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Chapter 41.2: Logic Problem

Fu Chuan paused, turned his head and smiled: “We are all classmates, and it is right to help each other.”

After speaking, he walked into the classroom first.

In the end, Yao Yi didn’t end up giving those documents to Qin Li.

However, after thoroughly understanding the documents, she used the same concepts to give him questions.

“Why do I feel that your way of thinking about the questions is completely different now” Qin Li worked out a question for a long time before he figured it out.

He pulled at his hair and asked Yao Yi, who was squatting under a tree to eat her bread.

It wasn’t like they were as free as they were during summer vacation, when they were even able to sell things together.

Now after school, everyone went back to their respective homes, and they were only free at noon.

So the two people took advantage of their lunch times and were able to squeeze out three hours practicing math problems.


“Well, I studied the subject based on the national training team, and created the questions according to them.” Yao Yi chewed a mouthful of dry bread with difficulty, swallowed it with water, and then continued.

“Where did you find the questions Why couldn’t I find it” Qin Li asked in confusion.

“I have someone.” Yao Yi smiled happily, “A kind and generous person helped me find it.”

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Yao Yi, who was listening in a daze, didn’t notice that Fu Chuan looked over.

She was still thinking about buying an extra piece of bread tomorrow.


After classes in the morning the next day, Yao Yi had already planned to go to the supermarket to buy more bread.

But she was stopped by Fu Chuan, who was carrying two insulated lunch boxes in his hand.

Uncle Li probably brought it to school, otherwise Fu Chuan would not have had two more boxes as soon as he walked out of the classroom.

“Rice balls, and seaweed soup, won’t waste time.” Fu Chuan said lightly.

“For me” Yao Yi didn’t understand what Fu Chuan meant.

“Your stomach growling in class affects my studies, so I hope you can eat more.” Fu Chuan’s facial expression was not very good-looking, “I hope you can take into account the feelings of your deskmate in many matters, don’t affect me.

“Oh.” Yao Yi lowered her head and pursed her lips, “I’m sorry.”

After a while, she raised her head again and said, “But you just have to tell me, I’ll buy more bread later, so my stomach won’t growl in the afternoon.”

… She just didn’t know how to eat.

Fu Chuan’s heart tightened, and he couldn’t help being angry with Yao Yi, who had an innocent face.

‘Why do you care so little about your health’

Fu Chuan replied coldly: “No, you eat this.

Otherwise, you will waste time and blame me for being picky.”

“But…” Yao was at a loss, but felt that Fu Chuan was right.

“I will bring you lunch in the future, so that there is no debt to each other.” Fu Chuan continued indifferently and casually, “I am first place in the grade, and I don’t want others to say that I used small tricks to be first.”

“Oh.” Yao Yi nodded hesitantly, looked down at the insulated box in her hand, and then looked up at the back of Fu Chuan walking out.

It felt like there was something wrong with this logic.


Yao Yi was thinking about it in a daze, but she couldn’t help but believe that Fu Chuan said that after she accepted his lunch, the two would not owe each other.

Holding the insulated box, she walked to the tree on the back hill, where Qin Li was already eating bread, staring at the questions.

Yao Yi sat down cross-legged, opened the lids of the two boxes, the fragrance wafted out, overflowing.

“What is this!” Qin Li swallowed, slightly drooling.

The author has something to say: Fu Chuan: Why did Yao Yao give my things to wild men!


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