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Chapter 40.2: Complex

A new semester once started again, and the new freshmen replaced the old freshmen.

Fu Chuan and the others became sophomores.

Class Zero returned to the seriousness of studying and school quicker than other classes.

Almost everyone was preparing for the competition, except for Yu Qingying.

This competition was for colleges and universities to single out outstanding and gifted students, or to provide a channel for outstanding students.

But no one knew how the story of Yu Qingying framing Yao Yi was spread to the university recruiters.

For students who obviously had moral problems, colleges and universities would secretly communicate that they did not want these students.

When Yu Qingying’s parents went to inquire about the competition, they were told by an acquaintance of this incident.

Her parents felt extremely ashamed, and prevented Yu Qingying from leaving home for the entire summer break.

She couldn’t even step out and was also forbidden from participating in the competition.

One embarrassment was enough.


“Fu Chuan.” Yao Yi poked the tall boy next to her, “Do you feel hot”

They were by the window, and the curtains were drawn.

Yao Yi wanted to open the window to let the air in, but she was afraid that the sun would shine on her deskmate.

Fu Chuan stopped writing and shook his head quietly: “You don’t need to ask me, just open the curtains.”

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“Yi Yi, my dad told you to contact a senior.” Han Jiaojiao asked after conveying Lao Han’s words, “Who is the senior”


After Yao Yi thought about it, she realized that it was the senior who ordered mathematics journals for her.

“He was a senior from class zero before, he studied mathematics.” Yao Yi explained to Han Jiaojiao, but she didn’t know why she needed to contact him.

Soon Lao Han would answer her questions, and Yao Yi was called into the office as soon as the math class was over.

“Sit down.” Lao Han smiled kindly, “Has someone contacted you before”

Yao Yi shook her head blankly: “No.”

Lao Han frowned: “Your senior said he called you, but you hung up on him.”

Yao Yi recalled the phone calls she had received recently.

There was indeed a call from someone claiming that he was a doctor in mathematics.

But Yao Yi thought he was a liar, the kind of telecom fraud that specialized in researching people’s psychology and picking targets to cheat.

“I thought… he was a scammer.” Yao Yi scratched her head, feeling a little awkward.

The senior ordered foreign mathematics journals for her, yet she hung up on him.

“You child!” Lao Han exclaimed helplessly, “Forget it, it’s not a bad thing to be more vigilant.”

“Teacher, why did the senior call me” Yao Yi asked in a low voice.

“Well, I told him about your situation.

Your senior is very interested in you, so he called to ask about you.

You can ask him if you don’t understand anything in that journal.” Lao Han cared for Yao Yi a lot.

He always felt that it would be best for Yao Yi and Qin Li to take the path of mathematics in the future.


The path of mathematics was indeed difficult to walk.

Most people lived a relatively poor life, compared to other industries.

But if they didn’t go that route, their talent would be wasted.

“Is this his phone number” Yao Yi took out her phone from her trouser pocket, opened the address book and showed it to Lao Han.

Lao Han watched his student take out her phone (TLN: Phones are not allowed to be at school), but he had no choice but to pretend not to see it: “Mhm, it’s this number, you can ask him if you have any questions, whether it’s about mathematics, or anything else.

Bring Qin Li.”


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