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Chapter 33: Numbness

“Prepare the milk tea.” Qin Li said to Li Ge while the teacher turned his back to write on the blackboard.

Li Ge released a murderous aura through his glasses: “What nonsense are you talking about You know already”

“Class 15 is on the first floor.

They took pictures and posted them in the group chat.” Qin Li handed the phone to Li Ge, and he conveniently looked at his expression.

The whole picture was shot quite clearly.

As long as he zoomed in, he could see the names of the top 100 people clearly.

Similarly, the two characters with black and enlarged characters can also be clearly seen.

Fu Chuan.


Li Ge’s heart suddenly froze, and his face became ugly in an instant.

“Oh come on.

You don’t look like you don’t have money.

You’re frightened by fifty cups of milk tea” Qin Li poked the little fat boy next to him.

Li Ge glanced at Qin Li fiercely and sent a message to himself on his phone, ignoring Qin Li.

He buried his head to send the message to the three person group chat.

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Hbys Ckyd: [Gnvwyzzu Zk Zk’p zydtwytl yavp byp kxrashle.]

Nk Ql: […Ww Ubwyd byp yzps kxrashle]

Tyd Kkysfkys: [Rv’p yddsukdt.

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Li Ge: [Although I don’t want to admit it, he has always been very powerful.

It is estimated that it was just because it was not suitable for our exam papers.]


Zhao Qian: [Yi Yi will definitely not feel good.]

Li Ge: [Should we stop her from going to the top 100 list]

Han Jiaojiao: [Stupid, before school dismissal, the class president will bring the report card over.

Isn’t our class’ first place the first place in the grade]

Although the words were a bit crazy, they were the truth.

Zhao Qian: [And when did Yi Yi take the initiative to look at the top 100 list It was only once last semester that we ran into her when we went to the cafeteria.]

“Okay, how many times have you taken exams, and you are still so restless” The teacher knocked on the table, signaling the students who were a little impetuous today to calm down.

“Pay attention in class.

The grades have already come out.

Looking at it sooner or later is the same thing.

You will know best in your own hearts whether you have failed the exam or not.”

Slender and fair fingers pressed and passed a note and suddenly caught Yao Yi’s eyes: [Would you like to go to the bulletin board to see the results together after class]

Yao Yi turned her head, looked at Fu Chuan, whose face was still facing the blackboard, and regarded this note as his provocation.


Yao Yi picked up the pen and wrote a word on it, which made Fu Chuan’s words more elegant and handsome.

When the class dismissal bell rang, some anxious people who wanted to see their grades rushed out first.

The teacher packed up his things on the podium and shook his head helplessly.

Han Jiaojiao and Zhao Qian looked back together, and were about to say something to Yao Yi to distract her, when she saw the two people standing in the back row.



Together with Li Ge from the next group, the three of them watched Fu Chuan and Yao Yi walk out of the classroom.

Qin Li wondered beside him: “Are they going to go out for a one vs one”

Li Ge glared back at him: “No one will see you as a mute even if you don’t speak.”

“I’ll go out and have a look.” Han Jiaojiao stood up and walked out.

Li Ge ran to Han Jiaojiao’s seat and lay on the window with Zhao Qian, staring at the bulletin board downstairs.

There was already a circle of people around, and all around were people taking pictures.

“Why can’t the headteacher come here at this time He’ll definitely have a whole bucket of phones.” Li Ge sighed while looking at the group of students holding phones below.

Zhao Qian didn’t reply to him because he saw Yao Yi and Fu Chuan walking downstairs side by side, followed by a sneaky Han Jiaojiao.

Yao Yi stood next to Fu Chuan and was a little unexpectedly nervous.

In this exam, she didn’t feel that she did badly, nor did she think she did well in essay composition.

At this time, there were circles of people at the bulletin board, and the people behind were so crowded that they couldn’t see the ranking above.

Fu Chuan could see clearly that, no surprise, the top person was himself.

He turned to look at Yao Yi beside him, and he knew that she could obviously see her name under Fu Chuan.


“I’m first place.” Fu Chuan said lightly.

“Oh.” Yao Yi’s face was expressionless, but her heart was in a mess.

She suddenly wondered if she was stupid.

Fu Chuan always felt that he had heard Yao Yi’s grievances.

His eyes were full of smiles, and even the corners of his lips drew a beautiful arc.

To Han Jiaojiao, who was watching from behind, this scene was blatant ridicule and irony!

“Next time I’ll be able to surpass you.” Yao Yi stared at Fu Chuan and said firmly.

Her face returned to a fair complexion, and a thin blush appeared on her face because of emotion.

Fu Chuan moved his downed fingers and said in a low voice, “Okay.”

Yao Yi frowned suddenly, thinking that Fu Chuan was provoking her again.

After looking at the rankings, the preparation bell for the fourth class period also rang.

Yao Yi turned around and walked into the teaching building, followed by Fu Chuan.

Han Jiaojiao, who was following behind, immediately dodged and hid behind a pillar.

The two people, who could see clearly upstairs, sighed.

Yao Yi was pressed down again and again because of her grades, and she couldn’t calm down no matter how calm she was.

Looking at Fu Chuan, she felt that he was a little annoying.

Although classmate Fu Chuan was kind, Yao Yi decided to hate him from now on.

The first step to hating him was to not speak to him, although the two of them didn’t talk much in the first place.


What everyone did not expect was that in less than a week, there would be news that came to the school.

It was said that the above (TLN: Education administration) suddenly organized a provincial joint exam, and all schools had to participate next Wednesday.

For ordinary students, this was a very tormenting thing.

But for Yao Yi, it was a good opportunity to overtake him.

She tried her best to memorize some good words and sentences, trying to fill her dry brain.

“Xiao Yi, come out to eat.” Lin Zhuo went upstairs and knocked on the door, but didn’t expect a light push to open it.

He listened to Yao Yi muttering and memorizing something.

“Grandpa, why did you come up” Yao Yi was interrupted.

She put down the book, and quickly helped her grandfather sit down.

“Your mother called you several times from downstairs.

I was afraid you didn’t hear, so I came up.” Lin Zhuo said with a smile, “Why is Xiao Yi working so hard You are already in first place.

Don’t work so hard and harm your body.”

Speaking of first place, Yao Yi’s expression dropped immediately: “I’m not first place.”

Lin Zhuo was really taken aback: “There is someone that has better grades than our Xiao Yi”

“He’s very powerful.

His handwriting is better than mine, and his essay composition is better than me.” Although Yao Yi felt aggrieved, she had to admit that Fu Chuan was better than her.

“Is that so…” Lin Zhuo patted his granddaughter and smiled, “It’s a good thing to have an opponent.

It can help you improve.

But Xiao Yi, don’t force yourself too hard; the body is the most important thing.”

“But if I don’t improve my writing score, he may always be the first.” Yao Yi couldn’t accept such a thing happening at all.

A person who was used to taking the first place from the beginning of school could not accept the sudden change to the second place.

“But our Xiao Yi’s body is also very important.

Grandfather will be worried.”

“I’m sorry, Grandpa.” Yao Yi whispered apologetically.

“Okay, let’s go down to eat.” Lin Zhuo supported himself with Yao Yi’s hand and slowly stood up.

In the blink of an eye, it was next Wednesday.

Yao Yi finished all the exams with a heavy heart.

For this exam, the school would pick 200 exam papers and take them to the province for correction, so the results will not come out so quickly.

When the students heard this news, a big stone fell on their hearts.

Yao Yi had been anxiously waiting for these few days.

She had worked hard to learn, and she had also tried her best to write the essay.

The day before the results came out, Lao Han specially called Yao Yi to the office to talk.

“When you came in, all the teachers in the school knew about you, and the principal was very optimistic about you.” Lao Han said with a smile, “Even now, all the teachers still think you are good.”

“Mhm.” Yao Yi nodded, wondering what the headteacher called her here for.

“Sometimes first place doesn’t mean anything, especially with you and Fu Chuan’s current grades.

There is no problem with being accepted into top colleges, and they don’t even need any extra points.” Lao Han took a sip of tea and continued to explain, “So there is no difference between the first and the second for you.

The teachers know that you are both very good.”

“My essay composition is not good.” Yao Yi pointed out her shortcomings honestly.

“Mhm, I know.

But everyone always has their own weaknesses.

Yao Yi, you don’t need to press yourself too hard.

Although your essay composition is a bit poor, it wouldn’t affect your entrance into the top universities.”

“Oh.” This conversation was of no use, especially after the results of the joint exam came out.

Yao Yi put all the words of dissuasion at the back of her head and immersed herself in her studies, which was the complete opposite of her relaxed appearance before.

Yao Yi was pressed again and again, and the teachers and students of No.

1 High School began to gradually become numb.

Even Han Jiaojiao’s trio felt that Fu Chuan would keep pressing Yao Yi throughout their high school career.

The relationship between Fu Chuan and Yao Yi had also reached a freezing point.

Yao Yi would never ask Fu Chuan any questions, nor would she ask him for advice on essay composition.

She couldn’t write it anyway!

“Xiao Yi, you can buy something to eat at home on the weekends.

Your mother and I will send grandpa back to the capital.” Father Yao knocked on Yao Yi’s door and said to the door, “Don’t sleep too late.”

“Has Xiao Yi slept” Lin Xiuyu sat in the living room and asked Father Yao on the stairs.

Father Yao shook his head: “You don’t know that kid Plus, I heard that she’s always second in exams recently, so she’s under a lot of pressure and stress.”

“Silly child, following her uncle.” Lin Xiuyu suddenly said.

Yao Jianlong walked to his wife and hugged her: “There’s no solution; she was born like that and it can’t be changed.

We can only watch Xiao Yi carefully and prevent her from doing anything bad.”

Early in the morning, Yao Yi rode her bicycle to school and was in a bad mood on the road.

She had a sense of fear of school now.

Every day when she entered the classroom and saw Fu Chuan, she recalled the fear of being dominated by him.

Yao Yi, who didn’t care about anything at first, now thinks all about Fu Chuan.

She was constantly thinking about how to pull him down from the first place throne.

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Yao Yao: My head is full of you.

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