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Chapter 34: I’m not stupid, really!

“You guys make the choice yourselves, it’s better to apply for two or more.

And if you can advance, you can specialize in one competition.” Lao Han looked around and announced, “This semester is just a preliminary, in the first semester of the second year of high school, there will be a league.

It isn’t a problem for you guys to enter the league, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to sit in this class.”

“Can we choose to not join, teacher” Yao Yi asked with a raised hand.

Lao Han questioned in surprise, “Why don’t you want to participate”

“The competition is for extra points or recommendations for guaranteed acceptance.

I think it is enough for me to take the high school exams.

I don’t want to spend too much time on these competitions.” Yao Yi said as a matter of factly.

Not only Lao Han, but all the students in the class turned and looked at Yao Yi.

Their hearts felt complicated.


Generally, in Class Zero, parents took their children’s future very seriously, and they would be contacted with news about competitions in advance.

Some advanced parents would even start preparing in middle school.

“Do you know much about competition” Lao Han slowly walked off the podium.

“I’ve heard from my classmates.” Yao Yi occasionally heard discussions in the class.

She wasn’t interested in these things, and her family didn’t value her grades that much.

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Zys Zk dseele: “R eke y plv clqsal.”

“Tso es usw qllz, nsxryale vs swa xsdvbzu lmyxp, xke-vlax yde qkdyz lmyxp” Nys Tyd nsdvkdwle vs ypj.

“Rv’p qkdl, kv’p y zkvvzl xsal nsxrzlm vbyd vbl pnbssz’p.”

Hearing that, Fu Chuan, next to her, raised his eyes and looked at Yao Yi.

He found that she never used the word “difficult” in terms of mathematics, but always used “complex”.


“Do you know IMO” Lao Han was sure that Yao Yi didn’t know, otherwise she wouldn’t have believed that spending time on the competition was a waste of time.

Sure enough, Yao Yi shook her head.

“IMO’s full name is the International Mathematical Olympiad.

There are high school students from more than 80 countries participating in the competition, all of whom have the most potential in mathematics.

” Lao Han smiled, “Of course, first of all, you have to beat the top math students from all over the country and become the strongest six.”

Now Yao Yi was piqued with interest and excitement.

Was this competition really so interesting

“Oh, yes, if you can participate in the training camp, you will definitely be able to see the famous mathematicians in our country.” Lao Han said casually.

Math, mathematicians Yao Yi was completely stunned.

She had never dared to think that she could meet or become a mathematician in the future!

“As long as you enter the winter camp, you may meet those people.” Fu Chuan explained to Yao Yi in a low voice.

Yao Yi looked at Fu Chuan in surprise: “Really”

“Well, if you go to the competition, you will definitely make it to the end.” Fu Chuan said lightly, as if he didn’t think there was anything wrong with what he said.

“Oh.” Yao Yi looked at her deskmate quietly.

Sometimes, she would hate Fu Chuan when she was always second, but Fu Chuan was not completely unpleasant.

He would always help her and answer her doubts.

Lao Han continued: “As long as you can reach the end of each competition, you can represent your country and compete for gold and silver internationally.

As far as I know, there are already students in our class who want to apply for the informatics competition.

Right, Zhao Qian “

Zhao Qian: “…” He already knew but still had to name him.


Spit slot was spit slot1, Zhao Qian still raised a polite smile and nodded to indicate that he was right.

“Informatics” Han Jiaojiao looked at Zhao Qian in surprise, “We have this type of competition”

Informatics contests are generally known only in economically developed cities, but she had never heard of them in Yan City.

“Yes.” Zhao Qian covered his face and sighed.

He was now completely exposed.

“In short, what I mean is that everyone has a lot of spare time now.

It’s good to sign up for a few competitions to experience what the world is like.

If you can’t get that far, don’t give up.

Just come back to prepare for the high school final exam.

After some lectures by Lao Han, all the people in the class signed up for the competition.

The preliminaries for each subject were different.

Mathematics and biology were the earliest; it would start this semester.

As for the informatics, only Zhao Qian out of the whole class applied for it.

The computer-based exam involved programming, which was not something that ordinary students could simply learn.

By the week of the upcoming summer break, almost all the students who signed up for the competition in Class Zero passed the preliminaries.

They were all of the best students in No.

1 High School, so it should be no problem for them to pass in the national preliminary competition.

If they could get a ranking in the preliminary competition, it would be counted as completing the task.

It took a lot of talent to keep going.

“The national training camp is usually in the capital.” One day, Fu Chuan suddenly said to Yao Yi next to him.

Yao Yi realized: “What training camp Math”

“Mhm.” Fu Chuan looked at Yao Yi, whose face was flushed because she had been writing the test papers for too long.

He said, with a chuckle, “If you go to the training camp, I can be your tour guide.”


When Zhao Qian heard Fu Chuan’s words, he glanced back, wondering why he was being so kind to Yao Yi.

“My grandfather’s home is also in the capital.” Although she hadn’t been there much, Yao Yi bit her pen and lowered her eyes as she thought.

The friendly conversation broke down.

Fu Chuan didn’t take it seriously and still turned around and went about his own business in an orderly manner.

Seeing that nothing happened, Zhao Qian refocused his attention and continued with his own things.

During the two month summer break, final exams were unavoidable.

Yao Yi pushed her little broken bicycle and walked out of the school slowly.

As for why it became a small broken bicycle, it was because Yao Yi had fallen on it countless times in just one semester.

It was originally planned that Yao Yi would move back to the dormitory after her grandfather returned back to the capital, but then Father Yao and Mother Yao firmly disagreed.

Lin Xiuyu2 even had red eyes: “Xiao Yi can only stay with us for these next few years in high school.

How can you still live at school After Xiao Yi goes to college, I will not be able to see you even if I wanted to.

After the Chinese New Year, Yao Yi’s parents began to consciously reduce the frequency of going out, in order to spend more time with their daughter.

In the end, Yao Yi couldn’t beat them and agreed to live at home, but the dormitory was still reserved for her lunch breaks.

She was not very good at riding her bicycle either.

She was in a daze every day, going to school and leaving school.

Of course, she would fall multiple times.


Just after school, there were many people and cars.

Yao Yi usually pushed the bicycle, accompanied by Han Jiaojiao.

When they arrived at the bus stop, they separated and went home.

With a long sigh, Yao Yi got on her bicycle, kicked her feet on the ground, and moved forward slowly.

It was not impossible to take the bus, but it was too crowded and there were too many people along the way.

Yao Yi tried it before, and she almost vomited blood from the crowdedness.

Yan City’s economy was prosperous.

Coupled with the title of tourist destination, alleys were indispensable.

Yao Yi turned around and tried to take a shortcut, but was attracted by the loud noise in front of her.

There was a voice she was familiar with; it seemed like a classmate in her class.

Taking a closer look, it was her classmate, Yu Qingying.

She was cornered by a few girls, crying, and there were a few rowdy boys standing behind her.

School bullying.

Yao Yi immediately thought of these words in her mind.

However, there were so many people, she wouldn’t be able to help much.

At most she could run fast.

After thinking about it, Yao Yi pushed her bicycle and quietly ducked back.

She took out her phone and dialed 110, then took a photo.

She took pictures of everyone’s faces.

“No, I don’t know him.” Yu Qingying sobbed.

“If you don’t know A’Jian, how did you hook up with him” A curly-haired girl slapped her directly.

The sound of the slap startled Yao Yi, who was hiding in the alley on the other side.

They were too much.

Yao Yi frowned and looked around.

However, there was no one, only walls.

After getting on the bicycle again, Yao Yi directly rushed straight into the group of people, with an extraordinary performance of high precision.

A few girls were dazed by the sudden bicycle, and they retreated to the wall with the boys.

Yao Yi took the opportunity to get off the bicycle, grab Yu Qingying and run.

Yao Yi was very familiar with the alley, but the people chasing after them were also familiar with it too.

“Hurry up and run.” Yao Yi dragged Yu Qingying, who was behind, and ran wildly, trying to find an exit to a street where there were people.

Too flustered, the two of them couldn’t find a way out for a long time.

Yao Yi stopped and looked up at the wall closest to them, about two meters away.

“What do we do, they’re catching up” Yu Qingying pinched Yao Yi’s hand, and she kept crying there, not caring whether her nails hurt Yao Yi or not.

“Climb up.” Yao Yi said to Yu Qingying.

“I can’t climb up.” Yu Qingying shook her head desperately.

Yao Yi pointed to a protruding stone on the wall: “You can go over it if you step on that.”

Yu Qingying covered her face and was still sobbing: “It’s too high, I can’t step on it.”

The voices of the group of people got closer and closer.

Yao Yi frowned and said anxiously: “I’ll just carry you up, otherwise they will find you and you will be beaten.”

Perhaps frightened by Yao Yi’s words, Yu Qingying quickly agreed.

Yu Qingying was not tall originally, and she couldn’t reach the top of the wall with her hands.

Yao Yi bent down and lifted her with difficulty.

“You didn’t step on it.

Go higher!” Yu Qingying’s feet fluttered below, and she didn’t care whether Yao Yi stood firm or not.

Yu Qingying’s movements were very big, and the school pants were “carefully improved” by her, so they fit very snugly.

After she stepped on the stone, the school pants were finally torn, and they were split along the buttocks.

Yao Yi, who raised her head, clearly saw the underwear inside.

She was about to remind Yu Qingying, who had not realized that her pants were torn, when the group of people behind rushed over with sticks in their hands.

Yu Qingying, who was sitting on the top of the wall, looked inside the wall, then looked at the street outside the wall, and hurriedly said: “Yao Yi, come up quickly.”

Then she slid down and disappeared behind the wall.

Yao Yi couldn’t think of anything else.

It was too late to climb the wall now.

They had already caught up to her.

“Is there anything we can sit down and talk about” Yao Yi tried to reason.

“Talk about you #####3” The curly-haired girl responded angrily, “Where did you come from Are you with that b*tch”

“Uh, don’t swear, it’s not right.” Yao Yi was a little worried when she heard the unpleasant words.

How could a girl say such ugly words at such a young age

“I ####, you are a stupid ####!” The curly-haired girl rolled her eyes, not understanding Yao Yi’s brain circuit.

“I used to be in first place in exams.

I’m not stupid.

Although now I can only take second place.

” Yao Yi quickly explained.

“You…” The curly-haired girl’s face darkened. 

“Sister, why are you talking nonsense with her Since she helped that #### just beat her up!”

The curly-haired girl came back to her senses, and with a wave of her hand, everyone surrounded Yao Yi.


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