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Chapter 147 The Arhat Comes from the West, About to Harvest a Lot

This disgust was extremely strong.

From Cui Hengs perspective, he could even see a pitch-black cloud flying over from the west.

That was a cloud formed by the black light that symbolizes evil.

He took a deep breath, and the Seven Emotions Light around his Golden Core immediately trembled.

The black light extended by an inch on the spot!

“So much!” Cui Hengs eyes lit up.

This was only the disgust that the other party felt before seeing him, but it could actually make the black light increase by an inch.

If he could squeeze this person ruthlessly, he might be able to explode with more emotions.

Moreover, in addition to the black light that symbolizes evil, he can also collect the green light that symbolizes fear and the gray light that symbolizes sorrow.

If he did it well, he should be able to collect a lot of the purple light that symbolizes anger.

This was no monk.

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He was clearly a walking treasure chest!

He was about to reap a huge harvest.

“However, this Buddhist power is a little familiar.

Is it the Bodhisattva Jade Bone I made with chicken bones” Cui Heng looked to the west and chuckled.

“This was actually used to refine an Arhat Golden Body.”

The Bodhisattva Jade Bone that Dufa swallowed was formed by Cui Heng using his Dharmic powers to modify a chicken bone.

He wondered if the physique refined with this could still be called an Arhat Golden Body

Or was it an Arhat Chicken Body

At this moment, Liu Yiyun was comprehending sword techniques in the inner hall of the government office.

When she saw Cui Heng walk out and look at the sky, she could not help but ask curiously, “Grand Ancestor, did something happen in the west”

“An Arhat is coming.” Cui Heng smiled as if he was talking about something very normal.

“A-Arhat!” Liu Yiyuns eyes widened when she heard that.

She looked towards the west in shock, and her eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Ancestral Grandmaster, is it an Arhat of the Baolin Buddhist Hall”

The Immortal Dawn Sect and the Baolin Buddhist Hall had a life and death feud.

“It should be them.

They obtained the Bodhisattva Jade Bone after all.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and looked at Liu Yiyun.

He smiled and said, “Previously, I said that I would bring you to kill the monks from the Baolin Buddhist Hall.

I didnt expect him to come knocking on my door before I even went.”

“Disciple requests to fight!” Liu Yiyuns gaze was firm as she said solemnly, “Ancestral Grandmaster, the Deity Realm experts whod learned the Immortal Dawn Sword Art is far stronger than ordinary Deity Realm experts.

I still have the Immortal sword left behind by Ancestral Master as well.

I should be able to fight this monk.”

The Immortal Dawn Sword Art was born from an Immortal cultivation technique.

Compared to ordinary martial techniques, it was actually more like a simplified Immortal cultivation technique.

At the Seventh level of Qi Refinement, there would be a qualitative change, and ones strength would increase greatly.

It was far stronger than the Deity Realm experts here.

For example, the “Deity Realm” cultivators of the Immortal Dawn Sect could be seen as Deity Realm experts with the power of Human Immortals, and they were only a weaker version of a Human Immortal.

With the Immortal sword left behind by Jiang Qiqi, she indeed had a chance of defeating most ordinary Human Immortals and Arhats.

However, the monk who came to Changfeng Prefecture was not an ordinary Arhat.

He had swallowed the Bodhisattva level chicken bone and not only refined it into the Arhat Golden Body, but he could also use the Buddhist power contained in the bone to touch the threshold of the Bodhisattva realm in a short period of time.

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With Liu Yiyuns current cultivation realm, she was still unable to deal with that level of power.

Moreover, this was a Treasure Chest Monster!

Although Cui Heng understood very well how Liu Yiyun felt about killing the monks of the Baolin Buddhist Hall, he could not leave the treasure chest monster to others.

This was a huge matter related to his cultivation.

“No.” Cui Heng rejected Liu Yiyuns invitation to fight and shook his head.

“This monk is a little special.

He can use the power of the Bodhisattva realm for a short period of time.

Its still relatively dangerous for the current you.”

“Bodhisattva Realm…” Liu Yiyun was stunned for a moment before she nodded and bowed respectfully.” Thank you for your reminder, Ancestral Grandmaster.

I was a little anxious.

At the same time, she made up her mind to cultivate harder in the future and strive to step into the Human Immortal realm as soon as possible.

At that time, with the Immortal sword in her hand, she would have a chance to defeat a Bodhisattva monk.

“Dont be discouraged.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “Ill bring you to see this monks combat style later.

It can be considered as laying the foundation for you to find trouble with those monks in the future.”

“Bring me to see” Liu Yiyun looked at Cui Heng in confusion and asked, “Ancestral Grandmaster, is someone else going to deal with that monk”

“Its not really anyone else.” Cui Heng smiled.

With a thought, a strand of hair broke and floated onto his palm.

“This strand of hair will be fighting with that monk later.”

“Ah” Liu Yiyun was even more confused.


How could a strand of hair fight against someone


In the sky above Changfeng Prefecture City.

Golden lotus flowers bloomed out of thin air.

A young monk in white came from the west on a golden lotus.

He looked to be less than 20 years old.

His eyes were benevolent and peaceful, filled with Zen.

It was Monk Dufa.

He was not flying fast.

After entering Changfeng Prefecture, it took another hour before he arrived in the sky above the city.

Actually, strictly speaking, Dufa was not flying.

He was just traveling in the sky.

After all, an Arhat was only equivalent to the Eighth level of Qi Refinement.

The divine Buddhist power was far inferior to Dharmic powers, so it was naturally impossible for him to have any brilliant flying techniques.

He used the method of condensing Buddhist power under his feet to fly in the sky to reach the target location.

It was very simple and crude.

However, the Buddhist Sects had a more elegant name for this kind of flying method.

Golden lotuses blooming with each step.

At this moment, Monk Dufa stood in the sky above Changfeng Prefecture City on the “Golden Lotus”.

He looked down and scanned the entire city with a frown on his face.

“There are thousands of families, but not a single person pays their respects to Buddha.

This is truly a place of great sin.

Its difficult for this State Overseer, Cui Heng, to escape punishment.

“Huh Theres actually someone spreading Dao techniques here How detestable! This person seems to be the Sect Master of Daoyi Palace, Zhang Shuming.

Its a good opportunity to kill him here.”

Then, Monk Dufa pressed his palms together and chanted a Buddhist proclamation with a loud voice.


This Buddhist proclamation resounded throughout the city like thunder, and most of the people in Changfeng Prefecture City heard


Countless commoners looked up at the sky.

Golden lotuses bloomed, and an exotic fragrance wafted over.

In the sky stood a white-robed monk, his face filled with compassion.

It was as if an Arhat had descended from the Pure Land.

This made the commoners involuntarily want to kneel on the ground and worship him.

“Evil monk! How dare you bewitch people in public!”

Zhang Shuming, who was preaching the Daoist scriptures, discovered the abnormality in the sky.

He immediately shouted sternly, waking many citizens up.

“Preachers of the Demon Dao should be executed!” Monk Dufa frowned.

He raised his right hand, formed a fist, and suddenly smashed it down.

As soon as he punched out, layers of golden light appeared around his fist, turning into a huge golden fist that covered a thousand feet.

Immediately after, a glass-like feeling appeared on the huge golden fist.

It was untainted, pure, and flawless, as if it wanted to purify all the sins in the world.


At the same time, the illusions of towering mountains lit up behind Monk Dufa.

There were countless treasure temples on them, like a paradise.


A deafening explosion sounded in the void.

The violent airflow formed a gale.

It roared and swept over from the sky to the ground.

Trees swayed unsteadily, and houses trembled as if they were about to collapse at any moment.

Many ordinary people on the ground felt that they could no longer stand steadily.

They could only hold on tightly to the things beside them.

Monk Dufas punch descended from the sky.

It was like the anger of a Buddha that wanted to cleanse the mortal world.

Its power was endless.

And these scenes were just aftershocks.

The pure fist that was emitting glass light was targeting Zhang Shuming, including everything within a thousand feet.

With this punch, be it Zhang Shuming, the people and buildings around him, or anything else, they would all be ruthlessly smashed in an instant!

Clearly, when Monk Dufa attacked, he did not consider the question of whether he would hurt the innocent.

“Is this bald donkey crazy!” Zhang Shuming gritted his teeth.

He was not worried about himself or the people around him.

This was Changfeng Prefecture City, and there was a Heaven Monarch guarding it.

Could a mere Arhat overturn the sky

However, Monk Dufas attitude of not taking human lives seriously made him extremely angry.

At the same time, in the courtyard of the State Overseers Office.

Liu Yiyun also looked at the scene in the sky in extreme anger.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Is this a monk or a demon Doesnt he know how many people he will kill with this


“Its indeed time to get rid of these monks from the Baolin Buddhist Hall.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

Then, he blew gently at the strand of hair in his palm.

Hu –

This strand of hair was blown into the sky and expanded up in the wind.

It transformed into another Cui Heng.

Dressed in black, it soared into the sky and flew towards the incomparably huge fist.

“What, whats going on!” Liu Yiyun looked at the figure in the sky with her mouth agape, then looked at Cui Heng beside her, shocked.

“Ancestral Grandmaster, you…”

“Its just using a strand of hair to fight him.

Dont make a fuss.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “Now do you know why I said I wanted to bring you to see it”

This was because it was only a strand of his hair that was going to fight Monk Dufa.

Of course, with Cui Hengs current cultivation realm, he could not directly turn a strand of hair into his avatar.

He only used the control he had over his body after reaching the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm to fuse this strand of hair with a portion of his Dharmic powers, turning it into a body with Dharmic powers at the Eighth level of Qi Refinement.

It had no consciousness and could not even move on its own.

What really made this body move was actually the Seven Emotions Divine Spirit that Cui Heng had planted three feet above it as the gaze of his will.

It was like controlling a puppet.

It was essentially a special spell.

But even so, it was enough to cause Monk Dufa to feel despair.

After the puppet flew into the sky, it faced the huge fist that was smashing down emotionlessly.

It raised its right hand and formed a sword with its fingers, condensing Dharmic powers.

Then, it suddenly slashed into the sky!


An earth-shattering bang exploded in the sky.

A thousand-foot-long green sword light erupted from the sword finger of the puppet.

Soaring into the sky!

It was like a huge sword that could split open the heavens and the earth, slashing towards Monk Dufas fist.


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