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Chapter 125 Envoy of the Great Jin Imperial Court

Perfected Zhu Qing and Liu Yiyun looked at He Qingrou with concern.

To the current Immortal Dawn Sect, it was too important to find their “Ancestral Grandfather”.

This was enough to affect the survival of the entire sect.

“Sect Master, Master, dont worry.” He Qingrou smiled faintly and said, “Disciple has already verified that Lord Overseer Cui who rules over Fengzhou is Ancestral Masters Master, our Ancestral Grandfather”

Actually, under normal circumstances, He Qingrou, Perfected Zhu Qing, Liu Yiyun, and the other disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect should have called Cui Heng as Ancestor Grandmaster.

However, it was their Ancestral Master, Ancestral Master Hengxia, who had decided on how to address him.

They had also obtained Cui Hengs approval, so they called him that.


“Its really our Ancestor Grandfather!”

Perfected Zhu Qing and Liu Yiyun were overjoyed when they heard this.

They could no longer maintain their composure and could not help but laugh.

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Although they had already been mentally prepared when they found out the name “Cui Heng” corresponded with that person could use “Sword Light Flying Clouds” and even trigger the Immortal sword phenomenon, they still felt that it was a little unreal now that they had obtained a definite answer.

The Immortal Dawn Sect had been waiting for this Ancestral Grandfather for too long.

The two of them were the second-generation disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect, Jiang Qiqis grand-disciple.

Unlike third-generation disciples like He Qingrou, they had truly cultivated beside Jiang Qiqi.

The two of them knew more about this Ancestral Grandfather than He Qingrou.

A hundred years ago, before the war happened, when Jiang Qiqi was still in the Immortal Dawn Sect, Perfected Zhu Qing and Liu Yiyun, who were still in the Inner World realm, had been ordered to leave the mountain to search for “Cui Heng”.

This was an order given by their Master, but both of them knew very well that this was definitely the Patriarchs orders.

Moreover, this search had already begun since the Ancestral Master destroyed the Cangxuan Sect and established the Immortal Dawn Sect on Cangcheng Mountain.

In the beginning, it was only the first generation disciple of the Immortal Dawn Sect, which was also Jiang Qiqis personal disciples who were involved.

Then, it was changed to the second generation disciples like Perfected Zhu Qing and Liu Yiyun.

Although they had not gained anything for a long time, it was obvious that the Ancestral Master wanted to continue this tradition.

However, after the battle a hundred years ago, the Ancestral Master disappeared and the Immortal Dawn Sect sealed the mountain.

The disciples were no longer free to leave the mountain, so the mission to find “Cui Heng” was naturally left unsettled.

Unexpectedly, at the end of the 100 years period, when the Immortal Dawn Sect was about to face a life-and-death crisis, they actually found the Ancestral Grandfather.

“Thats right, it must be Ancestral Grandfather.” He Qingrou said with certainty, “Grand-teacher even displayed the Sword Light Flying Clouds move for us.

It was incomparably perfect, even more perfect than the description of the sects secret manual.

Ancestral Grandfather also knows Patriarch Hengxias secular name.

Coupled with the phenomenon of the Purple Cloud Sword, its enough to prove that Lord Overseer Cui is our Ancestral Grandfather.”


“Good, good! Thats great!” Perfected Zhu Qing was extremely excited.

A smile bloomed on her beautiful face as she nodded and said, “Come, lets return to the mountain first.

Lets talk in the Ancestral Hall.”

“Yes, Sect Master.” He Qingrou hurriedly bowed and followed.

“Yingying, come along too.” Liu Yiyun called out to Chen Ying, who was at a loss.

“Ah” Chen Yings eyes lit up when she heard that.

She immediately nodded and said, “Alright! Thank you, Grandmaster!”

The Ancestral Hall was originally called the Hengxia Palace.

It was where the Ancestral Master, Perfected Hengxia, met with her disciples.

Later on, when the Ancestral Master went missing, that place was changed to the Ancestral Hall.

It was still used to discuss important matters.

None of the fourth generation disciples had ever entered the Ancestral Hall yet.

She should be the first.


Due to the sealing of the mountain, there were not many people in the Immortal Dawn Sect left.

Many palaces that were considered lively in the past had now become deserted.

Perfected Zhu Qing and Liu Yiyun brought He Qingrou and Chen Ying back into the sect.

Along the way, they only encountered three or four disciples.

Moreover, they were all third-generation disciples of the same generation as He Qingrou.

When they saw Perfected Zhu Qing and Liu Yiyuns excited expressions, they were a little curious and could not help but discuss softly.

“Sect Master and Master Liu look very happy.

Is there something joyous”

“What other good news can there be Now that the 100-year deadline is approaching, we dont even know if we can survive this time.”

“Dont talk nonsense.

A hundred years ago, our Ancestral Master made a treaty with the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World.”

“Could it be that theres a treasure at the foot of the mountain I saw Junior Sister He rushing down the mountain previously, but she returned in just a few days.”

“I hope its good news.


These disciples were generally not very optimistic and had negative attitudes.

Actually, this was not surprising.

In the recent decades, there had been many disciples of the first generation who had yet to cultivate to the Deity Realm or even second generation disciples who had passed away.

However, due to the sealing of the mountain, only a dozen new disciples had been recruited in the past hundred years.

The old were gone, but too few newcomers came in.

This caused the number of people in the Immortal Dawn Sect to decrease.

Many disciples felt even more depressed.

They could not see any hope for the future.

Currently, there were less than 40 disciples in the entire Immortal Dawn Sect.

Half of them were third-generation disciples.

Most of them were disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect before they sealed the mountain.

There were also a small number of them who were taken in after the mountain was sealed.

For example, He Qingrou.

Many of the older third-generation disciples were already over 100 years old.

If they could not reach the Deity Realm…

In a few decades, this group of third generation disciples would also die of old age.

At that time, some of the second-generation disciples who had reached the Deity Realm would also be about to die.

At that time, the entire Cangcheng Mountain would become the grave of the Immortal Dawn Sect.

In such an environment, who could maintain a positive mood all the time

In all aspects, removing the seal on the mountain was already a top priority for the current Immortal Dawn Sect.


The furnishings in the Ancestral Hall were very simple.

A long table and a few chairs, plus a few desks, candlesticks, and other things were everything here.

There wasnt much decoration.

After the four of them arrived, Perfected Zhu Qing and Liu Yiyun were not in a hurry to ask about Cui Heng


Instead, they asked the disciples outside to invite the other two Sword Masters over.

Jiang Qiqi had left behind five Immortal swords before she disappeared.

Every Sword Owner who had obtained the recognition of the Immortal sword could be said to be the absolute core of the Immortal Dawn Sect.

Soon, two young women arrived at the Ancestral Hall.

One of them carried a long sword on her back, and the other had a long sword hanging at her waist.

They were the Sword Masters of the swords Autumn Cloud and Setting Sun.

They were both disciples of He Qingrous generation.

Perfected Zhu Qing was the Sword Master of Red Sun, while Liu Yiyun was the White Rainbow Swords Sword Master.

“Greetings, Sect Master, Master Liu.”

Sword Master Autumn Cloud and Sword Master Setting Sun bowed respectfully.

At the same time, they saw He Qingrou and Chen Ying and could not help but feel puzzled.

Could something big have happened

Did the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World descend again

Thinking of this, the two of them immediately tensed up, ready to fight at any moment.

“Theres no need to be nervous.” Perfected Zhu Qing smiled faintly and said, “Its good news.

Qingrou, tell everyone about Ancestral Grandfather.”

Ancestral Grandfather!

Sword Master Autumn Cloud and Sword Master Setting Sun were stunned.

What kind of address was this

Wasnt Ancestral Master Hengxia a peerless woman


“Ancestral Grandfather is the Master of Ancestral Master Hengxia…” He Qingrou recounted what Chen Ying had seen and heard in Lu County and her experience in Changfeng Prefecture.

This naturally included Cui Hengs promise to allow the Immortal Dawn Sect to unseal the mountain, as well as his promise to bring the Immortal Dawn Sect along to kill when the Immortals and Buddhas of the Upper World descend.

Perfected Zhu Qing and Liu Yiyun didnt know about this before.

Now that they heard these two things, they immediately became excited.

Reopening the mountain gate!

The Immortal Dawn Sect would be saved!

Moreover, with Ancestral Grandfather around, there was no need to worry about those Immortals and Buddhas descending from the Upper World!

The Autumn Cloud Sword Master and the Setting Sun Sword Master cried tears of joy.

They had deep feelings for the Immortal Dawn Sect, but for so many years, they could only watch helplessly as the Immortal Dawn Sect declined day by day.

Now, the Immortal Dawn Sect finally had the possibility of reviving.

“Ill report this matter to Master and Martial Aunt Zheng.” Perfected Zhu Qing made a decision and said in a low voice, “Yiyun, tell the disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect that the sect is about to reopen.”

There were only about 40 people in the current Immortal Dawn Sect.

There was no need to spend a lot of effort to spread the news about the reopening of the sect.

The Master and Martial Aunt Zheng she mentioned were the only two first-generation disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect, which was also Jiang Qiqis personal disciples.

“Yes, alright!” Liu Yiyun nodded.

“Qingrou, you and Yingying will organize everyone to get ready later…” Perfected Zhu Qing arranged a mission for He Qingrou and Chen Ying.” When Master and Martial Aunt Yu Zheng and I come over, well go to Changfeng Prefecture to pay our respects to Ancestral Grandfather.”

“Yes!” He Qingrou and Chen Ying said in unison.

They were especially excited.

It had been too long since the Immortal Dawn Sect had such a lively atmosphere.

This feeling was really good!


And all of this was because they had found Ancestral Grandfather.

The Immortal Dawn Sect was no longer without a backbone!


While the Immortal Dawn Sect was preparing to come to Changfeng Prefecture to visit Cui Heng.

An urgent letter was sent to Cui Hengs office.

Liu Litao had personally sent it over.

“Lord Overseer, its a letter from Chen Tong.

It was sent over urgently.

Its probably something that requires your immediate attention,” Liu Litao said.

“Oh” Cui Heng took the letter and opened it.

“I remember that he should be promoting a new decree with Huishi in Yunshu County.

Its really from Yunshu County.”

“Yunshu County is a northern frontier fortress of the Great Jin, close to the grassland barbarians.

Did something happen” Liu Litao immediately thought of several possibilities.

“The grassland barbarians gathered about 50,000 cavalry from the various tribes and planned to raid Yunshu County in the south.

When they sent the letter, they were already at the city gate.” Cui Heng slapped the letter on the table and sneered, “These barbarians are really bold!”

Going south to plunder was equivalent to killing the people of Fengzhou.

It was considered destroying the plans for the new policies he wanted to implement.

This would also add obstacles to his cultivation of collecting the seven emotions of all living beings.

“Those barbarians are indeed hateful!” Liu Litao nodded and said, “The barbarians from the grasslands dont do any farming.

They live on nomadism and like to kill.

Every year in late autumn, they will go south to plunder and slaughter the people.

They deserve to die!”

“Yes, Chen Tong asked me to increase the number of troops he can recruit and lead 30,000 troops to attack the barbarians in the north.” Cui Heng pondered for a moment before nodding and saying, “This matter is feasible and approved.

If this battle falls into a disadvantageous position, Ill personally take action.”

“Yes, Lord Overseer.

Ill write a letter to reply now.” Liu Litao bowed respectfully, then said, “I still have something to report.

The Great Jin Imperial Court has sent an envoy to meet



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