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Chapter 107 Under the Golden Light Mountain, White-Robed Divine Monk (2)

In the government office.

Wu Yin was handling the documents from the various counties.

This involved the government affairs of the various counties and the distribution of some resources.

In order to handle these matters well, he was often extremely busy.

“Lord, someone has sent a visitation card.” At this moment, a subordinate official handed over a visiting card.

Wu Yin also valued the people who came to visit and would not neglect anyone.

Even though he was very busy now, he still took the invitation.

However, after taking a look, he stood up immediately.

His eyes lit up as he said excitedly, “Its actually Governor Cuis envoy.

Quickly invite him in!”


In the Governors Office in Lu County.

Cui Hengs eyes were slightly closed as he looked into his Dantian to observe his current Golden Core state and comprehend the changes in the power of the seven emotions.

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The height of the red and white lights, which symbolizes joy and love, was the tallest.

They were all more than 1.3 feet tall and were the two tallest lights among the Light of Seven Emotions.

This was thanks to the gratitude and love of the people in Lu County, as well as the support of the various counties under Lu Countys rule.

Next was the black light that symbolizes evil.

Under Hui Shis relentless efforts, the nobles of the various counties below Lu County hated Cui Heng to the core.

This emotion had also caused the height of the black light to reach 1.3 feet tall.

Then, there was the green color that symbolizes fear.

When he destroyed the Wang and Xie allied forces, he received a large amount of fear feedback.

The green light quickly grew and reached a foot tall.

Next was the gray color that symbolizes sorrow.

Although it had not reached a foot, it was already nine inches tall.

It should not be far from a foot.

The purple light that symbolizes anger and the yellow light that symbolizes desire were shorter.

The former was a little more than 7 inches, mainly due to the anger of the various nobles.

The latter was just over 6 inches, and once again, it was the shortest light of the seven emotions.


“Huh” At this moment, Cui Heng suddenly exclaimed.

With a thought, a ball of seven-colored light appeared in front of him.

This was the Seven Emotions Gem he had given to Hui Shi.

At this moment, a ball of black and purple light was circling in the center of this seven-colored light.

It was the anger and disgust Hui Shi had gathered during the delivery.

“Quite a lot!” Cui Heng said in surprise.

He felt that the purple light had increased by 50%, and the black light had increased by 80%.

It was about to reach the height of 1.2 feet.

“When I become the Governor of Fengzhou and start to implement the new government decree, together with the other 11 counties, the Seven Emotions of All Life that I can collect will definitely welcome an explosive period.

“Moreover, I have a feeling that when the Light of Seven Emotions around the Golden Core reaches a height of three feet, there should be some great changes.”

Cui Heng was looking forward to this, but he still had a problem.

“How do I get more yellow light”

According to his previous experience, only desire towards him could produce yellow light.

This desire was not limited to lust.

There was also physical desire, the desire to seek knowledge, desire to seek Dao, and so on.

Perhaps it was because peoples desire to live was too self-centered, and only in a few cases would it point to him.

There were very few situations where he could collect it.

“If Im shameless enough, I can go to the brothel to save the courtesans.

With my looks and temperament, I can definitely make them easily develop sexual desires.”

Cui Heng began to think about this seriously.

As a cultivator with a Perfected Golden Core, his appearance and figure were extremely perfect.

He matched the highest aesthetic standards of most people, and his temperament was even more impeccable.

To any woman, he represented a fatal attraction.

If he was willing to go to a brothel, he would definitely be able to make countless women fall for him and easily obtain the yellow light.

However, there were not that many women in brothels, and they usually did not have any martial cultivation.

If he wanted to rely on this direction to collect the yellow light, h ewould probably have to save millions of women.

Who could stand this

Actually, there was another more shameless way.

It was impossible for ordinary mortal women to resist the charm of a Golden Core cultivator.

As long as he did not restrain his aura and released some temptation, he could do many dirty and evil things.

It was possible to collect a large amount of Seven Emotions Light at the same time.

“Its really easy to gather the seven emotions of all living beings at the late-stage Golden Core realm.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “If I use those evil methods, the yellow light is the easiest to obtain, but the red and white light will be much harder.”

He did not intend to take that path.

That was different from what he had expected of himself.

He would rather spend more time and effort.

“If I eliminate the evil methods, the easiest way to collect the yellow light should be to stimulate ones desire for knowledge and pursuit.”

Thinking of this, Cui Heng thought of Xu Bailu and Zhou Hongyis performance in the past.

“If I preach to others and impart martial cultivation techniques that can allow one to reach the Eighth or Ninth level of Qi Refinement, or even the Foundation Establishment realm, can I collect a large amount of yellow light”

He thought the idea was feasible.

His first choice was naturally the Immortal Dawn Sect.

This was his inheritance to begin with, so it could be perfectly connected.

As for the Daoyi Palace, it would depend on their performance and luck.

“Other than imparting techniques, if I forge a rare treasure or immortal artifact, it may be able to stimulate others desire to seek the Dao.

It can also attract the attention of many experts, preventing them from obstructing me from carrying out the government decree.”

Another thought appeared in Cui Hengs mind, and he immediately smiled.

“This is a method to kill two birds with one stone.

Coincidentally, I now have two more emotions that have reached more than a foot tall.

I can condense two more Seven Emotions Gemstones.”

If he creates a rare treasure or Immortal artifact, he has to place a Seven Emotions Gem inside.

Only then could he collect the seven emotions of all living beings regardless of the distance.

This was the prerequisite for implementing this plan.

“However, I still have to consider the type of rare treasures or Immortal artifacts I create carefully.” Cui Heng fell into deep thought again and thought to himself, “What types of items are the most likely to cause competition, or what types of groups like to fight for these”

This kind of thing was only suitable for one or two times.

The best effect would only show the first time.

If it was used too many times, there would definitely not be so many people paying attention to it.

Therefore, he had to consider it carefully.

However, after thinking about it, Cui Heng could not make up his mind.

His understanding of this world was still too lacking

Hence, he called Zhou Hongyi and Xu Fengan over.

The two of them looked puzzled when they heard Cui Hengs question.

After thinking about it, they came to an answer.


Since ancient times, as long as a Buddhist treasure appeared, it would cause the world to fight for it.

Whether it was the martial sects or the Imperial Courts forces, they would all participate in it, especially the Buddhist sects.

They almost risked their lives to snatch it.

It was said that 500 years ago, a Buddhist bone relic appeared in the world.

It could allow ones martial arts to improve greatly and pry into the secrets of Immortals and Gods.

Everyone in the world moved when they heard the news, and many Deity Realm experts appeared one after another.

Zen Master Baolin even directly mobilized the six Deity Realm experts under him to participate in the competition.

“What if a complete set of Buddhist bones appears in this world” Cui Heng smiled.


“How is that possible!”

Zhou Hongyi and Xu Fengan looked at each other, not understanding what Cui Heng meant.

“Alright, thats all for now.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “You guys can go back.”

At this moment, he already had a plan in his heart.

Since the Buddhists Sects yearned for Buddhist relics so much, it was a good opportunity to collect the desires of these monks!

Although Xu Fengan and Zhou Hongyi would definitely suspect that he was behind the appearance of the Buddha relic, this would not affect the overall operation.

It didnt matter.


Five days later.

Wei Xiong and Ren Yuankui arrived at Golden Light Mountain in Yuzhou.

However, before they could ascend the mountain, they saw a young and handsome monk.


This young monk greets the two benefactors.” The young monk placed his palms together and chanted a Buddhist proclamation as he bowed.

“Little Master, we are…” Wei Xiong stepped forward to explain his identity.

“Patrons.” The young monk suddenly interrupted him.

He shook his head gently and smiled.

“I know why youre here.

Please leave.”


Wei Xiong and Ren Yuankui looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

The countless words that they had prepared were all stuck in their throat.


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