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Chapter 5: Yao Yi’s Campus Card.

Compared to before, Han Jiaojiao’s spirit had slumped a lot.

During break time, she pulled Yao Yi to sit under the shade of a tree with despair in her eyes.

“Yi Yi, after the military training, am I going to be as tan as you” Han Jiaojiao applied a thick layer of sunscreen every morning, but, even with her efforts, her skin still couldn’t resist becoming more tanned.

“No, it took me two months to get this tan, and the military training will end in a few days.” Yao Yi didn’t change much, and she probably couldn’t be any more tanned.

On the contrary, her skin seemed to be turning whiter.

Because her parents had skin paler than average, Yao Yi has always been whiter than other people of the same age.

Her skin also wouldn’t have an allergic reaction like redness or peeling after being in the sun.


Her dad always said she was thick-skinned.

“I really hope it will end soon.” Han Jiaojiao looked hopeless.

Her expectations for high school life had long been exhausted by military training.

“… Mhm.” Yao Yi absent-mindedly agreed, staring in a certain direction with dull eyes.

She had asked someone to buy a mathematical theory book from abroad, and she didn’t know when it would arrive.

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“Rv’p Zw Ckdtukdt!” Fsxlsdl yaswde vblx alnstdkgle vbl tkaz.

Yao glanced at them, but the group of pixelated faces had nothing interesting for her to pay attention to.

She was about to continue to fall back into her own contemplative thoughts when she was pulled by Han Jiaojiao to watch the fun together.


“Hey! Xiao Pang, come here.

” Han Jiaojiao called Li Ge over, “Who is Yu Qingying”

In less than a week, Li Ge was officially recognized by Han Jiaojiao and the others as “Yi Zhong Bai Xiao Sheng”.

(TLN: This Chinese saying describes someone who knew everything.)

“Oh her, she’s good-looking, has a wealthy family, and has good grades.” Li Ge pouted.

Zhao Qian, who came over with Li Ge, took out plum candies from his pocket and gave some to each person who sat down to eat melon.

(TLN: “melon eating” is watching something amusing or interesting.)

“What do you mean” Han Jiaojiao looked like she was playing the fool.

“Everyone knows that the provincial champion is Yao Yi, right” Li Ge sat down and looked as if he was teaching something important, “But no one will pay attention to whoever is after the first place.

Yu Qingying ranked tenth in her exam and used to always be in first place in middle school.

I heard that she didn’t do well in the exam and only got tenth place.”

“She looks pretty.” Zhao Qian had good eyesight, and he could see Yu Qingying’s appearance clearly and sighed while cupping his cheeks.

“Could this be our first couple in high school” Han Jiaojiao made the sound of eating melons (TLN: It means excitedly/excitement).

“Hehe, I think it’s impossible.” Li Ge said proudly, “Yu Qingying talked to Fu Chuan on the first day of class, but unfortunately, Fu Chuan ignored her.

I heard that tears fell on the spot.

“…” Yao Yi yawned.

She wanted to sleep.

She couldn’t see faces clearly, so this kind of gossip was meaningless to her.

It was better to do two sets of test papers.

It was a pity that Yao Yi didn’t dare bring any more test papers since the incident last time, and she also finished the set of “Jiang X test papers”.



Fu Chuan looked at the person in front of him and said lightly, “Class president, find someone else.

I’m not in good health.”

Yu Qingying was temporarily selected as the class president, and each class had their own drinking water bucket.

In order to talk to Fu Chuan, she deliberately came to him to ask him to help carry the bucket of water.

“Wha-, what” Yu Qingying’s big eyes flashed with frustration, which made the boys nearby feel very distressed.

“I’m weak, so please find someone else.” Fu Chuan didn’t seem to see her hurt expression.

He didn’t like girls who came to him with such a purpose.

There were so many boys in different classes nearby, but Yu Qingying had to run over alone and let him go

“Then-then, classmate Fu Chuan, take care of yourself.

I’ll go find other students.” This was Yu Qingying’s first meeting with this kind of boy, so she hurriedly gave herself a step-down.

“Tsk, it looks like she is going to cry again.” Zhao Qian shook his head sadly.

“Assemble!” the instructor suddenly roared.

The drill ground suddenly jumped, and everyone stood at attention after the chaos.

The instructor watched everyone stand and did not speak.

He just let everyone stand.


It was not the first time he had done this.

Sometimes the instructor would let everyone stand for half an hour before doing other activities.

Yao Yi seemed to be in meditation, like an old monk.

She didn’t even move her eyelids.

Her world was a world of shun guai, but no one could compare to her posture when standing at attention. 

At this moment, Yao Yi’s mind was full of calculus steps.

In fact, she had secretly finished high school mathematics, and she was only doing the exam papers to keep the good feeling she gets from doing problems.

She saw a set of international math books on the Internet, so she asked her neighbors to buy them for her.

Unfortunately, it took a long time to send them.

The neighbor kindly sent her some pictures in advance.

Those pictures probably came from someone else’s book.

It fascinated Yao Yi.

“We’re not training today.” Twenty minutes later, the instructor suddenly said, with a smile on his face, “We will sing.”

There was a burst of cheers.

Yao Yi was still immersed in her own mathematical world.

“Okay, now everyone sit on the ground.” The instructor gave an order, and everyone sat down.

Except for Yao Yi, who was still standing upright, with her head and chest held high.

Her hands were close to the seams of her trousers without leaving any gaps.

It could be called perfect.

The instructor’s originally smiling face gradually sank.

He knew she would be a thorn in his teaching career!


“Yao Yi! “

“Here!” When Yao Yi heard her name, she immediately came out of her calculation world.

Suddenly, feeling that something was wrong, she glanced around and found that everyone else was gone.

“Are you showing off your standing posture” The instructor stepped forward two steps.

“I’m telling you, no matter how well you stand, it can’t change the fact that you shun guai when marching!”

“Oh.” Yao Yi was a little confused, and she was still a little flustered because everyone had disappeared.

“Oh what! Sit down!”

Yao Yi looked down and saw that everyone had sat down.

They all looked up at her.

Although Yao Yiquan couldn’t see their faces clearly, she was still in a panic when she was watched by a bunch of pixelated faces.

“You still won’t sit down Do you want to perform a song for everyone “the instructor urged.

Yao Yi quickly sat down.

“Okay, today I will teach you all a few songs, and everyone will sing along with me.” The instructor said shyly.

Who knows who took the lead, but everyone started to applaud.

The instructor cleared his throat and began to sing:

“The cold wind flutters the leaves

The army is a green flower

Dear battle companion, don’t be homesick

Don’t miss mom

Calling day and night

How many words from the heart

Don’t tear up when parting…”

The slightly hoarse voice originally did not sound so pleasant, but in this song, the voice was full of unique charm.

There was no need for the instructor to say anything; someone started to hum and sing.

In the end, the instructor sang a sentence, and everyone sang along with him.

After learning a few military songs, the instructor stopped: “Now students, you can sing freely.

Who wants to be the first to sing.”

Yu Qingying immediately raised her hand.

“Okay, this classmate, come up.” The instructor stepped aside and let Yu Qingying come up.

The boys in the row started roaring.

Although many people didn’t know her, it didn’t prevent everyone from thinking that Yu Qingying was so good-looking.

Just like her appearance, Yu Qingying’s voice was soft and waxy, with a satiny tone unique to girls.

“Tsk tsk, I definitely can’t stand this kind of girl.” Zhao Qian quietly leaned towards Yao Yi, who was near him, and said something vaguely.

When Yao Yi heard the sound, she turned her head to look at Zhao Qian, who was holding a small packet of pork jerky in his hand.

“Want some” Zhao Qian was looking at Yu Qingying but stretched out his hand in front of Yao Yi.

Yao Yi was not courteous.

The military training was already exhausting, and she was hungry.

She didn’t know how Zhao Qian could carry so much food with him.

“She looked delicate and weak, but she went up as she said so, without any stage fright.” Zhao Qian continued the topic of the conversation just now.

“She has a ruthless character.”

“The girl is a little bold, and it provoked you” Li Ge came over because of the smell.

Yao Yi did not participate in their conversation and stared at Yu Qingying.

She began to fall into her own world again, her fingers still calculating on her pants.

After one song was finished, some boys below coaxed Yu Qingying to sing another song.

Yu Qingying smiled, and her eyes bent into a very nice crescent shape.

Sure enough, she sang another song.

Once someone started, the process was much smoother, and many people kept going up to sing.

A boy who was seriously out of tune also ran up to sing, making everyone laugh until their stomachs hurt.

“Hey, hey, Jiaojiao is up!” Li Ge was shocked and called his two friends to applaud desperately.

Yao Yi also listened carefully.

Han Jiaojiao sang an English song with a perfect tone that shocked everyone.

“It’s exactly the same as what’s on my phone! Is she a repeater” Zhao Qian forgot to chew the pork jerky and was stunned.

If Yu Qingying was remembered for her good looks and first impression, then Han Jiaojiao shocked everyone with her skill.

After Han Jiaojiao finished singing a song, she walked back calmly and sat down.

“Wrong way, your seat is in the front.” Zhao Qian turned his head and said to Han Jiaojiao, who was between him and Yao Yi.

“Shut up!” Han Jiaojiao pretended to be calm and flipped her two long braids, but her mouth said, “I went up to sing just to come over.

You think I’m willing to go up and be in the limelight”

The four got together again, listening to others singing and occasionally taking the opportunity to whisper about gossip.

Fu Chuan wasn’t very interested in their singing, and he was actually distracted.

He inadvertently lowered his eyes and found a card on the ground.

Fu Chuan didn’t move.

He stared at it for a while before reaching out and turning the card over.

It had a name and a photo printed on it.

Fu Chuan looked at the name column, then at the photo, and finally raised his head and stared at the back in front of him.

After a long time, Fu Chuan stretched out his hand and poked the person in front: “You dropped something.”

No one knew why, but from left to right, Li Ge, Zhao Qian, Han Jiaojiao, and Yao Yi, who was poked, all turned their heads and looked over.

All five were stunned.

After a while, Fu Chuan took the lead to regain his senses and pointed to the campus card on the ground.

Yao Yi picked it up immediately and said, “Thank you.”

At the end of her sentence, in order to show that she recognized him, she added another sentence: “Classmate Fu Chuan.”

The author has something to say:

I’m going downstairs to buy a bag of candy.

I hope the amount of the collection of this novel will increase = ̄ω ̄=


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