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Chapter 30: Be careful!

“I have something to ask Yao Yi.” Qin Li knew that the four of them had a better relationship than the rest of the class, but it was not appropriate to exclude him like this.

Li Ge ignored Qin Li, and said to Yao Yi, “Yi Yi, don’t get too close to Fu Chuan, he will definitely affect your studies.”

Yao Yi replied dully, “But what he said is quite right.”

 Zhao Qian picked up his schoolbag and retorted: “Don’t be fooled by him, he may compete with you for first place again in the next exam.”

Qin Li stood by and listened to Li Ge and the others brainwashing Yao Yi, saying that the first place in the grade would definitely be Yao Yi’s again, this time Fu Chuan only won because of good luck.


“If you can’t catch up with your language arts grades, Fu Chuan will always be the first.” Qin Li pointed out.

His grades in Class Zero was last, this situation in terms of grades was common to him.

As soon as this statement came out, Han Jiaojiao and the others glared at him.

“If you have something to say, say it quickly, don’t disturb us here.” Li Ge remarked rudely.

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“My dad said that now that I am growing, I should eat and drink more, or I will become a dwarf.” Zhao Qian came over after paying and just heard Li Ge’s complaint.


“Aren’t you afraid of becoming like me” Li Ge still complained about his figure, but unfortunately he became like this because he liked eating too much.

Zhao Qian waved his hand: “I consume too much brain power every day, and I can only get a little comfort from food.”

Han Jiaojiao couldn’t help laughing: “Just you Please learn English well first.”

It was also strange.

When Han Jiaojiao was not in high school before, her father taught Class Zero all year round, but she had never seen him come home and worry about students.

This year was different.

Every time she went home, he would always sigh and say that there were too many ‘cripples’ in the class.

In a class of their caliber, most students should be balanced like Li Ge, and at most like her, with one especially outstanding subject.

But there are actually several ‘cripples’ in this year’s class.

They had outrageously poor grades in a subject.

Forget about Yao Yi, although her essay composition was a bit poor, she had no problem scoring full marks in other subjects.

Zhao Qian’s English grades always fluctuate up and down the passing grade mark, yet he still managed to squeeze into Class Zero.

As for Qin Li, he was only good at math, and mediocre in the other subjects.

Lao Han always said at home that the math, physics and chemistry assignments were too simple, which seemed to limit the performance of the students in the class.

 Han Jiaojiao sometimes looked around and also felt that the subject of mathematics was too easy, and everyone around her got full marks.

But looking down at her score, she felt that math was still a bit difficult, at least the last question was difficult.

“I have already memorized most of the dictionary.

Believe me, I will definitely improve my English by a lot.” Zhao Qian firmly took a bite of the ice cream he just got.

“You worked so hard” Li Ge didn’t believe it at first.

Zhao Qian looked past them with a natural look: “I will learn English well in the future, and it will be easier to learn about computers in the future.”

Yao Yi bit off the small tip on the ice cream and felt it melt away in her mouth, she said slowly, “Are you going to study computers in the future”


“Yes, I want to learn this in the future.

I did a little programming before, and I will show you when I have time.” Zhao Qian added with a sullen face after a while, “My English is too poor, and I can’t understand a lot of things.”

“I want to be a translator in the future.” Han Jiaojiao followed, “I have even chosen a school, as long as I maintain this momentum for the next two years.”

 Li Ge was very interested in Zhao Qian’s programming, and caught Zhao Qian to ask questions.

Yao Yi began to daze off, thinking about something else.

After finishing the ice cream with Zhao Qian, the four people separated.

Yao Yi watched the three of them get on the bus, and then turned around and wandered the street.

Looking at the people coming and going, staring at the advertisements on the high-rise buildings, Yao Yi suddenly felt a sense of emptiness.

It was as if everyone had their own goals, but she only wanted to do math problems.

She couldn’t seem to find anything else she was interested in, and Yao Yi’s life for more than ten years seemed to darken in an instant.

Fu Chuan was sitting in the cafe by the window watching Yao Yi who was walking around for a while.

She was spinning around like a headless fly, looking very aggrieved.

After thinking about it, Fu Chuan put on his coat and walked out of the cafe.

Yao Yi was afraid of the cold, so when she went out, she took out a thin coat from the closet.

Now she put her hands in her pockets, and shrugged her shoulders, still thinking about her future path.

Fu Chuan saw a fast approaching car on the right, while Yao Yi was still walking forward, his heart suddenly lifted.

He jogged forward, stretched out his hand and grabbed Yao Yi who was about to cross the intersection: “There is a car coming.”

His voice was a bit loud, different from Fu Chuan’s usual voice, which made Yao Yi a little dazed when she turned back, until she saw him clearly and realized it was him.

“You’ve grown up to be this big, yet you still don’t pay attention to the road when you walk” Fu Chuan gripped Yao Yi’s arms tightly, the force was a bit strong, making Yao Yi a little uncomfortable.


There were two strange atmospheres between the two.

From Fu Chuan’s point of view, it seemed as if there were swords drawn, but Yao Yi was still in a dazed state.

“Young man, whatever matter it is, be nice to your little girlfriend, what are you doing with such a straight face Girls need to be coaxed.” An elderly grandmother passed by with her hands behind her back and saw the two, she then subconsciously persuaded them.

“…” Only at this time did Fu Chuan realize that the two were indeed in an ambiguous position, but even so, he did not let go of Yao Yi’s hand, for fear that she would run out again.

“No, you don’t have to worry about it.” Fu Chuan pulled Yao Yi back to the sidewalk with strength and said to the smiling grandma.

Watching the person walk away, Yao Yi frowned, “You hurt me.”

Fu Chuan paused: “I’m sorry.” His hand loosened, but he still held onto Yao Yi’s arm.

“Classmate Fu Chuan, what’s the matter” Yao Yi didn’t pay attention to Fu Chuan’s small movements, as long as her arm wasn’t being pinched and hurt.

“Why don’t you pay attention to the road” Fu Chuan didn’t answer Yao Yi’s question, but asked Yao Yi in return.

Yao Yi felt a little guilty, lowered her head and muttered, “I forgot for a while.”

“What if you get hit by a car You are grown up, but you can’t even take care of yourself” Fu Chuan scolded with a gloom on his face, his fingers trembling a little when he remembered the situation just now.

Yao Yi naturally bowed her head and admitted her mistake.

This scene was too familiar.

She had been scolded by her parents many times since she was a child.

“I won’t do it next time.” Yao Yi looked up at Fu Chuan, but began to subconsciously estimate his height.


The sole of the shoe was no more than five centimeters, he was nearly a head higher than her, according to the human body structure…

“There is no next time.” Fu Chuan interrupted Yao Yi’s thinking process and still held her arm.

When he lowered his head, he could see Yao Yi’s clear eyes.

They were not big, but they were not hazy, a clear black and white.

They looked clean and pure, and seemed to contain the universe.

However…her lips were white, making Fu Chuan annoyed.

Letting go of Yao Yi’s arm, Fu Chuan unbuttoned his coat and took it off to wrap it around her.

Even if the current Fu Chuan was not a strong figure, his clothes still looked too big on Yao Yi.

“You…” Yao Yi was dumbfounded and her brain got stuck.

The two of them were only one arm’s length away from each other at the moment.

When Fu Chuan lowered his head to button her up, Yao Yi felt that she could feel him with just a little breath.

“Let’s go.” Fu Chuan wrapped her up well and dragged her to the cafe.

The heat was on in the cafe, and it was a relief to go in.

Yao Yi’s face turned red from the heat immediately, it was very obvious on her pale face.

She was dazed and looked extremely innocent.

Fu Chuan’s heart softened, thought of something, his eyes were deep.

“Classmate Fu Chuan, it’s time for me to go home.” Since Yao Yi was a little scared by the car just now, the rhythm has been controlled by Fu Chuan.

She was trying to get back her mind right now.

“Drink a cup of hot coffee first.” Fu Chuan forced Yao Yi to sit down.

Yao Yi was a little hesitant.

After all, they were competitors now, and with Han Jiaojiao, Li Ge, and others criticizing him, she no longer had the simple goodwill towards Fu Chuan, but a bit of complexity.

Probably seeing her defensiveness, Fu Chuan ordered another cup of coffee, and then got up: “Uncle Li has come to pick me up, you finish your coffee first, then go back and be careful.”

“Your…” clothes.

Yao Yi looked at Fu Chuan who strode out of the cafe, and swallowed the words in her mouth.

The waiter quickly brought up the hot coffee, Yao Yi took a few sips, and sure enough, her body quickly warmed up.

Yao Yi sat in the seat, covered in Fu Chuan’s coat, and seemed to smell a faint citrus smell.

On Monday, Fu Chuan sat next to Yao Yi, as if they hadn’t met that day, and only looked at his book.

On the other hand, Yao Yi was a little uncomfortable.

She looked out the window for a while, pinched the corner of her clothes, and finally talked to her deskmate in a low voice, “I washed your coat and I will bring it to you at noon.”

The clothes were washed by Yao Yi on the weekend and brought back to the dormitory in the afternoon.

However she forgot to bring it to the classroom in a hurry when she went out in the morning.

“Mhm.” Fu Chuan turned a page of the book, his expression remained the same, and he didn’t even raise his head.

If Yao Yi hadn’t been convinced that she heard it, she would have thought she had hallucinations.

“Yao Yi, Lao Han asked you to come to his office.” The class president entered the classroom and called Yao Yi over.

Yao Yi pushed back the chair, bypassed Fu Chuan, and then walked to the mathematics teaching and research room.

“This is your journal.” Lao Han took out a journal from the drawer.

“Your senior brother left you a phone number, you can ask him any questions.”

“Thank you, teacher.” Yao Yi’s eyes lit up while holding the journal.

Lao Han smiled and said, “Okay, go back to the classroom.”

When Yao Yi walked into the classroom, she shook the journal that was in her hand toward Qin Li.

Qin Li gestured with his eyes: [Look at it quickly, after reading it, give it to me.]

Yao Yi: [Give it to you on Thursday.]

Qin Li frowned and nodded reluctantly.

The latest issue of the journal made Yao Yi not even eat lunch, let alone take a nap.

She hurried back to the dormitory and took Fu Chuan’s coat back to the classroom, packed it in a bag, and put them at her feet.

Then she looked down at the math journal, completely absorbed.

When Fu Chuan came to class in the afternoon, Yao Yi didn’t even lift her head, she was addicted to the journal and couldn’t extricate herself.

Taking a look at the bag at Yao Yi’s feet, Fu Chuan didn’t take it, and took out the textbooks he needed for class.


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