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Actually, Sword Kinesis Flight was not a particularly profound technique.

After Cui Heng deduced the Sword Kinesis Technique, he realized that he only needed Dharmic powers of the Seventh layer of the Qi Refinement realm to refine a suitable flying sword.

Then, he would be able to let the sword light wrap around his body and carry him through the air.

As for the Sword Kinesis Flight in novels that cultivators used to fly by transforming a flying sword into a large platform the size of a door, no matter how he thought about it, it was a little ridiculous.


Could it be that Immortal cultivators had to prepare two flying swords before they could use them to attack when they flew

However, the technique of letting sword light circle around him and carry him into the sky was actually just a minor technique akin to floating in the air.

Even if he flew at full speed, he would not be able to reach the speed of sound.

It was not fast.

In order to truly transform into sword light, break through the sound barrier, and enter and exit the nether realm freely, one had to reach the early-stage Foundation Establishment realm first.


To fly with someone, one needed to have perfect control over ones Dharmic powers and sword flashes.

Only mid-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators could do that.

This was one of the reasons why Cui Heng suddenly invited Jiang Qiqi to fly.

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On one hand, he could use this opportunity to familiarize himself with the characteristics of mid-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators.

On the other hand, he could also draw a big picture for Jiang Qiqi, making her look forward to her future cultivation.

Just like himself, after experiencing the wonders of mid-stage Foundation Establishment, he immediately developed a strong desire to attain late-stage Foundation Establishment.

This anticipation was very important to a cultivator.

Since he had imparted swordsmanship to Jiang Qiqi, it was only natural for him to bring out his expectations for her future.

From the looks of it, the results were pretty good.

Faced with Jiang Qiqis question that was filled with anticipation, Cui Heng nodded with satisfaction and said with a smile, “Of course you can.

So long as you cultivate the Immortal Dawn Sword Art earnestly, youll be able to rely on your own strength to fly up into the sky one day.”

“Thats great! Thank you, Big Brother Immortal!” Jiang Qiqi cheered.

Her excitement made her subconsciously open her arms to hug Cui Heng.

However, she immediately sobered up and quickly retracted her arms, pretending that nothing had happened.

Cui Heng saw all of this, but he only smiled and did not point it out.

“Lets go, its time to go back and practice.

This is the last day.”

“Ah, mm, mm.” Jiang Qiqi was first stunned, and then she lightly nodded her head.

Her eyes were a bit dim, and she sighed inwardly.

“Its the last day.”

This was Jiang Qiqis last night here.

She wasnt sleeping.

Instead, she sat curled up at the foot of the bed like she had on her first night here.

But this time she didnt bury her head.

She raised her head and looked at the bright moonlight outside the window.

Her memories of the past 12 days and the changes in her emotions automatically appeared in her mind.

From the initial unease and fear, to the peace and anticipation that followed, to the reluctance to part…

“It feels like a dream.”

Jiang Qiqis bright eyes reflected the bright moonlight as Cui Hengs voice appeared in her mind.

The corners of her lips curled up unconsciously as she whispered with a faint smile.

“Big Brother Immortal, it was you who changed me.

I will definitely cultivate the immortal sword art that you taught me painstakingly and do my best to pass it down so that everyone in the world will know the prestige of the Immortal Dawn Sword Art!

“I will also fulfill my dreams and promises.

I will travel the world, roam the martial world, help those who need help, and change things that should be changed!

“I will never let you down!”


In the end, she clenched her fists tightly with a firm gaze.

On the last day, Cui Heng didnt guide Jiang Qiqi any further.

Instead, he brought her on foot to walk around the Beginners Space.

This was Jiang Qiqis request.

She wanted to imprint this dream-like place in her heart.

Before they left, Cui Heng suddenly raised his hand and lightly pressed the spot between Jiang Qiqis brows.


“Big Brother Immortal, what are you doing” Jiang Qiqi asked curiously as she felt the touch of Cui Hengs fingertips.

Her face was slightly red.

“A gift for you.” Cui Heng smiled.

A strand of his Dharmic powers passed through the space between Jiang Qiqis brows, entering her soul sea, condensing into a streak of multicolored light.

This ray of light was like an amalgamation of information, floating in Jiang Qiqis sea of consciousness.

“Wow, its so amazing!” Jiang Qiqis big eyes flickered.

“What is this”

She could feel the glow in her mind.

She only felt that it was gorgeous and colorful, extremely beautiful and special.

“This is a Heart Mark.” Cui Heng withdrew his finger and explained.

“This ball of light is actually my understanding and comprehension towards the Immortal Dawn Sword Art.

I used my Dharmic powers to condense this information into a ray of light and placed it within your sea of consciousness.”


“If you encounter any difficulties in the cultivation of the sword art, you can concentrate on sensing this multicolored light and ask for it.

As long as it is something I know, this multicolored light will explain it to you.”


Simply put, this was a fully automatic learning machine.

It was a technique that Cui Heng naturally grasped after he possessed the Dharmic powers of a mid-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.


“So formidable! Thank you, Big Brother Immortal!” Jiang Qiqi was delighted and excited.

She could even sense Cui Hengs aura from this ball of light.

At this moment, a faint golden light suddenly appeared on the little girls body.

An attractive force that came from an endless distance appeared, as if it wanted to bring her to a faraway place.


Jiang Qiqis expression became a bit flustered, as if she suddenly thought of something.

She hurriedly asked, “Big Brother Immortal, will this multicolored light continue to exist after I leave”

“After you completely grasp the Immortal Dawn Sword Art, this ball of light will naturally vanish.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “With your natural talent, youll be able to attain it very quickly.”

He thought Jiang Qiqi wanted a clear indication of her cultivation progress.

Jiang Qiqi fell silent.

At this moment, her entire body was wrapped in golden light, about to disappear.

At this moment, the little girl suddenly opened her arms and shouted, “Big Brother Immortal, can I hug…”


Before she could finish her sentence, she had already disappeared from the spot and left the world.

It was even to the extent that she didnt even have the chance to finish speaking.

Cui Heng watched as the golden light disappeared.

Actually, under the intense golden light, he could no longer see Jiang Qiqis figure, let alone move.

Even the last sentence that was left unsaid was muffled and unclear.

Jiang Qiqi had left.

After sending off the second guest, the Beginners Space returned to its usual tranquility.

And loneliness.

Just like the past 90 years.

Cui Heng did not move.

He stood there for an entire day.

When night fell, he sighed softly and returned to the Beginners Hut.

The next morning.

The Yellow-scarved Strongman followed Cui Hengs orders as usual, like a few days ago.

He prepared two bowls of soup noodles and placed them on the table as breakfast.


After Cui Heng woke up, he came to the dining room.

When he saw the two bowls of noodles, he was slightly taken aback.

Following that, he shook his head gently and said to the Yellow-scarved Strongman, “From tomorrow onwards, just prepare one bowl.

“From now on, Ill be alone.”


However, he still picked up a pair of chopsticks and placed them on the bowl opposite him.



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