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Chapter 139 State Overseers of the World, Please Kill Them Together

Cui Hengs eyes flickered.

The thoughts contained in the five Immortal swords appeared in his mind one after another.

However, perhaps because Jiang Qiqis soul was not strong enough at that time, the information left behind by these thoughts was already a little blurry.

(Big Brother Immortal… Be careful… Heavenly Void World…]

This was a message left behind by the Purple Cloud Sword.

Cui Heng had already read it before.

[Big Brother Immortal… If the Immortal Dawn Sect is still around… Please protect it…]

This was the information contained in the Red Sun Sword.

It was also the Immortal sword in Perfected Zhu Qings hand.

It could basically be considered as the exclusive sword of the Immortal Dawn Sects Sect Master.

It was suitable to leave this message in this sword.

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“… Buddhism is poisonous…”

This was the information contained in the White Rainbow Sword.

It was very blurry.

Cui Heng could only sense this bit of information.

He was a little confused.

Did the Buddhist sects possess extremely sinister methods, or were their bodies poisonous

[… Theres… great terror in the starry sky…]

This was the information imprinted in the Sunset Sword.

It was also a little blurry, but it clearly expressed the core meaning.

The starry sky was very dangerous!

Cui Heng was also puzzled about this.

At that time, Jiang Qiqi should not have reached the Foundation Establishment realm yet.

Where did she learn about the starry sky What was the great horror mentioned in the message

The Heavenly Void Evil Bug

Or something else

[…the core of the earth… its suppressing a peerless demon… Big Brother Immortal, you have to be careful…]

This was the information from the Autumn Cloud Sword.

It was the clearest message.

However, the information contained in it was rather bizarre, causing Cui Heng to frown tightly.

A peerless demon was suppressed in the core of the earth

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What was a peerless demon Did the core of the planet refer to the core of this planet

One doubt after another surfaced in his mind.

These were the five messages that Jiang Qiqi had imprinted in the five Immortal swords.

Other than that, there was also a message that could only be seen after gathering five Immortal swords and activating the phenomenon at the same time, connecting the auras of the five swords.

The sixth message.

An extremely minute wisp of information flew out from each of the five Immortal swords and combined together.

The information inside appeared in front of Cui Heng.

It was actually an image.

In the middle of a mountain range stood a towering mountain.

It was like a divine pillar that supported the heavens and the earth.

It was solemn and boundless.

Around the “Divine Sky-Supporting Pillar”, there were surging purple clouds, red sun rays, white rainbows, golden clouds in the evening, and clouds surging.

These were the phenomena of the five Immortal swords.

It was obvious that when Jiang Qiqi forged the five Immortal swords, she had already thought of drawing the image of this “message”.

Above the layers of phenomena, at the top of the Divine Sky-Supporting Pillar was a magnificent palace.

Its exact appearance was a little blurry, but the words on the plaque could still be seen clearly.

Purple Extreme Palace!

The scene suddenly shattered.

The spiritual will that constructed the scene just now also dissipated.

It could only be seen this time.

“Qiqi showed me this scene What is… the Purple Extreme Palace” Cui Heng frowned again, filled with confusion.

He could not understand what this scene meant.

He could only guess.

Perhaps Jiang Qiqis sudden disappearance was related to the Purple Extreme Palace

After all, the other five messages were actually reminding him which places were dangerous and what to be careful about.

Only this sixth “message” might be related to Jiang Qiqi herself.

Then, Cui Heng retracted his Dharmic powers and let the five Immortal swords return to their original state.

He looked at Zheng Nanxun and asked, “Did Qiqi mention the Purple Extreme Palace to you when she was around”

“Purple Extreme Palace” Zheng Nanxun was stunned when she heard that.

She thought carefully for a moment and shook her head.

“No, Master never mentioned the Purple Extreme Palace.”

“I see.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

After pondering for a moment, he said, “You can pay more attention to the news about the Purple Extreme Palace in the future.”

“Is it related to Masters whereabouts” Zheng Nanxuns eyes lit up.

“Perhaps theres some connection.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled.

“Yes, Grandmaster!” Zheng Nanxun immediately bowed, overjoyed.

She had finally found her future goal.

She had to find information about the Purple Extreme Palace and find her Masters whereabouts.

The other Immortal Dawn Sect disciples were also very excited.

After a hundred years, they finally found some clues about the Ancestral Master.

Thats great!

“Grandmaster, I have a request.”

At this moment, Perfected Zhu Qing suddenly stood up and bowed to Cui Heng.

“I plan to hold the Immortal Dawn Sects reopening ceremony in a month.

May I ask if Grandmaster can participate”.

She was Jiang Qiqis grand-disciple, so she could naturally call Cui Heng Grandmaster.

“Of course.” Cui Heng nodded lightly and smiled.

“Coincidentally, Ill go and see what the inheritance Qiqi left behind looks like.”

“Thank you, Grandmaster!” Perfected Zhu Qing bowed respectfully and said happily, “I wont disappoint you!”


The nine people of the Immortal Dawn Sect did not stay in Changfeng Prefecture City for


They still had to go back and prepare for the grand ceremony to reopen the sect.

This was a big deal.

In their opinion, this concerned the face of their Ancestral Master and their Ancestral Grandfather.

After all, sealing the mountain was not a glorious thing.

Who wouldnt want their legacy to be like the sun in the midday sky and be infinitely glorious


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