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Chapter 148 Swords and Dragons Rise


The sword cry resounded through the world like a crane soaring through the sky.

The green sword light was reflected in the eyes of everyone in Changfeng Prefecture.

At the same time, the incomparably huge golden fist split open with a bang.

It was cut in the middle by this green sword light and turned into countless light fragments that disappeared.

Monk Dufas attack was directly eliminated by this sword light and did not have any effect.

However, he was not flustered.

He was still high in the sky.

Looking at the green sword light that was still slashing upwards without slowing down, he sneered.

“Good ability, indeed powerful! Unfortunately, youre facing


Before he could finish his sentence, the illusion of a mountain peak appeared behind Monk Dufa.

The illusory temple behind him shone brightly, solidifying as if it really existed.

Buddhist chanting could be heard from inside, and the Buddhist light shone brightly, illuminating a thousand feet around him.

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The area in the sky seemed to have turned into a Blessed Pure Land.


The green sword light landed on this “Blessed Pure Land”.

Golden lotuses scattered out one after another.

The Buddhist light shook violently, but it did not shatter.

Instead, it made the Buddhist chanting inside grow even louder.

Monk Dufa stood among them, surrounded by Buddhist light.

His brows were benevolent, his appearance solemn, and his eyes were filled with pity.

He said indifferently, “Evil cultivators should enter Avici.


With this loud Buddhist proclamation, he attacked again.

This time, he did not punch.

Instead, he pressed his palm down.

At the same time, the mountain phenomenon that appeared behind Monk Dufa shone brightly again.

It actually split into layers of light pillars that landed on the five fingers of his palm.

This palm strike was enhanced by layers of Buddhist light, and it was as if a mountain had risen from his five fingers.

Now, this palm strike was like five mountains connecting together and descending from the sky to suppress all demons.

An incomparably huge aura accompanied this palm strike.

The citizens of the city looked at the palm of Buddhist light that descended from the sky and immediately felt extreme despair.

This was not a power they could withstand at all.

“Arhat, this is an Arhat!” Zhang Shuming looked up at the sky with bloodshot eyes.

He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

“When I become a Human Immortal, Ill definitely fight these Arhats!”

When he faced this palm, he could not help but feel a trace of fear in his heart.

This was something he could not tolerate.

In Zhang Shumings opinion, this was a stain on his heart.

In the future, he had to personally defeat an Arhat to wash away this stain.

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“Huh Thats!” Zhang Shuming suddenly looked into the distance.

At this moment, the puppet formed by Cui Hengs hair had already rushed into the sky.

However, this time, it did not clench its sword fingers.

Instead, it clenched its right fist and punched upwards.


The fist of the puppet collided with Monk Dufas descending palm with a deafening bang.

Everyone in Changfeng Prefecture City felt their hearts skip a beat.

Immediately after, the entire body of the puppet bloomed with green light, as if it was enveloped by a layer of green flames.

The fist suddenly pushed forward.

Under the advancement of this punch, the palm that seemed to be formed by five mountains could not continue to press down.

Instead, it was pushed back.

As the green light became stronger and stronger, the resistance the palm encountered increased.

Finally, in this round of confrontation, the puppet won again and pushed the palm back.


Monk Dufas expression was extremely gloomy as he looked at the puppet with killing intent.

“Im already an Arhat now, but this little thing can actually withstand my attacks”

He did not expect this “Cui Heng” to be so tenacious and have such extraordinary strength.

Facing an Arhat like him, he could actually fight back.

It was simply unbelievable!

This made Du Fas disgust for Cui Heng grow even stronger.

At the same time, his gaze contained some anger and killing intent.

In the State Overseers Office, Cui Heng revealed a satisfied smile.

Thanks to the “performance” of his body just now, he once again collected an inch of black light and some purple light.

Cui Heng suddenly smiled and said, “Its about time.”

Liu Yiyun was a little puzzled.


Cui Heng did not answer her, but the scene in the sky let her know the answer.

The puppet formed by the hair suddenly opened its arms, and its entire body burned with green-colored sword qi flames.

It circulated the Dharmic powers in its body, causing all the weapons within a thousand feet to tremble.

In an instant, thousands of swords and hundreds of sabers flew up from Changfeng Prefecture City below, condensing into a thousand-foot-long sword dragon that suddenly rushed towards Monk Dufa.

Under the enhancement of the Dharmic powers and sword qi in their bodies, these swords were no longer ordinary weapons.

Every single one of them possessed Dharmic powers equivalent to the Eighth level of Qi Refinement and became incomparably sharp and invincible.

Dense swords and sabers gathered in the sky, filling the sky with the aura of gold and iron.

Sword lights and saber lights were also brewing on the long dragon, as if they wanted to destroy everything in front of them.

“Theres actually such a martial technique!” Monk Dufa was very shocked.

He felt the power contained in it, and his expression changed drastically as he suddenly stomped his foot.

Bang! Bang! The two golden lotus flowers under his feet instantly expanded to a thousand feet, like two huge defensive barriers trying to resist the sword dragon.

But it could not be blocked at all!

Now, Cui Heng no longer needed to let his puppet arouse Monk Dufas disgust.

Thus, the strength of the Eighth level of Qi Refinement truly began to display its might.

This 1,000-foot-long saber and sword dragon was attached with the Dharmic powers of the puppet.

The strength and miraculous aspects of its essence surpassed Monk Dufa.

The two golden lotus flowers simply could not block the saber and sword!


With a loud bang, the two golden lotus flowers condensed by Monk Dufa suddenly shattered.

The sword dragon rushed up and was about to devour him.

However, the monk was already prepared to retreat.

When the saber and sword dragon broke through the golden lotus defense, he suddenly formed a seal.

His left thumb pressed against the bottom of the Nameless Finger, and the other four fingers were wrapped around in the shape of a fist.

At the same time, he shouted sternly.

“Droning Tooth Mountain!”

In an instant, endless Buddhist power descended on Monk Dufas body, forming a layer of golden light that flickered with the Buddhist symbols, enveloping his entire body.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The saber and sword dragon slashed fiercely at the golden barrier.

Monk Dufa immediately felt as if he had been struck by an extremely huge force.

He was sent flying.

However, this was exactly what Monk Dufa wanted.

Following that, he quickly adjusted his direction.

Buddhist power condensed into a golden lotus under his feet and he ran into the distance.

He was going to escape.

The strength displayed by “Cui Heng” had far exceeded his expectations.

In Monk Dufas opinion, if they continued to fight, even if he could win, he would most likely have to pay a certain price.

He might even have to use the power of the Bodhisattva Jade Bone.

There was no need to do this for the time being.

However, even if he wanted to escape, Cui Heng would not let him off.

The puppet also rushed out of the city.

It controlled the sword dragon and slashed at Monk Dufa, who was preparing to escape.

He had no intention of letting the monk off.

“Bastard, you dont know whats good for you!” Monk Dufa cursed in his heart and continued to speed up, trying to escape from the pursuit of the puppet.

At this point, the main battlefield where the two of them were fighting had already left Changfeng Prefecture City.

The citizens in the city immediately heaved a long sigh of relief.

In the State Overseers Office, Cui Heng looked at the sky and said to Liu Yiyun, “Lets go and continue following them.”

With that, a pure white auspicious cloud rose from under his feet and dragged the two of them into the sky, preparing to chase after the battle between the puppet and Monk Dufa.

However, just as the two of them flew into the sky, they saw Zhang Shuming also stepping into sky.

“Exalted Immortal!” Zhang Shuming was confused when he saw Cui Heng.

He asked curiously, “Didnt you chase after that monk just now”

“It wasnt Ancestral Grandmaster who chased after that monk just now,” Liu Yiyun replied on his behalf.

“That was just a puppet formed by a strand of Ancestral Grandmasters hair.”

“What!” Zhang Shuming looked in the direction where the sword dragon had left in disbelief.

He subconsciously swallowed and said to Cui Heng, “The power of Exalted Immortal is indeed unfathomable.”

“Theres no need to say anything.

Lets go and take a look.” Cui Heng chuckled and let Zhang Shuming stand on the auspicious cloud as well.

They flew in the direction of Monk Dufa.



Monk Dufa, who was fleeing in panic, slammed into the top of a mountain, collapsing part of the mountain, causing the mountain to be more than 100 feet shorter.

Countless gravel fell, startling all the birds and beasts.

Such a huge impact injured his bones and tendons, and his Buddhist power dimmed a little.

Fortunately, the Bodhisattva Jade Bone in his body could continuously transfer Buddhist power to nourish his body and heal him.

“Damn it, why did he suddenly become so powerful!” Monk Dufa was furious, but he did not make up his mind to use the power of the Bodhisattva Jade Bone.

He could only run forward again.


As soon as Monk Dufa left the shattered peak of the mountain, the puppet rode a thousand-foot-long sword dragon over.

Saber light and sword qi flashed!

The sharp sword light only passed by the mountain but itd shaved off layers of rocks, causing the mountain to become more than a hundred feet shorter.

However, this time, not even the gravel fell down.

They were all minced into dust by the swords.

Monk Dufas heart skipped a beat when he saw this scene.

He could not help but increase his pace.

Before long, he was approaching the edge of Fengzhou.

At this moment, a dense army was marching below this area.

Their numbers were as high as a million.

“Is it Wang Donglins alliance” A thought flashed across Monk Dufas mind.


At this moment, he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his back.

The protective Buddhist light was actually useless.

What followed was a copious force that made him fall towards the army below.


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