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Chapter 146 Fight to the Death, Seven Emotions Divine Spirit

The sudden beheading of the flying sword stunned the people in front of the governors office.

Everyone stood frozen in place.

Their eyes were fixed on the three headless corpses on the ground, as well as the three heads that were filled with shock and died with their eyes wide open.

They all felt a chill run down their necks.

Xie Tianxing, Ye Hui, and Bai Songnian were all dead.

These were all Deity Realm experts, and even Upper World Angels.

Their strength far exceeded ordinary Deity Realm experts!

Theyd died just like that!

The sword light that flashed past just now was too terrifying!

Killing Deity Realm experts was actually as easy as killing a chicken.

Xie Tianxing, Ye Hui, and Bai Songnian did not even have the chance to resist before their heads were taken off.

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The flying sword had beheaded its target in just an instant!

It was too powerful and unbelievable!

How could such a powerful strength exist in this world

At this moment, be it the State Overseers, Family Heads, or ordinary soldiers who were also the leaders of the alliance army, they were all extremely frightened.

They had seen how powerful a Deity Realm expert was.

However, when facing that sword light, even Deity Realm experts were like ants, unable to resist.

This meant that if the sword light descended again, no one present would be able to escape.

All of them had to die!

No one would survive!


At this moment, a loud laugh broke the silence.

It was Liu Litao.


He was still surrounded by soldiers, but he was not afraid at all.

His face was filled with pride as he sneered, “Now, do you know if what I just said is true”

No one dared to answer.

At this moment, the group of Deity Realm experts on the platform did not dare to meet Liu Litaos gaze.

“Heh, a bunch of rabble.

You dare to threaten to kill the Lord Overseer” Liu Litao looked around disdainfully.

Everyone who met his gaze retreated.

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Even the soldiers who had surrounded him subconsciously put down their weapons and took a few steps back.

An empty area immediately appeared around Liu Litao.

His eyes lit up as he calmly walked forward.

He did not stop talking as he continued, “Youve already seen the might of Lord Overseer.

Even from a thousand miles away, you will not escape!

“Lord Overseer is an Immortal God from the heavens, an extraordinary and peerless divine being.

You bunch of bugs actually dare to talk about attacking Lord Cui What a joke.

The three people who died just now are the lucky ones today.

Well continue tomorrow.

Everyone, look forward to it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Litao had already walked out of the area and strode out of the city.

However, he did not seem to have any intention of escaping.

He still held his head high and his chest puffed out with pride.

No one in Changxing County, from the Deity Realm experts to ordinary soldiers, dared to stop him.

They watched him walk out of the city gate.

Only when Liu Litaos figure disappeared from Changxing County did the soldiers, State Overseers, Family Heads, Deity Realm experts, and the others in the city heave a sigh of relief.

However, when they saw the three headless corpses at the side, they immediately felt endless pressure.

Cui Heng had instantly beheaded three Deity Realm experts from a thousand miles away!

This was far beyond their understanding.

This was too exaggerated!

“Now, what should we do now” Shen Yu asked in a low voice with a bitter expression.

At this moment, he had already cursed Wang Donglins ancestors countless times in his heart.

This was called not needing to face Cui Heng directly and not caring about what strange methods Cui Heng had

Yes, there was no need to face him directly! But he could attack from thousands of miles away!

This was an Immortal!

“I think the most important thing now is to stabilize the morale of the army.”

Tao Zheng pointed down and gestured for everyone to look at the soldiers gathered around.

Now, these soldiers no longer had the energy from before.

Their faces had turned ashen, and many of their legs were even trembling.

Clearly, they were terrified to the extreme and no longer had the will to fight.

Actually, this was very normal.

Just now, that sword light instantly killed three Deity Realm experts.

Even the “big shots” on the platform were scared half to death, let alone these ordinary soldiers.

To these soldiers, the strongest experts they could see in the past were only experts who could fly on roofs and climb walls.

In the eyes of these soldiers, those Xiantian Grandmasters who could mobilize the power of heaven and earth to control water and fire were already Immortal-like figures.

As for Deity Realm experts who possessed all kinds of magical abilities, they were even Immortals among Immortals.

However, just now, a sword light suddenly descended from the sky and easily cut off the heads of three Deity Realm experts like cutting chives.

This gave their hearts an unprecedented impact.

Their spiritual will collapsed on the spot.

At this moment, the soldiers in Changxing County City were basically walking corpses.

They had no combat strength at all.

This was not the most serious thing.

There were still a million troops stationed outside the city.

Those soldiers still did not know what was happening in the city.

After the news spread outside, it was very likely that something terrifying would happen.

The entire army would disperse on the spot!

In this day and age, soldiers only fought for wealth.

No one would risk their lives to fight an Immortal.

That was courting death!

“Who can appease this million-strong army” Shen Yu felt a headache just thinking about it.

Most importantly, the so-called million-strong army was gathered from various forces.

Now that Xie Tianxing, Ye Hui, and Bai Songnian were dead, the soldiers they had brought would definitely leave.

In this situation, as long as a large number of soldiers left, it was very easy for a chain reaction to occur, and more soldiers would leave.

The million-strong army would probably disperse without a fight!

“What should we do now” Someone roared in exasperation.

This was the Upper World Angel of the Jiang Family of Nanhe.

His name was Jiang Sanchuan, and he was a Deity Realm expert.

Among the remaining 14 Deity Realm experts, he was the strongest.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

“I think we should warn the entire army immediately.

Whoever dares to leave the camp will be punished according to military law!” Tao Zheng suggested.

“Kill anyone who dares to leave the camp!”

“Indeed!” Jiang Sanchuan nodded when he heard this and said in a low voice, “The situation is urgent now.

We have to use heavy measures.

Lets unify the military orders first.

Those who disobey will be executed!”

These leaders came from different forces, and they had also brought their own troops.

Moreover, because these leaders previously sat side by side, there was no real commander.

Before this, there was no military order to pass through.

In a sense, these people were really a mob.

However, after Cui Hengs scare, they finally had no choice but to issue a military order that could pass through the entire army.

Unfortunately, the next morning, another streak of sword light flew over from the horizon and landed in the sky above Changxing County.

Three bamboo sticks fell from the sky.

Jiang Sanchuan was one of the lucky ones today.

Hence, before this unified military order could be implemented, Jiang Sanchuans head was cut off.

Thick despair immediately enveloped Changxing County.

Three more had died!

More were going to die next.

Three every day.

In a few days, they would all be dead!

How could they fight like this!

However, now that this battle had attracted the attention of the world and caused such a huge commotion, how could they still have the face to live in this world in the future if they all simply dispersed without fighting

Fame was not just an illusion.

The Upper World cared a lot about the reputation of the Lower World branches.

If they really dispersed and caused the reputation of the Lower World branches to plummet, they would probably not be able to escape death in the end.

But the problem was, how were they going to fight this battle

There was silence in the county magistrates office in Changxing County.

It was very oppressive.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

“We have to march immediately and attack Changfeng Prefecture.

We cant wait any longer!” Tao Zheng suddenly said, breaking the silence.

“This is the only way we might have a chance of survival!

Cui Heng only kills the three of us a day.

Its not necessarily that he doesnt want to kill more.

Its very likely that he cant do it.

After all, its not easy to attack from afar.

Moreover, its also possible that hes just using this method to scare us.

Perhaps he didnt attack from afar at all and was just hiding in the dark to plot against us.

If we can break through Changfeng Prefecture, we can expose his true colors.

This is our only way out.

Otherwise, we can only wait for death!”

This statement was immediately agreed upon by everyone.

At this point, this was the only way.

No matter how inadequate their preparations were, even if the armys departure was not something that could be done overnight, they could not continue waiting.

If they waited another day, three more people would die.

Who knew if it would be his turn next

They had to set off immediately!

“By the way, we still have to get Wang Donglin back!” Shen Yu suggested again.

“As the first person to contact us, how can he be absent now Let him come back and take charge!”

No one would object to this suggestion.

They had already forgotten how Wang Donglin was ostracized.

Now, they just wanted to find another scapegoat!


In the State Overseers Office in Changfeng Prefecture City.

Cui Heng was shaking the bamboo lot, planning to draw the three lucky people today.

This had become his daily entertainment.

It was also a time of harvest.

In just three days, the black light that symbolizes evil and the gray light that symbolizes sorrow had reached three feet!

And it was still growing.

It was simply a huge harvest.

After the yellow light that symbolizes desire reached three feet, he realized that he could directly collect the seven emotions of a county.

It could also condense something even more brilliant than the Seven Emotions Gem—the Seven Emotions Divine Spirit.

This Seven Emotions Divine Spirit did not have its own intelligence.

It was essentially an extension of Cui Hengs consciousness.

It could be placed three feet above a living creature with spirituality.

It represented divinity.

No matter where the living thing was, he could collect the seven emotions of all living beings in the surrounding county and also project a portion of his strength over.

Previously, he had asked Liu Litao to shout “Lord Overseer, save me” when he was in danger because he had placed a Seven Emotions Divine Spirit three feet above his head.

After Liu Litao left Changxing County, the Seven Emotions Divine Spirit was placed on the Hongwu Sword.

Therefore, Cui Heng could directly collect the seven emotions of all living beings in Changfeng City.

“Is this kind of Seven Emotions Divine Spirit considered the embryonic form of a Nascent Soul” Cui Heng fell into deep thought.

He did not expect the Seven Emotions Divine Spirit to have such a miraculous ability.

It was a pleasant surprise, making his methods much more diverse.


At this moment, Cui Heng suddenly exclaimed softly.

He raised his head and frowned as he looked into the distance.

He felt an extremely strong sense of disgust burst out in Changfeng Prefecture.

“So its a monk!”


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