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Chapter 126 To Be a Ruler of a Fallen Country (1)

An envoy from the Great Jin Imperial Court

Cui Heng was stunned.

Ever since he left the Beginners Space, although he had been using the political environment to collect the seven emotions of life, he had never interacted with the royal family.

After all, since a hundred years ago, the Great Jins fortune had been declining day by day.

Even now, the Imperial Courts government decree could not even leave the Central Continent.

The letter of appointment of a local governor was only a token of goodwill.

This Imperial Court could be said to only exist in name.

Even if the Great Jin had stolen Hong Fuguis fruits of war 261 years ago, Cui Heng could not be bothered to destroy them.

That was because even if he left them alone, the Great Jin might not be able to survive for another ten years.

Emperor Jianyan, Wei Yi, was already 49 years old, but he did not even have a son.

The loyal generals were even all killed by him.

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The Wang Family of Langya, who had always supported the Great Jin, could barely take care of themselves.

It could be said that as long as Emperor Jianyan died, the Great Jin Imperial Court would definitely collapse.

There was almost no possibility of centralizing power again.

The various Governors would also make another Emperor appear quickly.

Even if it was only in name.

However, Emperor Jianyan was still alive and he was still the Emperor.

Thus, his emissaries were treated with hospitality in any state capital.

In order to maintain the appearance of obedience, the local Governors would also build a good relationship with the envoy and even show a humble attitude.

It was not that they were afraid of the Emperor.

They were mainly worried that if they did not appear humble in front of the envoy, they subdued by the neighboring states

The neighboring states could use this as an excuse to form an alliance to attack and claim the territory.

On the surface, it was to protect the Emperors authority, but in reality, it was to snatch territory and divide the land and population.

Of course, the respect and humility on the surface were only on the surface.

As for the Emperors orders brought by the envoy, they were usually ignored by the State Overseers or they pretended to adhere just for show.

Therefore, the Emperor usually did not send any envoys to the state capitals.

After all, it would be very embarrassing if his decree was ignored.

But now, an envoy from the Imperial Court had suddenly come to Fengzhou.

It was really strange.

“Whats his rank” Cui Heng asked.

The envoys sent by the Imperial Court were mostly eunuchs of the Imperial Court.

They could determine the importance of the matter through the ranks of the officials.

“Its Attendant Wang Chun,” Liu Litao said solemnly.

“An Attendant” Cui Heng raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled.

“What does Emperor Jianyan want to do He actually sent such an important member of the inner court to me.

Did he say why he came”

According to the official system of the Great Jin, the Regular Attendants of the Loose Cavalry were the main officials of the Loose Cavalry.

They were assigned to serve the Emperor alone.

They were also responsible for advising him.

The authority they held was extremely heavy.

“That Attendant didnt say why he came.” Liu Litao shook his head.

“He insisted on meeting


“Then let him come in.” Cui Heng nodded slightly, curious about the Great Jin Imperial Courts goal.

“Yes, Lord Overseer!” Liu Litao bowed and left.

Accompanied by Liu Litao, the envoy of the Great Jin Imperial Court brought a servant along and entered the reception hall of the State Overseers Office.

This envoy looked to be in his forties.

His face was fair and beardless, and his temperament was feminine.

He was obviously a eunuch.

The follower beside him looked to be in his fifties.

He had an ordinary appearance.

His eyebrows were lowered, and he looked humble.

“Wang Chun greets the Lord Overseer.” This eunuch was not arrogant at all.

He was very respectful to Cui Heng and even bowed obediently.

“Please take a seat.” Cui Heng nodded lightly and smiled.

“What brings you to Fengzhou”

At the same time, he glanced at Wang Chuns attendant.

This follower was obviously not an ordinary person.

Although his attitude was respectful and humble on the surface, there was still a noble aura in his bones.

It was obvious that he was someone of high status.

“This regards an important matter of the country.” Wang Chun stopped talking after saying this.

He first glanced at Liu Litao beside him, then looked at Cui Heng, wanting to say something but hesitated.

“Sir Liu is my deputy and will be the Deputy Governor in a few days.

Attendant Wang, feel free to speak your mind.” Cui Heng shook his head gently.

He certainly could not dismiss his deputy because of a eunuch.

As Wu Yin was still in the position of Deputy Governor, Liu Litao was temporarily a normal official.

His position was second only to the Deputy Governor.

When Wu Yin resigned in the future, he would be able to become the Deputy Governor of Fengzhou.

Liu Litao was deeply moved when he heard this.

His desire to follow Cui Heng to the death intensified.

“In that case…” Wang Chun fell silent when he heard this.

In the end, he made up his mind.

He stood up and said to the follower beside him, “Minister Chu, Ill leave this matter to you to say.”

“Minister Chu!” Liu Litao looked at the attendant in shock.

“So its the current Prime Minister.” Cui Heng was still sitting there, sizing up this old man who was dressed like a follower.

He was rather surprised.

Although he did not care much about the Great Jin Imperial Court, he knew that the current Prime Minister was called Chu Yuanliang, and he was not an ordinary Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister, Minister of Records, Commander-in-chief of Military Affairs, Governor of Zhongzhou…

These were Chu Yuanliangs current official titles.

In terms of power, he could command all the military affairs of the Great Jin and execute any official below the rank of State Overseer.

Simply put, he was almost equivalent to the Emperor.

Normally speaking, it was impossible to put so many official positions on a single person.

However, under the rule of Emperor Jianyan, such a powerful Prime Minister really appeared.

This made Cui Heng very curious as to why the current Prime Minister had personally come to Fengzhou.


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