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Chapter 7: A4 Paper.


The instructor was left with an indelible impression during the last year of his teaching career, which he estimated would be a lifetime nightmare.

After they finished marching, Yao Yi curiously asked the boy next to her, “Why did you also shun guai, were you nervous”

The boy next to her: “…” He is a sinner.

The people in the last two rows fell into contemplation, and the images were too beautiful to recall.

Standing in the last row, Fu Chuan suddenly regretted that he had asked to come to Yan City to attend high school.

Something seemed to be out of his control.

The front rows did not even realize what had happened.

After the military parade had ended, Han Jiaojiao and Li Ge came to look for Zhao Qian and Yao Yi.

“Do you guys want to go out to have fun together” Li Ge looked excited, “I will be on break starting this afternoon, and I won’t have any classes until Monday.”

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“Okay.” Yao Yi readily agreed.

She had enough money to eat out.

Among the four, there was one know-it-all, so the topic naturally did not stray away from gossip.

Han Jiaojiao was particularly engrossed in these types of topics and cried out enthusiastically along the way.

“I heard that Fu Chuan of Class One was recognized as the school hunk.” Han Jiaojiao had a complicated expression.

Zhao Qian shrugged: “Isn’t it obvious Fu Chuan looks so attractive, of course, you girls would like it.”

“Actually, that’s not what I care about.” Han Jiaojiao twisted her braid, “I don’t know what he will choose for next semester.

If he majors in art and human sciences, I… alas!”

As the other three inexplicably listened to Han Jiaojiao’s long sigh, they were confused as to what she was rambling on about.

Han Jiaojiao noticed the blank eyes the three of them had.

Then she said helplessly, “Why can’t you guys understand me I have already decided to study art and human sciences.

If Fu Chuan also chooses that major, wouldn’t we be in the same class How would I be able to focus on my studies then! I would be distracted by him every day!”

Zhao Qian raised his eyebrows: “You still have self-knowledge.”

Yao Yi suddenly interrupted their conversation: “Why do you two have to be in the same class Isn’t there a saying about how the good-looking ones are hollow straw buns” (TLN: It means that they are useless)

“…” The three of them simultaneously looked at Yao Yi, who was not ugly even when she was super tan and had a crew cut.

Li Ge coughed: “Although Fu Chuan was transferred, his grades are not bad since he is in Class One.”

Yao Yi followed with a conjecture: “Couldn’t he just have found someone to put him in that class”

Li Ge shook his head: “A few years ago, it may have been possible to put a student with average grades into the best class.

But now, no.

Even if they managed to put a student in, then their ability would have to be consistently strong.

It’s just that they happen to not perform well on their middle school exam.”

“Oh.” Yao Yi was not very clear about these twists and turns.

“I believe that since Fu Chuan is so good-looking, his grades will definitely not be inadequate.” Han Jiaojiao said with conviction.

Zhao Qian also agreed: “He doesn’t seem like someone with poor grades.”

Yao Yi expressed that it didn’t matter, no matter how good his grades would be, first place could only belong to her. 

While they were eating hot pot, Han Jiaojiao answered a phone call.

While placing the fat beef roll in the boiling soup, she vaguely replied: “I’m eating outside with Yao Yi and the others.

Go back tonight, I know.”

“Your family” Zhao Qian turned over a few pieces of green vegetables and asked.

“My dad.” Han Jiaojiao nodded and continued to eat, “He’s inspecting my curfew.”

Yao Yi glanced up and looked at Han Jiaojiao but said nothing.

After eating hot pot, their stomachs were basically bloated.

However Zhao Qian barely moved his chopsticks, he had only eaten a few pieces of vegetables.

“Why did you eat so little” Li Ge doubted, “You don’t like hot pot”

Zhao Qian waved his hand: “When it’s time for a meal, I usually don’t have an appetite.” That’s why he likes to carry all kinds of snacks with him.

The four of them stopped by to watch a movie after eating, which made it easy for digestion.

The dim environment of the cinema made Yao Yi drowsy, and she finally leaned on the back of the chair and shut her eyes.

“Goodbye.” The three of them waved to Yao Yi who was standing at the school gate.

The two boys sent Han Jiaojiao home, and that was how the day ended.

Eat a meal, watch a movie.

That’s how friendships were built.

During the two-day rest period, Yao Yi did not procrastinate and locked herself in her dormitory to write the representative speech.

During this period, the grade director also called in to ask how the speech was going.

“Teacher, I’m not very good at writing.” Yao Yi was having a hard time and decided to tell the truth.

“Is that so…” The grade director pondered for a moment, “How about you search the Internet for some sample essays and use them for some inspiration”

“Oh.” Yao Yi thought about it and felt that she could directly extract it from the Internet.

The grade director didn’t think much about it.

The speech was just a formality anyways.

The significance of Yao Yi, the provincial champion, standing on the stage was more prominent than the content of her speech.

Yao Yi had just put down her phone when another message came.

It was her neighbor that was studying in country M.

[Just found a classmate with this and took about ten pages of pictures.]

Immediately after that, the phone vibrated more than a dozen times in a row, and the pictures were sent over.

It was all math.

Yao Yi had no teacher and relied on self-study.

It was a bit difficult to fully understand these concepts.

For her, it was a huge temptation that could make her forget everything around her.

Yao Yi had a hard time just taking one glance at it before she wrote part of the speech.

In the end, she downloaded a sample essay on her phone, ran to print it, and finally indulged in advanced mathematics.

For two days, Yao Yi was absorbed in the topic and she was very spirited.

However, as soon as she had to turn off the lights and head to bed, she would become dispirited.

But since she was alone, Yao Yi could continue to calculate in her mind with her phone.

In a blink of an eye, it was Monday.

Yao Yi got up early in the morning, washed up, and changed into her school uniform.

…Then she started to calculate the computations again.

The freshman ceremony required the freshmen to head back to their classroom to gather first, and Yao Yi hurried there again like last time.

“Lao Han will arrive in a minute.” Han Jiaojiao turned around, “Yi Yi, don’t you live on campus, why are you so late”

“She is not afraid of being late because she lives on campus.” Zhao Qian had also hurried over just now.

His home was not far from the school either.

A minute later, Lao Han arrived.

He asked the class monitor to call names for roll call, and everyone walked downstairs together.

Before leaving, Lao Han announced with a serious face: “If you have a phone, put it in the drawer.

You are not allowed to take it to the ceremony.

Whoever is caught by me will find themself in serious trouble.”

Yao Yi’s phone was left in her dormitory, and as soon as Lao Han’s words fell, she walked out of the classroom and followed the crowd.

The classrooms of Class One and Class Two were opposite each other.

When they came out, they naturally ran into each other.

Fu Chuan was once again pushed behind Yao Yi, and he noticed a little dwarf beside her.

It’s not that Fu Chuan discriminates against people of low height, but Han Jiaojiao’s movements were too… lively.

She was much shorter than Yao Yi and acted like an average southern girl.

She was hugging Yao Yi, bouncing up and down in the crowded corridor.

“My speech!” Yao Yi suddenly remembered something.

Fu Chuan followed everyone’s footsteps down the stairs slowly, watching Yao Yi reach out and pat herself all over.

Yao Yi didn’t find the manuscript even after looking for a while, and she closed her eyes.

She didn’t have time to read the printed paper.

She clearly remembered that she brought the folded piece of paper that was on the table.

Fu Chuan looked down at his feet and saw nothing.

Checking back again, he noticed a piece of A4 paper that was about to die at the feet of a classmate.

“Please give way.” Fu Chuan paused and picked up the A4 paper.

Fu Chuan poked Yao Yi’s back again: “Is this yours”

Yao Yi looked back and saw the familiar paper, and couldn’t help but sigh in relief: “Thank you.”

Yao Yi was tall but thin, so both military training uniforms and school uniforms were too big for her.

The pockets were loose and it was easy to drop things.

Han Jiaojiao grabbed Yao Yi’s arm, and her eyes were quietly focused on Fu Chuan.

This was the third time she saw Fu Chuan talking to Yao Yi.

Han Jiaojiao had a strange sense of pride.

Classmate Fu Chuan didn’t talk to people very much, especially girls.

But he talked to Yao Yi two times, although both times it was because Yao Yi dropped something.

But that’s enough!

Yao Yi was her friend, so him talking to Yao Yi, rounding up basically means that he was talking to herself! (Anon’s Rambles: Lmao, what is this logic even XD)

Afraid of losing the speech again, Yao Yi held onto the piece of paper tightly the entire way.

“Line up, line up quickly!” The class president shouted as they got there.

The students in Class Two were all consciously arranged according to height, but it was a lot noisier compared to the first time when they had to line up.

Everyone had gotten to know each other more or less.

“Hello, hello!” There was a teacher testing the mic on the rostrum, and the students below quickly became quiet.

In order to organize the freshman ceremony, No.

1 High School deliberately rented several cages of pigeons.

Right after the principal’s speech ended, fireworks, firecrackers, and pigeons were set off.

The flashy display wasn’t for the principal, but for the students watching.

Sure enough, the students were very excited when they saw the pigeons flap the sky.

Yao Yi’s speech was at the very end, and the freshmen of the school were also looking forward to seeing what the provincial champion would look like.

Therefore, an hour and a half later, when the grade director finally announced that Yao Yi was going to begin her speech, the students below all applauded enthusiastically.

Standing on the rostrum, looking at the sea of pixelated faces below, Yao Yi was not nervous.

She couldn’t see them anyways.

She could go back to the classroom early if she finished reading it earlier.

She had copied a question from her phone this morning, and she would calculate it when she had time.

Opening the slightly crumpled A4 paper, Yao Yi stood at the microphone.

She was full of momentum and looked very calm.

However, the moment she saw the content on the paper, Yao Yi wanted to faint.

There was only a paragraph of smudged handwriting on it.

It wasn’t the paper she had printed out at all!

She didn’t have time to read the printed content, and now she doesn’t even know a word to say.

Yao Yi once again looked at the pixelated faces below the podium and became nervous.

In the end, she just put on a confident face and read on.

“Good morning, dear teachers and students! In the golden autumn of September, in the lovely No.

1 High School, we welcome our freshmen, everyone…”

She had only written this part.

Yao Yi scanned up and down, despair in her heart.

The students below all looked up at the provincial champion, waiting for her to say something motivating.

Finally, Yao Yi spoke up.


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