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Chapter 30: Misconception about Her Feeling

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Lin Tian curled up on the ground and started wailing in pain.

Su Luo turned around and saw Gu Zhan. The fierce expression on her face immediately softened.

Her pretty little face was filled with grievance, her long eyelashes trembled, and tears were glistening in her big eyes.

She pounced into Gu Zhans arms and said coquettishly, “Gu Zhan, why did you come so late I was almost scared to death. Sob, sob, sob...”

Lying on the ground Lin Tian watched Su Luos change in surprise. The moment she saw Gu Zhan, she felt like a completely different person.

Was she still the Su Luo he knew When did she learn shoulder throw He was the one who should be scared, not her...

The questions in Lin Tians mind popped up one after another. He didnt even realize that he was still lying on the ground in a miserable state.

The moment Gu Zhan saw Su Luo, the anger harbored in his heart disppeared. He stretched out his arms and held her tightly in his arms. His heart ached as he rubbed her head.

He apologized, “Im sorry. Its my fault. I should have come earlier.”

“Sob, Sob, sob. He bullied me. He even wanted to kiss me.”

Su Luo seemed to have found someone to rely on. She hugged Gu Zhan tightly and didnt let go. She wiped her tears on his clothes. She was clinging to him like a sloth clinging to a tree.

Since when did Su Luo become so coquettish

Both Gu Zhan and Lin Tian had the same doubt. Su Luo was never a coquettish person. Even when she was with Lin Tian, whom she had loved deeply, she had never acted like this.

However, Gu Zhan enjoyed the feeling of showing sovereignty in front of Lin Tian. Su Luo clinging to him was the biggest blow to Lin Tian.

“Dont be scared. I am right here, no one can bully you.”

Gu Zhan wiped the tears from Su Luos face and comforted her.

He waited patiently until Su Luo slowly stopped crying then he turned his head and looked down at Lin Tian and said coldly, “Mr. Lin, do you know that what youve just done could get you arrested for indecent assault I have the right to call the police to arrest you at any time.”

“Ha, go ahead and call the police. I dont think that Luo Luo would let that happen.”

Lin Tian stood up and glared back at him, not backing off.

When Gu Zhan thought of how Lin Tian tried to kiss Su Luo forcefully just now, he became intense and looked dangerous. He let go of Su Luo in his arms, grabbed Lin Tian by the collar, and lifted him up. Then, he suddenly punched him in the face.

Blood trickled down from the corner of Lin Tians mouth. He wiped the blood off with his thumb and got up from the ground. A cunning look flashed across his eyes.

He sneered, “I dont know what youre complacent about Luo Luo loves me. She misunderstood me and got angry. Thats why she just acted as if she was in love with you. She wanted me to have a taste of what its like to be hurt by her.”

These words pierced Gu Zhans heart without mercy. Lin Tian said it out loud what he already suspected.

Lin Tian saw his change. He knew his words hurt him. He was so complacent that he wanted to pull Su Luo to his side.

Gu Zhan moved and put Su Luo behind him.

Su Luo grabbed Gu Zhans arm and stuck out her head to clarify for herself. “Gu Zhan, dont believe him. Im not like what he said.”

Gu Zhan smiled back at her. Then he reached out to grab Lin Tians palm. The force was so strong that one could hear Lin Tians bones creaking.

Lin Tians face instantly turned pale; cold sweat immediately drenched his clothes.

Su Luo didnt want to cause too much trouble. After all, today was Su Lis birthday party and she didnt want to become a joke. So she tried to stop Gu Zhan, “Thats enough. Today is dads birthday party. If things get out of control, it wont look good for us.”

Gu Zhans bright eyes were shadowed.

Su Luo still cared about Lin Tian..

He misunderstood her, but he still did what she asked for. Just as he was about to break Lin Tians wrist, he let him go. “Get out of here, scram! Dont ever show up in front of Su Luo again.”

Lin Tian was happy that Su Luo had defended him. He also had the same misconception as Gu Zhan, thinking that Su Luo was worried about him.

Not only did Lin Tian not leave, he even provoked him, “Gu Zhan, are you scared When Su Luo calms down, she will abandon you and choose me without hesitation.”


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