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Chapter 127 To Be a Ruler of a Fallen Country (2)

“Greetings, Lord Overseer Cui.” Chu Yuanliang did not have the airs of a top official at all.

His attitude was very respectful as he bowed to Cui Heng and said, “Please save the Great Jin!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere instantly fell silent.

Cui Hengs expression was strange, and Liu Litao was also stunned.

In this day and age, they still requested the help of a State Overseer to save Great Jin

It was already very good that the State Overseers didnt give the falling empire a shove in the back!

“This is not only for the Great Jin, but also for yourself, Lord Overseer.” Wang Chun suddenly said, “I believe Lord Overseer has already received the news of the grassland barbarians attacking the city in the south.”

“Yes.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and frowned.

“Is it related to this”

“Its indeed related.” Chu Yuanliang nodded and said with a bitter expression, “The Emperors decreed that as the grassland chiefs of the land were benevolent and caring to their people, they should not be trapped in the seven states of the grassland.

So the ownerless Fengzhou was handed over to Chanyu to rule.

With this decree, Fengzhou already belongs to the grassland barbarians.

They are actually taking back their land by attacking Yunshu County.” “” Cui Heng almost thought that he had heard wrongly.

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“Has the Emperor gone mad!” Liu Litaos eyes widened as he looked at Chu Yuanliang in disbelief.

Did water enter the head of the Emperor, Wei


In the past, the grassland barbarians had taken away two states from Great Jins land.

Wasnt that enough

Now, he was actually taking the initiative to give up his land!

It was simply unheard of.

It was completely ludicrous!


Central Continent, Great Jin Imperial City.

At this moment, the royal court was in chaos.

A few days ago, Emperor Wei Yi suddenly told all the courtiers that he had secretly sent an edict to the grassland and ceded the entire Fengzhou to the leader of the grassland barbarians, Chanyu.

Immediately after, the Great Jin Imperial Court received news that the grassland barbarians were marching south and were about to attack Yunshu County.

Prime Minister Chu Yuanliang was so angry that he vomited blood and fainted on the spot.

He had yet to return to the Imperial Court.

The court officials were also stunned by this explosive news.

They never dreamed that the Emperor, who usually ate and waited for death, would actually do such a ridiculous thing.

It had been three years since the barbarians had marched south.

At a time like this, he actually took the initiative to give up a state for Chanyu!

It was not a county or a city, but a **ing state!

There were only 11 states in the entire Great Jin!

No, there were only ten left…

No one in their right mind would do such a thing.

In order to deal with this matter, there was endless debate in the royal court.

Emperor Wei Yi, yawned and staggered to the Imperial Court.

The courtiers immediately fell silent.

However, Wei Yi ignored these courtiers.

He came to the jade steps and tilted his body, lying on his side on the dragon throne.

His eyes were half-closed, and he looked completely sleepy.

A courtier couldnt help but step forward and say, “Your Majesty, its the duty of the Emperor to guard the land and shepherd the people.

How can Your Majesty cede the land and people to the barbarians for no reason”

Then, another courtier stepped forward and said, “Your Majesty, although there has been no lack of rulers who have been defeated and ceded land for peace, there has never been a ruler who gave up his land without a fight.

Your Majesty, please withdraw the edict!”

With the two of them taking the lead, more and more courtiers stood up one after another.

The words they spoke became more and more intense.

In the end, they even shouted words like “King of a fallen country”.

“A fallen king” Wei Yi, who was lying on the dragon throne, suddenly spoke.

He seemed to have been stimulated by something and instantly became 100 times more energetic.

He no longer had the sleepy appearance from before.

He stood up on the jade platform and stood in front of the dragon throne.

“Who said that Im the ruler of a fallen country just now” Wei Yis gaze was cold as he scanned the officials from head to toe.

The royal court was silent.

No one dared to make a sound.


Wei Yi suddenly kicked the table in front of him and laughed loudly.

“Hahahaha, youre right! Thats right, thats right.

I am the ruler of a fallen country!”

The courtiers were shocked and filled with disbelief.

How could an Emperor say that he was the ruler of a fallen country

At this moment, Wei Yi seemed to have fallen into a state of mental excitement.

He no longer looked down on the ministers but started talking on the jade steps.

“When I ascended the throne at the age of 18, I worked hard to rule and wanted to become the ruler of a resurgent country, leaving my name in history.

Hence, I used the Great General Chen Pengju to attack the north.

In just three years, I took back Fengzhou and restored the mountains and rivers!

But what happened after that What we obtained was not praise, but the unsolicited advices of the officials.

They asked us not to exhaust our resources and disrupt the countrys by fighting, and disturb the peoples livelihood.

They asked me to issue an Imperial decree to summon Chen Pengju back to the capital.

I thought that you were all loyal subjects who were dedicated to the country.

After listening to your words, I summoned Chen Pengju back and he died on the way home.

The hundreds of thousands of troops lost their backbone and were easily controlled by the large sects.

At that time, I knew that I couldnt be the ruler of a resurgent country.

I wasnt ruthless enough.

My ears were too soft.

I still had a group of good ministers, but I couldnt accomplish anything great.

Thousands of years later, those who werent familiar with history books might not even know my name.

That wont do! When I came to this world, I was destined to ascend the throne and became the Emperor.

Im to dominate the universe and rule over all living beings.

This Emperor is special and different from the mortal world! How can I be drowned in the dust of history like those mediocre living beings

Those who can be remembered by the people of the world are only the founders of countries, rulers of fallen countries, or leaders of resurgent countries.

Since I cant be the ruler of a resurgent country, its also very good to be the ruler of a fallen country.

This fame is even easier to be remembered by the world than the ruler of a resurgent country!

Therefore, I didnt give birth to any sons, and I slaughtered my brothers.

I allowed the traitors to be in my court, and used them.

I specialized in killing loyal officials, and I ignored government affairs.

I even allowed the local governors to rule an area by themselves!

Good! This is really good! Now that the destruction of the country is obvious, and the Imperial Court only exists in name, why hasnt anyone come to attack the Imperial City yet Im still waiting to burn down the Imperial Palace and perish in the flames of the fallen country, shaking the world so that countless people will remember me in their hearts!

The hundred years period is about to pass, and the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World are about to descend.

At that time, it wont be so easy for me to destroy the country.

I dont have time.

If no one comes to destroy Great Jin, Ill destroy Great Jin myself!

This Emperor will also tell you something else.

The decree was not the only thing I sent to the grassland.

Theres also the Hongwu Divine Sword that killed all the Deity Realm experts 300 years ago! This Great Jin will definitely perish! Hahahaha!!”

The Emperors laughter echoed in the Imperial Court.

The officials were shocked and dumbfounded.

No one dared to say a word.

He was crazy!

The Emperor was really crazy!!

Not only did he cede Fengzhou, but he even sent the Hongwu Divine Sword to the grassland.

That was a divine sword that could kill Immortals and Buddhas from the Upper World!

What should they do now!


In the end, Chu Yuanliang did not obtain Cui Hengs promise on the spot.

He could only leave in a hurry with Wang Chun.

As the Prime Minister, he could not leave the capital for too long, or else there would be chaos.

In the State Overseers Office.

Cui Heng asked Liu Litao to call Zhang Shuming and Wu Yin over.

He explained the current situation and asked, “How trustworthy do you think Chu Yuanliangs words are”

Zhang Shuming pondered for a moment and said, “Chu Yuanliang is the most powerful person in the current dynasty.

Since he came to ask for help personally, this matter should be true.”



Liu Litao also said, “Chu Yuanliang and Wang Chun came together probably to make you believe in the authenticity of this matter.”

Wu Yin nodded and said, “I think so too.”

“Yes.” Cui Heng nodded lightly and said, “Its indeed most likely true, but the so-called Emperor is too unbelievable.

Its most likely not as simple as ceding Fengzhou.”

At this point, he said to Liu Litao, “Theres no need to write a reply to Chen Tong.

Ill personally make a trip to Yunshu County.”

“Yes, Your Excellency.” Liu Litao nodded.


20 miles away from Yunshu County in Fengzhou, a camp was set up.

The soldiers were at the city gates.

Their swords were drawn.

Meanwhile, in the Yunzhou army tent at the back, it was a peaceful scene.

Huyan Chanyu was in the prime of his life.

Seeing Emperor Wei Yis gift, he naturally did not hesitate to swallow it.

He was determined to take down Fengzhou City before the Upper Worlds Immortals descended.

At this moment, he was wiping an ordinary-looking refined iron sword with the Emperors Edict.

He looked towards the south and said with a smile, “Perhaps next winter, my race will be able to enter the Central Plains!”

“I also have to thank His Majesty for the gift he gave me.

When we conquer Yunshu County, Ill definitely slaughter the entire city for him as thanks.”


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