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Chapter 36: Does it still hurt

“Does it hurt” Fu Chuan hesitated, and even lowered his head and blew lightly on Yao Yi’s palm, as if this would take away her pain.

Yao Yi shook her head: “It’s okay, it’s just a little injury.” She lost her temper when she was caught off guard by the sting of the medicine just now.

“Mhm.” Fu Chuan continued to lower his head and carefully dealt with Yao Yi’s wound.

Because of this incident, the atmosphere between Fu Chuan and Yao Yi began to thaw, and Yao Yi would sometimes smile at him.

Before the exam, when everyone was nervously preparing for the exam, a rumor about Yao Yi began to spread everywhere.


The rumor was that Yao Yi saw that her classmate was dying and didn’t help, and she even joined others to bully her classmate.

Originally, who would believe such a thing without evidence But Yao Yi has always been in the middle of rumors.

Although she had been dragged down from the altar by Fu Chuan, there were still many people willing to step on her and throw some mud on her.

“Who is bullying” Han Jiaojiao asked Yao Yi.

Li Ge was away, and the three of them sat around Li Ge’s seat.

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“I saw that Yu Qingying was being surrounded, pulled her away, and then called the police.” Yao Yi didn’t understand why people said that she saw someone was dying and she didn’t save them.

Could it be that Yu Qingying was caught again later


“Then who are these people” Zhao Qian pointed to the group of people with long sticks in the photo.

Absolutely no one would believe them if they said they were not gangsters.

“Oh, it’s the people who wanted to beat Yu Qingying.” Yao Yi answered innocently, “The development was too fast, I don’t know why either.”

“You rescued Yu Qingying Then the group of people who beat Yu Qingying bought ice cream for you” Li Ge didn’t understand the connection between these two things, although he believed that Yao Yi was not such a person.

But some people say that Yao Yi found someone to beat Yu Qingying, and then deliberately rescued her, so that Yu Qingying would thank Yao Yi.

Li Ge listed another rumor, and then was mercilessly ridiculed by Qin Li next to him.

“Yao Yi likes Yu Qingying What kind of rumor is this” Qin Li was entertained with the math question, “Yao Yi, are you lesbian”

“What nonsense” Han Jiaojiao rapped Qin Li’s table as a warning.

“I went to save classmate Yu, but then she ran away by herself, and then the group of people wanted to beat me.” Yao Yi traced the development of the matter.

“You were beaten by them!” Li Ge stood up instantly, and was about to rush out to find his father, asking him to take care of the gangsters near the school.

“No.” Yao Yi scratched her head, “Then it seems that the police came.

They got lost in the alley and asked me to lead them out.

Then, the scene in the photo happened.”

“…” These were the most moral gangsters Qin Li had ever heard of, they knew how to be grateful.

“According to my many years of experience, this kind of thing is generally only known to the parties involved.

That is to say, it is either you or Yu Qingying that let out the news.” Li Ge‘s eyes turned deep, and the analysis was clear, “But Yao Yi, you are not so boring and would not slander your own reputation, so there is only one truth, and the suspect is Yu Qingying!”


“Keep your voice down!” Han Jiaojiao glared at Li Ge, the people in the front row had already glanced back at them.

“What did she slander me for We aren’t even familiar with each other, and she ran away right after.” Yao Yi thought for a while, “Maybe she misunderstood us after seeing us together.”

Of course, Yu Qingying couldn’t have misunderstood.

She knew the curly-haired girl and the bunch of followers behind her, so she knew that Yao Yi didn’t know them

 However she didn’t want to see that Yao Yi had no troubles with them either.

Even if Yao Yi came to help, those people wouldn’t dare to do anything at all anyway.

At most, Pei Qi would slap her, and the people standing behind her were just there to support the scene.

After Yu Qingying ran away that day, she covered her face along the way, scolding Pei Qi to the ground, and cursing Yao Yi to get beaten.

Who let her see herself be made a fool of herself, and still sit next to Fu Chuan, her grades were so amazing She could only be second place.

Her schoolbag was thrown into the trash can by the group of people.

Yu Qingying could only walk home empty-handed.

She had long hair, and used it to cover the slap print on her face with one side of her hair, and walked home quickly.

But the more she walked, the more she found that there were always people looking at her with strange expressions.

Yu Qingying only glared back viciously, the strangers didn’t know her anyway.

Others wanted to approach her, but Yu Qingying walked away from them like they were a plague god.

She saw the old women with white hair and was disgusted by them, thinking they were dirty.

There was actually even a middle-aged man with a bald head who wanted to approach her, and he said something, telling her not to go.

Were people so shameless these days People on the street wanted to do stuff to her.

Yu Qingying knew that she was good-looking, so she had always been very vigilant about these people.


Under the strange eyes all the way, when she got home, her parents were busy with their own affairs.

Yu Qingying was changing clothes at home only to find that her trousers had a big slit where her buttocks were.

On the way home just now, Yu Qingying’s entire underwear was exposed.

After understanding the expressions of those people, Yu Qingying lay on the table and sobbed for a while, finally transferring all of her hatred to Yao Yi.

First, she shared the grievances with her girlfriends in other classes, then aroused their curiosity, and finally revealed the fabricated facts little by little.

As for where the photos came from, there were always people near the school taking photos, carrying a camera around and taking pictures.

Yu Qingying was photographed several times, and later her best friend discovered it by accident.

“The matter of spreading rumors can be big or small.

Since she wants to spread it, let’s help her set fire to it.” Han Jiaojiao sneered at Yu Qingying, who was sitting upright in the front.

“Don’t waste your time on this kind of thing.” Yao Yi said earnestly, “The exam is coming soon.”

Together with Qin Li, when the four of them heard her words, they couldn’t help but cast sympathetic eyes at her.

Once you got used to some things, it was hard to change.

Fu Chuan’s total score was still higher than Yao Yi’s, it has become an unchangeable law.

“Yi Yi, you should do your best to prepare for the exam.” Han Jiaojiao patted the poor Yi Yi, but she was determined to let Yu Qingying burn herself.

Of course, in the evening, Han Jiaojiao approached the subject that Yao Yi’s mental state was not very good recently without coming straight to the point. 

Sure enough, her father immediately became nervous: “Is it because of Fu Chuan, sigh, that child is also unlucky.”


“No, it’s because of other things.” Han Jiaojiao glanced at Lao Han, and then lowered her head and pushed at the food in her bowl, as if she had something to hide.

“If there is something, say it.

Don’t mention it and then stop midway.” Lao Han frowned, “I can’t follow you guys all the time, and I won’t know anything if you don’t say something.”

“It’s someone spreading rumors behind backs.” Han Jiaojiao said angrily, “Said Yao Yi bullied classmates in the class.”

“Bullied who” Lao Han actually showed a smile, “That child is usually reluctant to sleep, so why would she waste time to bully people”

“Of course not!” Han Jiaojiao continued to pour oil (TLN: making the matter more serious), “It’s that Yu Qingying, who can’t get it right by studying every day, she only knows how to cause rumors.”

Han Jiaojiao was also in the top ten in Class Zero.

Yu Qingying and Qin Li were in the last places all year round in the class.

Of course, she was qualified to say that their grades were not good.

“Yu Qingying” Old Han paused, “What’s going on, she’s so behaved, did you misunderstand something”

Behaved! Han Jiaojiao rolled her eyes in her heart, some people just took advantage of their looks.

“No, originally there were gangsters finding trouble with Yu Qingying, but Yao Yi rescued her, and now Yu Qingying is spreading rumors about Yao Yi.” Han Jiaojiao explained the ins and outs of the matter to her father.

“I see, tomorrow I’ll go to the school to investigate.

But classmate Yu has always been well-behaved, there should be some misunderstanding.” Although Lao Han had taught so many students and his eyes were sharp, he didn’t pay much attention to Yu Qingying.

Adding on the frequent compliments from Teacher Zhou Hui, he still had a good impression of her,

Although Han Jiao Jiao was dissatisfied, she also knew that he couldn’t eat hot tofu in a hurry (TLN: she can’t rush things), and they were all hypothesizing without evidence.

Han Jiaojiao: 【My task has been completed, how about you, Li Ge 】

Li Ge: 【Completed the task perfectly, my father said that he is going to thoroughly investigate the safety of the surrounding environment of the school.

Zhao Qian: 【The alley Yi Yi talked about today, I remember there was a camera.

Li Ge: 【Huh How do you know, I’ve never heard of it.

Zhao Qian: 【I heard from my police relatives that Yan City is a big tourist city.

In order to ensure the safety of tourists and locals.

Remote places, such as small alleys, are equipped with cameras that rotate 360 ​​degrees in high-definition.

Li Ge: 【Done talking, I’ll go to my dad.

After a while, another message appeared in the group.

Qin Li: 【It’s good that you all have power and money.

Han Jiaojiao: 【…】

Zhao Qian: 【…】

Zhao Qian: 【Damn, how did you get in Who let you in 】

Qin Li: 【I don’t know who pulled me in :-)]

Han Jiaojiao: 【You didn’t see anything just now.

Qin Li: 【Let me stay in the group, I won’t reveal anything that I saw.

Han Jiaojiao:【:-)】

Zhao Qian and Han Jiaojiao chatted privately for a long time, and found that Qin Li was not brought in by the two of them.

【It was probably Li Ge who did the good deed.

Forget it, forgive him and he wouldn’t dare to say things anyway.

】Zhao Qian thought for a while, and felt that Qin Li, who had listened to them a lot anyway, it didn’t matter if he’s in the group anymore.

Yao Yi didn’t know what her friends were planning, so she was only studying for language arts and composition.

“Has your injury healed” Fu Chuan asked suddenly.

Yao Yi stopped writing and replied blankly, “It’s been healed.” It wasn’t a serious injury.

Fu Chuan turned his head: “Really, let me see.” After that, he spontaneously held Yao Yi’s hand on the table.

“It’s healed.” In order to prove that what she said was true, Yao Yi even moved in the direction of Fu Chuan.

Fu Chuan squeezed Yao Yi’s delicate wrist lightly, and looked down at her open palm, thinking about something.

But Yao Yi actually thought he didn’t see clearly, and was still worried about whether she was injured or not.

Fu Chuan was really kind-hearted, Yao Yi thought to herself, and said, “It’s really okay, only a little scar.”

Fu Chuan gently stroked Yao Yi’s wrist where there were still faint brown marks, and murmured in a low voice, “Remember to apply the medicine until the scar disappears.”

“Oh.” Yao Yi nodded and was about to withdraw her hand.

“What are you two doing!” Zhao Qian immediately stepped forward and parted the hands of the two of them.

“In the public, have some face (TLN: act moral), brother!”

Zhao Qian mistakenly thought that Fu Chuan was holding Yao Yi’s hand and wanted to fight.

After all, the image of the two as rivals had been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Fu Chuan had something in his heart and was unwilling to pay attention to Zhao Qian, so he slowly retracted his hand and read his book.

As for Yao Yi, she was used to the random surprises of her friends, and she also resumed to immerse herself in studying her composition.

Han Jiaojiao fell behind and asked Li Ge why he pulled Qin Li into their group of three.

“Huh When did I pull him in” Li Ge tried hard to recall, only to remember that he had just pulled someone in order to send photos.

After listening to Li Ge’s explanation, Han Jiaojiao sighed: “That’s the only way.

Anyway, although he looks a little bit annoying, he’s still better than the rest of the class.”

“Not kicking him out” Li Ge said it for granted, as if he was not the one who pulled him in.

“Forget it, let’s get rid of Yu Qingying’s matter early.” Han Jiaojiao felt heartbroken when she remembered the teachers’ attitude towards Yu Qingying.

“My dad called last night to go through the surveillance and investigate this matter thoroughly.” Li Ge still believed that his dad, as a principal, would safeguard the interests of students’ safety.

 Yu Qingying was still letting her “girlfriends” spread news around, and she was often lying on the table to maintain a “sad facade.”

The unsuspecting language arts teacher had already privately talked to her.

The author has something to say: The vast number of readers are full of talents, I admire you all!

But a certain meowing reader who said that they wants an update a day, are you not afraid that you will be chased by Yao Yao who is going to fight you冖v冖

Anon’s Rambles: This Yu Qingying… (ノ -益-)ノ︵ ┻━┻  I really hate her, she hopes that Yao Yi will get beaten up even after helping her just because she has good grades, and can sit next to Fu Chuan.


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