saw a piece of land


There was a dense jungle growing on it, and there was a three-story garden villa in the central area.

It was the Beginners Hut he had lived in for 300 years.

There were two fields in the courtyard of the villa.

One was the Beginners Farm among the novice benefits, and the other was the farmland that he had manually cultivated.

Then, he looked beyond the land.

Originally, when this was still the Beginners Space, there was only a void enveloped by a golden light curtain outside the land.

But now, outside the land, there was an endless sea.

There were also scattered islands on it.

Standing in the sky, one could see that these islands were of varying sizes.

Some of the islands even had strange flowers and plants that Cui Heng had never seen before.

There were even some islands that were enveloped in fog and emitted various colors, looking rather magical.

“After turning into the Grotto-Heaven World, this place is much larger and more magical than before.” Cui Heng couldnt help but praise in his heart.

He was quite interested in these new islands.

However, this time, he came in to deduce spells and experiment.

Although the new miracles in the Grotto-Heaven were worth exploring, he did not have much time and could only put them aside for the time being.

Therefore, after seeing the changes in the Grotto-Heaven World, Cui Heng descended from the sky and arrived on the island in the


Compared to the outside, the situation on this land had hardly changed.

It was still the same as when Cui Heng left.

Of course, there were also some subtle changes.

For example, there were many things piled up in the Beginners Farm.


These were all produced by the farm in the past few months.

However, since the owner was not here, and no one destroyed them, they piled up.

Fortunately, these things contained spiritual energy and could retain their freshness on their own.

Not to mention a few months, even if hundreds of years had passed, they would still remain fresh.

Moreover, there was an additional spiritual root medicinal field in the core area of the farm.

There were a few real spiritual roots growing inside.

In addition, there were some weeds in the farmland that he had cultivated.

The tomato trees and other fruit trees had also ripened.

Huge fruits hung on them, filled with the aura of harvest.

Just looking at this scene, Cui Heng felt at ease.

His entire body relaxed.

No matter how much wind and rain there was outside, this was always the most familiar and safest place.

Cui Heng skillfully picked a tomato from his farmland.

He didnt even need to wipe it before putting it into his mouth and taking a bite.

His mouth was immediately filled with juice.

It was sour, sweet, and very delicious.

After casually removing the weeds from the ground, he opened the door of the Beginners Hut with ease and walked in.

[Welcome home, Master!]

There was still electricity inside.

A certain elf greeted him very intelligently, and the electric lights were automatically switched on.

Cui Heng sat on the sofa as he ate his tomato.

He collapsed in satisfaction, feeling so comfortable that he did not want to move.

This was the feeling of home.

Only then did he know that although the use of these novice benefits only lasted 300 years, after the package was upgraded, as long as he entered the Grotto-Heaven, he could continue to use the Beginners Hut.

The Beginners Hut and the Meditation Chamber.

Only by continuing to spend money could he upgrade them to the Blessed Land Dao Palace and the Primary Grade Meditation Chamber.

This was a pleasant surprise.

“Unfortunately, I cant stay long.”

Cui Heng sighed and sat up again after lying on the sofa for three minutes.

Although he enjoyed the feeling now, he knew better what he should do.

“Begin deducing the spell!”

(Currency: -20,000] [Hello, Respected Host! You have spent 20,000 coins to activate the derivation spell.

Counts: 200.

Because the derivation of the spell is random, there is a possibility of failure and repetition.

Please understand!]


Cui Hengs face turned green when he heard the System notification.

He almost thought that he was not deducing spells but playing some black-hearted paywall card game.

Immediately after, he saw a ball of golden light appear before his eyes.

A book could be vaguely seen in the golden light.

The pages flipped quickly, and dense mysterious symbols were written on them, as if they contained endless mysteries.

This was the Elementary Immortal Technique, From Beginner to Ascension.

The derivation spells function was the upgraded version of the Beginners Immortal Cultivation Technique.

As the pages flipped quickly, system notifications appeared in front of Cui Heng.

(Congratulations! You have obtained the spell “Nine Fire Flame Dragon”.]

(Congratulations! Deduction failed!]

(Congratulations! You have obtained the spell “Inedia”.]

(Congratulations! You have obtained the spell “Fire Manipulation Technique”.]


[Congratulations! You have obtained the spell “Inedia”.)

[Congratulations! Deduction failed!)

[Congratulations! You have obtained the spell “Deliberate Deception”.)

(Congratulations! Deduction failed!)

[Congratulations! You have obtained the spell “Inedia”.]

[Congratulations! You have obtained the spell, “Heavenly Transformation”.]

[Congratulations! You have obtained the spell “Inedia”.]

(Congratulations! Deduction failed!]

(Congratulations! You have obtained the spell “Miniature Thousand Mile Court”.]

… .

The speed at which he deduced the Immortal techniques was extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, 200 notifications appeared in front of Cui Heng.

His blood pressure was about to rise.

Among them, there were 79 times when the deduction failed, 85 times when he obtained the same spellInedia, and there were a total of 23 other repeated draws of spells likeFire Manipulation Technique,Water Manipulation Technique, andEarth Manipulation Technique.

There were only 13 spells that could be considered practical or even powerful: Nine Fire Flame Dragon, Five Thunder Heavenly Heart Technique, Xiantian Grabbing Technique, Three Heads Six Arms, Heavenly Transformation, Ten Thousand Li Soaring Light Technique, Miniature Thousand Mile Court, Emperors Order Soul Capturing Curse, Deliberate Deception, Weapon Suppression Technique.

Every spell was infinitely useful.

Moreover, as his cultivation realm increased, his spells would also become stronger.

The only flaw was that these spells only gave him the cultivation method.

Cui Heng had to study them himself bit by bit, slowly cultivate and learn, and then practice.

He could not directly learn it like playing a game.

Spells were extremely profound.

Cui Heng tried to look through the secrets of several spells at the same time.

Soon, he felt dizzy and even his thoughts were a little chaotic.

This meant that he had to make some concessions and arrange the order of learning

“I dont lack offensive methods for the time being.

I just need to learn one or two offensive spells before the Immortals and Buddhas descend.

This is still my priority


The Miniature Thousand Mile Court can also be called the Sumeru Ring.

Its a storage spell.

After mastering it, one can open a small portable storage space.

The size depends on ones cultivation.

If there are suitable materials, I can use this technique to refine a storage Dharma treasure.

Hmm If I can cultivate it to a high level, I can even use this space to forcefully pull people in.

Is this considered theHeaven and Earth in the Sleeve simplified version”

After making this decision, Cui Heng spent another 1,000 coins to temporarily turn the Beginners Hut into a Blessed Land Dao Palace and opened the Primary Grade Meditation Chamber with another 1,000 coins.

After all, he had to make full use of this day.

It turned out that krypton gold could indeed make people stronger.

At the end of the day, Cui Heng finally found a way to use this spell.

He also opened up a one cubic meter portable storage space.

Although this was only a very basic application and he had not even used one-ten-thousandth of the profundity, it still made him very excited.

He finally had a portable storage space!

How could an Immortal cultivator be called an Immortal cultivator without this

This made it easier for him to bring the things in the farm and farmland out.

Hence, after Cui Heng harvested a batch of crops, he left the Grotto-Heaven and returned to the State Overseers Office.

He was about to return to his room when he saw a beautiful figure standing outside.

It was Zheng Nanxun.

She had arrived from the Immortal Dawn Sect at some point.

“Ancestral Grandmaster!” Zheng Nanxuns eyes lit up when she saw Cui Heng.

She hurriedly said, “I have something to report.”


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