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Chapter 149 Its Just A Strand of Hair

Shen Yus heart was filled with gloom.

He never dreamed that he would actually sit in the position of the General of the Battle Cui Alliance Army.

He was just a small Youzhou State Overseer, and his family did not even have a Deity Realm expert, nor did they have an Upper World Angel.

He was clearly so inconspicuous, so how did he become the General leading an army of a million troops

The reason was only because he often sent troops to fight with the grassland barbarians as the Youzhou State Overseer.

But was this the same

How could fighting barbarians be the same as fighting Immortals

At this moment, in Shen Yus heart, Cui Heng was an Immortal.

And was not just a Human Immortal or Earth Immortal, or the omnipotent Immortals in folklore.

This was an Immortal who could take a persons head from a thousand miles away, and killing Deity Realm experts was like killing a chicken!

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If this wasnt a true Immortal, what was

But now, he was leading an army of a million to fight against a true Immortal

This was simply like an old man who ate arsenic and wanted to die!

He did not have any deep hatred for Cui Heng.

He was just tricked by Wang Donglin to join the alliance against Cui Heng.

Why did he have to do this!

However, Shen Yu knew very well that he was already in a difficult position.

This position of Grand General was decided by the group of preeminent Deity Realm experts and Angels because his own strength and the forces behind him were the weakest.

He had to do it.

Shen Yu was riding at the front of the army.

As a General, he had to lead the army forward and lead by example.

Naturally, he had to walk at the front of the team.

Even if there was danger, he would die first.

This was something necessary to stabilize the morale of the army.

“I was wrong, I was really wrong.

I shouldnt have come.

I shouldnt have listened to Wang Donglins nonsense.

If I hadnt come here, I wouldnt have been roasted on the fire and entered this sure-death situation…”

Shen Yu sighed in his heart.

He was already certain that he would die.

He was the Grand General of the Battle Cui Alliance Army.

How could he not die

Unless this group of people could really defeat the Immortal from Changfeng Prefecture.

But this was simply impossible.

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Actually, after experiencing the anxiety of the past few days, everyone in the alliance knew very well that it was impossible for them to kill Cui Heng.

However, the overall situation was already set.

There was no turning back for everyone.

Even the ordinary soldiers did not dare to escape rashly because they were afraid of the military laws and the surveillance of the Deity Realm experts.

This so-called million-strong army was just being swept along by the momentum.

This battle was the focus of the world and the importance of it concerned the reputation of the Lower World branches in the Upper World.

They had nowhere else to go.

Therefore, although they were marching forward now, from the leaders to the ordinary foot soldiers, they all looked dejected and had no fighting spirit.


At this moment, a loud bang suddenly came from the sky.

Immediately after, there were explosions.

It was as if something had been smashed and was falling rapidly.

Everyone subconsciously looked up and saw a golden light cut through the sky like a meteor, suddenly falling less than three miles in front of the army.

What followed was an extremely violent earthquake.


An even louder bang than the one from the sky exploded in front of them.

A huge mushroom-shaped cloud suddenly rose there, and golden light could be vaguely seen flickering inside.

Countless pieces of soil and sand were swept into the sky by the huge impact and spread in all directions by the terrifying shock wave.

This formed layers of smoke and dust waves that surged over like an avalanche.

At this moment, Shen Yu felt as if the ground in front of him had collapsed.

His eyes were wide open as he looked ahead in disbelief.

An incomparable fear surged in his heart, making him feel as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

The horse under him was frightened to death on the spot and collapsed to the ground.

Shen Yu, who was sitting on it, was still looking ahead.

He did not even notice that he had fallen to the ground.

The other leaders were not much better than Shen Yu.

Faced with such world-shaking power, their faces revealed fear.

If that golden light hadnt fallen in front of him, but in the middle of this army, what would have happened

It was simply unimaginable!

As for the soldiers at the rear, they were almost ready to revolt.

The soldiers standing at the front saw the scene in front of them.

They were so frightened that their legs went weak and they almost knelt on the ground.

Although the soldiers standing at the back could not see what was happening in front of them, through some of the reactions in front, as well as the loud sounds and tremors in the ground, they could guess that something big had happened.

If no one came out to maintain order or if there were no other changes, these soldiers would probably escape soon.


At this moment, a golden light actually soared into the sky from the billowing smoke in front of them.

Moreover, it stood on a golden lotus and was covered in Buddhist light.

It was Monk Dufa.

To any monk who had already refined the Arhat Golden Body and had a special protective spell, even if he was smashed down from the sky, he would not die from the fall.

At most, he would be severely injured.

Not to mention Monk Dufa, who had the Bodhisattva Jade Bone.

Although he had been smashed down from the sky by the puppet and suffered considerable injuries after falling to the ground, even having a few bones broken, under the nourishment of the Buddhist power of the Bodhisattva Jade Bone, he recovered almost in the blink of an eye.

This gave Monk Dufa the courage to continue fighting “Cui Heng”:


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