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Chapter 31: The Journal That Can Move

Yao Yi slept late and got up early for two consecutive days.

She didn’t take a lunch break at noon, and she finally fell asleep during the first lesson in the afternoon.

She didn’t even use the hand pestle.

She just lay down, showing half of her face towards the window.

After the teacher wrote on the blackboard, he turned around and found Yao Yi, who was lying down, fast asleep, among the students who were sitting upright.

The teacher looked away and continued to talk about his lesson.

Sometimes, students with good grades would be given preferential treatment, especially if it was a student with outstanding grades, even in the best class like Yao Yi.

Fu Chuan had his head lowered as he took some notes at will, and his eyes inadvertently fell on Yao Yi next to him.

He was tall, so he could clearly see Yao Yi, who was lying on the desk.

Fu Chuan was a little distracted, and he didn’t even know when his pen stopped.

The curtains were not drawn, so the sun was slowly coming in.

For those who were focused in class, it felt warm.

But for Yao Yi, who had half of her face exposed to the sun, it didn’t feel very good.


Yao Yi, who was sleeping, frowned and buried her face in her folded arms.

After less than a minute, she felt as though she couldn’t breathe, and a small part of her face was revealed again.

She slept quite unsteadily.

Fu Chuan looked at the undrawn curtains and then looked at the teacher, who was doing calculations on the blackboard.

His eyebrows and eyes were still indifferent as before, but his long arms stretched out.

He took a book from Yao Yi’s table and stuck it directly on the glass.

After doing this, Fu Chuan continued to write his notes calmly, as if nothing had happened just now.

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Yao Yi turned her head to look at the mathematics journal still attached to the glass and then looked at Fu Chuan, who was looking at the blackboard.

Yao Yi finally quietly put it away.


After ‘working overtime’, Yao Yi finally finished reading the latest issue of the journal and was able to transfer it to Qin Li as scheduled.

“Please don’t stick it on the glass next time.” Qin Li said solemnly, “I’ve already waited impatiently, and you still have to stick it in such an obvious place.

It makes my heart itch.”

“Oh.” Yao Yi really thought that she had put it there when she was drowsy.

“The next issue is for you to read first.

It’s useless for me to post it.”

Qin Li said with a black face: “There won’t be a next time.”

“Okay.” Yao Yi nodded reluctantly, “I can’t control it either.

I was drowsy last time.”

“What is this” Li Ge tried to turn it over, but Qin Li immediately squeezed his hand.

“Don’t touch it!”

“Do you have to do that” Li Ge said angrily, “Yi Yi, why do you associate with such a stingy person”

Yao Yi didn’t talk to him about Qin Li.

She explained directly: “This is a foreign mathematics journal.

The teacher asked our senior brother to order it.”

Hearing that it was this kind of book, Li Ge suddenly lost interest.

“Oh, I thought it was some kind of treasure.” Li Ge glared at Qin Li, “Stingy.”

Qin Li glanced sharply at Li Ge.


The two began to verbally fight each other.

Apart from becoming speechless while speaking to Yao Yi, there wasn’t anyone Qin Li couldn’t fight.

But Li Ge had been in the gossip world for so many years, and his skills in verbal fights were quite deep.

Yao Yi saw that the fire of war was about to burn her, so she immediately ran away and headed back to her seat.

It was just that she moved too much and accidentally bumped into Fu Chuan.

Looking at Fu Chuan, who turned to look at her, Yao Yi quickly whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“Be careful.” Fu Chuan’s eyes fell on Yao Yi’s red wrist, and he lowered his long eyelashes for a moment to cover up his emotions.

“Oh.” Yao Yi thought that he was warning her since she disturbed him, “I’m sorry, I won’t bump into you next time.”

Fu Chuan watched Yao Yi sit up again.

He looked down at his book, hesitated, and finally gave up explaining.

Time passed by, and just when Yao Yi realized that she and her deskmate had found a balance in getting along, the No.

1 High School ushered in another mid-term exam.

On the day of the exam, Yao Yi came very early.

She walked into the exam room and froze for a while in the empty classroom, sitting in the second row of the first group with a complicated mood.

She had never looked at other people’s backs in any exam, except… Fu Chuan.

Today, Fu Chuan came very late.

In the past, every time Yao Yi came for the exam, Fu Chuan was already sitting in Yao Yi’s current position.

He walked in slowly when the bell was about to ring, and just made eye contact with Yao Yi in the back row.

Yao Yi’s eyes quickly moved away, and she wondered if she was too crazy before.

She looked at Fu Chuan, who was late, and thought he was crazy.

Looking at it differently, did others see her in the same way before


As soon as the bell rang, the invigilator immediately handed out the exam papers.

When he walked to the first row, he saw Fu Chuan and froze.

He adjusted his glasses and saw Yao Yi in the back row.

He was a little sorry.

It seemed that the myth had been broken.

He was a teacher in the third year of high school and had come to invigilate the exam once before.

He liked Yao Yi very much, and he regretted that he didn’t teach the first year of high school last year.

He didn’t know Fu Chuan; he only knew about Yao Yi.

Of course, the invigilator encouraged Yao Yi without complimenting Fu Chuan.

“If you lose the first place once, there will be another time.

Next time, relax your mind and take the test.” The invigilator smiled kindly.

Sitting in the front, Fu Chuan could hear it clearly, but he didn’t feel any jealousy.

He just looked down at his exam paper thoughtfully.

Yao Yi didn’t put her mind on other things.

She was conscientiously writing her exam papers, much more seriously than before.

But no matter how serious she was, the things that she couldn’t do originally, she couldn’t do now.

Likewise, the things that she knew she could do, she could do now.

After the last exam, Yao Yi did not rush back to the dormitory as before, but sat there for a while.

The people in the exam room finished one after another, and when she looked up, there was only Fu Chuan in front of her in the classroom.

“Are you not leaving” Yao Yi poked the person in front of her curiously.

Fu Chuan turned around after a while: “My phone ran out of battery.”

Yao Yi and he looked at each other.

She didn’t understand the relationship between the question she asked just now and the response she was given.

“Can I borrow your phone Uncle Li is still at home today, and he won’t come if he doesn’t receive news.” Fu Chuan took out his phone and showed it to Yao, the screen was black.

Yao Yi hesitated: “But… I didn’t bring my phone.”


Now, everyone had a phone, so there were no phone booths outside the school.

Could he take the bus back Yao Yi took a closer look at Fu Chuan’s side profile.


wasn’t suitable.

And Fengyang Road was too far by bus.

“My phone is in the dormitory; you can go get it with me.” Yao Yi thought for a while and said.

Finally, Fu Chuan stood in the girls’ dormitory and waited, and Yao Yi went up to get her phone.

Just after the exam was over, most people were a little impetuous.

There were many girls standing in the corridor chatting.

“Isn’t that Fu Chuan from Class Zero” Suddenly, someone upstairs saw Fu Chuan at the gate and said to her companion next to her.

“Where God! It’s really him.” The companion picked up her phone and was about to take a picture.

“Who’s that person”

“Who” The companion zoomed in on the camera, “It seems to be… Yao Yi.”

“Will they fight”

The companion looked at the two people on the phone and accidentally clicked record video.

She didn’t come out of it but watched it on the phone.

“It looks like they are very close.

Yao Yi gave something to Fu Chuan.

Mhm… It’s a phone.”

“Thank you.” Fu Chuan took over the phone, lowered his head and dialed a number, “Uncle Li, I have finished the exam.

Please come to school to pick me up.”

“Okay, young master.” Although Uncle Li didn’t understand why the young master said earlier that he didn’t need him to come and asked him to come now, the young master’s words always had to be listened to.

But whose phone number was that

After hanging up, Fu Chuan handed the phone to Yao Yi.

At that moment, her phone suddenly vibrated.

Yao Yi hadn’t been holding it firmly, so the phone dropped directly.

She immediately reached out to pick up the phone, and at that moment, Fu Chuan also reached out at the same time.

Their hands ended up holding each other’s, and they both paused.

Yao Yi looked up at Fu Chuan, and the hand he was holding suddenly felt hot.

Could it be because she was hit by Fu Chuan just now Yao Yi was thoughtful.

“Answer the phone.” Fu Chuan’s throat moved, and he withdrew his hand to remind Yao Yi.

“Oh.” Yao Yi answered the phone obediently.

“Xiao Yi, come home tomorrow.

Grandpa is coming to our house.” Father Yao smiled on the other end of the phone.

“Grandpa misses you very much.

Remember to go to the wholesale store where you bought dried fish last time to buy some dried fish.

Your mother said his family’s things are authentic.”

“Okay.” Yao Yiagreed, and looked up at Fu Chuan before she left, and looked at him suspiciously.

“Are you going to buy something” Fu Chuan heard clearly from the side.

Yao Yi remembered that Fu Chuan passed the wholesale market on the way back to his home, and nodded: “I am going to the wholesale market in the west of the city.

You will pass by when you get home.

Can you give me a ride”

It was not that Yao Yi was being rude.

It was just that she always liked to take the easiest route in her mind.

It was okay to take the bus from here, but it was obviously not as convenient as taking the car of the person in front of her.

“Yeah.” Fu Chuan, of course, agreed.

The two walked outside the school together, and Fu Chuan quietly put his hands in his pocket and turned off his phone, in case someone called.

Uncle Li drove over quickly, and the two of them didn’t wait long.

“Little classmate, was it your phone that was used to call me” Uncle Li asked with a smile.

“Yes, Classmate Fu Chuan’s phone is out of battery, so he borrowed my phone.” Yao Yi replied truthfully.

Wasn’t it just fully charged at noon today He helped to unplug the phone.

“Uncle Li, look at the road.” Fu Chuan interrupted Uncle Li when he was about to ask the question that was coming out of his mouth, and instructed, “She will get off at the wholesale market at the west of the city.”

Uncle Li never understood the thoughts of his young master, but today he realized something and kept his mouth tightly shut all the way.

After Yao Yi got off the car, Fu Chuan also got off.

“” Yao Yi looked at him suspiciously.

“I’ll wait for you to buy your things before going back.” Fu Chuan said lightly, “Otherwise, if something goes wrong, I am responsible.”


Yao Yi felt that although Fu Chuan spoke badly, his heart was still as kind as ever.

She smiled at him happily.

Fu Chuan’s face was unnatural for a moment, and quickly returned to his indifferent appearance.

It was the same route and the same shopkeepers, but this time Yao Yi was followed by a person.

Walking to the dry goods store designated by Mother Yao, Yao Yi went into the store to pick dried fish without hesitation, but Fu Chuan stared at the person sitting at the door reading a book, his eyes not so friendly.


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