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Chapter 29: Teach you essay composition.

“Dad, why did you change seats without giving me a notice beforehand” Han Jiaojiao pushed the vegetables in her bowl around.

She still couldn’t help it and added, “Yi Yi didn’t get first place on the exam for the first time, and you have already said that her language arts is weak.

But in our No.

1 High School, in recent years, who has had better grades than Yi Yi Isn’t it just the total score on the high school exams that count You…”

“Fu Chuan.” Lao Han interrupted suddenly.

“…” Han Jiaojiao suppressed the urge to roll her eyes, “He’s just a little bit better at language arts this time.

None of his other subjects can compare to Yi Yi.”

Lao Han stood up and filled another bowl of rice, and waved at his daughter: “You said just now that the high school exams is based on the total score.

No matter how good Yao Yi is in physics, chemistry, and math, Fu Chuan’s total score is higher than her’s.”

Han Jiaojiao looked at her father’s lack of oil and salt (TLN: Could not understand her point), and was so angry that she threw her chopsticks and complained: “Mom, look at him!”


Lao Han smiled and replied, “You can’t completely blame me for this.

Fu Chuan himself said that it’s best for classmates to help each other, especially for him and Yao Yi.”

Han Jiaojiao frowned as she tugged on her long braids: “What’s the matter with Fu Chuan Could it be that he asked to change seats”

Lao Han nodded: “It’s not just him, I also think a new arrangement is also good.

Fu Chuan has been here for almost a semester, and his progress can be seen in all of the teachers’ eyes.

If he can learn Yao Yi’s flawless problem-solving skills, then after two years, the glory of No.

1 High School will be on him.”

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“R pyo usw oasdt!” Tyd Kkysfkys oyp ps ydtau vbyv pbl eked’v lhld nyzz bkx cu “dkd” (MNL: Mbl nbkdlpl nbyaynvla “您” pbsop alprlnv obld pyukdt usw), yde tsv wr yde ayd kdvs bla assx.

“Kkysfkys!” Ysvbla Tyd vwadle bla blye yde nyzzle swv vs bla eywtbvla.

“Nlv bla cl.” Nys Tyd vssj y rklnl sq xlyv yde rwv kv kdvs bkp csoz, “Fbl’p pvkzz uswdt, R clv Zys Zk, vbyv nbkze rascyczu bypd’v qktwale swv obyv pbl oydvp yduoyu.”

“Zsw yal vblka vlynbla, nyd’v usw ldzktbvld vblx” Ysvbla Tyd pktble, zssjkdt yv bla bwpcyde blzrzlppzu.

“Mblal yal psxl vbkdtp vbyv vblu dlle vs qktwal swv cu vblxplzhlp.” Nys Tyd pxkzle xlydkdtqwzzu.

Mbl asye oyp fwpv wdela vblka qllv, kv fwpv elrldele sd obld vblu qswde swv.

Zys Zk nswzed’v qkde vbl asye yv yzz, cwv pbl eke qkde swv vbyv bla dlo elpjxyvl oyp yzoyup ekpvaynvle kd nzypp.

They sat in the last row, and coupled with the good learning atmosphere in the classroom, the teacher did not need to manage classroom discipline at all.


Moreover, the students in Class Zero were sometimes lazy, and they were unwilling to change seats once a week.

Thus Yao Yi had been sitting by the window the entire time.

Fu Chuan sometimes looked over while he was in class.

At first Yao Yi thought he was looking at herself, but when she glanced up, she found that he was looking out the window.

After a long time, Yao Yi got used to it even if she was still uncomfortable.

What kind of person was he He didn’t listen carefully in class, always looking out the window.

She actually lost to such a person Yao Yi suddenly felt a little unbalanced in her heart, and then she immersed himself in studying her composition book.

It has been said that everyone has a weakness, and their own blind spot is often incomprehensible to ordinary people.

Yao Yi’s writing and thinking process seemed to be blocked, no matter how she wrote, it was always unsatisfactory.

After reading it to Han Jiaojiao, she always had to be silent for a long time before letting Yao Yi continue to work hard.

“Yi Yi, it’s fine, as long as it doesn’t deviate from the topic.” Han Jiaojiao comforted, “It’s good enough to get thirty-five points.”

“But I often hover between twenty-five and twenty-eight points.

According to statistics, thirty-five points must be an extraordinary performance.” Yao Yi was a little worried.

It was reasonable to say that her grades were good enough to enter university.

However, someone suddenly appeared and pulled her off the shrine.

No matter who it happened to, they wouldn’t be convinced, although Yao Yi didn’t care about some shrine.

Putting the written essay composition aside, Yao Yi fell into a slump.

At this moment, a pair of articulated hands picked up Yao Yi’s essay composition.

Yao Yi looked up blankly along his slender fingers like white jade, only to see Fu Chuan’s clean chin, and further up was his calm and handsome face.

Because of her face blindness, she could not actually see Fu Chuan’s face.

But at that moment, she felt that she saw a good-looking face.

Maybe she had hallucinations from when she wrote the essays…


“You, what are you doing” Yao Yi reached out and tried to retrieve her essay composition.

Fu Chuan looked over with his dark brown eyes and answered calmly, “Helping a deskmate.”

Yao Yi originally wanted to say that she didn’t need it, but then she thought that she should study her essay composition so that she could regain the first place.

“Thank you.” Yao Yi let go and said politely.

Fu Chuan lowered his eyes, covering up a smile that flashed very quickly in his eyes.

It’s just that after seeing the essay composition written by Yao Yi, the originally relaxed and content mood gradually became complicated.

Fu Chuan now understood that the essay composition that Yao Yi had written about praising mathematics last semester was actually her greatest skill peak of essay compositions.

He knew every word of the essay composition, and he could understand every sentence.

But once it was connected into a paragraph… Fu Chuan felt that the score of more than 20 points the teacher gave was actually a sympathy score.

“How is it” Yao Yi temporarily forgot that the two were competitors, and only wanted to know what Fu Chuan thought about her essay composition.

After all, his last essay composition was full marks.

“You…need to practice more.” After Fu Chuan finished speaking, he picked up a red pen from his desk and circled around a paragraph in her notebook.

“This paragraph is not badly written.

Your ideas should start from here, and don’t be too divergent.” Fu Chuan pointed to the paragraph above which was outlined in red pen and said quietly.

“Oh.” Yao Yi couldn’t help but look closer, and Fu Chuan moved his hand a little further.


“And the introduction is too messy, it’s better to get straight to the point and mention the question directly.” Fu Chuan also leaned over, holding a pen in the other hand and marking on the notebook.

Yao Yi nodded in a daze.

She understood the principle, but when she was writing the essay, her mind became a mess.

Zhao Qian: [F*ck, what are they doing!]

The ‘For Yi Yi’ group chat suddenly lit up with a message.

Han Jiaojiao, who had her head lowered while writing her English assignment, didn’t notice it.

However, Li Ge, who was ‘distant’ on the other side, saw the message.

Li Ge: [Who]

Zhao Qian: [Who else is there, look behind me.

Li Ge turned to look at Zhao Qian, and then looked past him: Yao Yi and Fu Chuan were head-to-head, quite close.

Li Ge: [What’s the situation]

Zhao Qian: [I don’t know, I was doing my homework just now, and I noticed them when I stretched…]

Li Ge: [Hurry up and listen to what they are saying.]

Before Li Ge sent the message, Zhao Qian had already leaned back slightly, trying to hear what Yao Yi and Fu Chuan were talking about.


“The essay composition requires only three paragraphs.

The teacher grades the exam papers quickly.

As long as you don’t have a problem with the beginning and the end, there is no problem with passing.” Fu Chuan said with a slightly hoarse voice unique to his age.

Yao Yi nodded thoughtfully.

Fu Chuan let go of the essay composition, and suddenly changed his tone: “Since I taught you essay composition, then I’ll also trouble you to please also teach me mathematics, physics, and chemistry.”

Zhao Qian: [Fu Chuan is really shameless!]

Li Ge: [What’s the matter, what’s the matter]

Zhao Qian: [He threatened Yiyi to teach him mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

It was really shameless, how could the teacher let him sit with Yi Yi]

In Zhao Qian’s heart, Yao Yi was already his brother (TLN: Good friend) for a long time.

Although he had mistaken her gender at the beginning, it did not prevent him from treating Yao Yi as his brother.

Li Ge was also very angry when he saw this news, and he didn’t like his new deskmate either because of it.

He stared at Qin Li with a death wave, trying to destroy him.

“What are you staring at me for You like me” Qin Li asked, irritated by the chubby boy beside him.

“…Crazy!” Not only did Li Ge not successfully make Qin Li dead by staring, he was also angered by him.

Yao Yi had already agreed at the other side of the classroom.

She had reminded Fu Chuan to pay attention to the steps in answering the question originally, and now there was nothing to teach him again.

At this time, Yao Yi had forgotten that Fu Chuan and her were competitors.

To find an exam paper to exchange and discuss, it was really easy in Class Zero.

Almost every two days, there was a quiz.

After the physics quiz paper was handed out, Fu Chuan was deducted five points on the last question.

He didn’t even look at it, and put it directly on the desk next to Yao Yi.

“Deskmate, let’s exchange quiz papers.” Fu Chuan said very naturally.

Yao Yi glanced at Fu Chuan, wondering why he could call her deskmate so smoothly.

“Oh.” Yao Yi pushed her physics quiz paper towards Fu Chuan, while she picked up his test paper to read.

The answer was right, and there were no mistakes in the steps.

However the formula was reduced so much it was almost equivalent to writing the answer directly without any calculation.

Yao Yi looked at his quiz paper and analyzed it.

For a quiz paper of this level, if Yao Yi was to simply do it, she might write down a number directly.

But on a test, she would write it down strictly in accordance with the steps, instead of throwing the steps away like Fu Chuan.

The physics teacher didn’t teach all the questions, but selected some of the ones with the highest error rate.

It took less than one class period to review one quiz paper.

During this period, Yao Yi’s quiz papers were always in Fu Chuan’s hands.

“Have you finished reading it yet” Yao Yi wanted her quiz paper back after class.

In her opinion, Fu Chuan should be able to understand such a low difficulty level quiz paper just by looking at it.

Fu Chuan held Yao Yi’s quiz paper and didn’t move: “I want to look at it again.

Do you really need this quiz paper I’ll put my quiz paper with you for later use.”

Yao Yi shook her head: “No, you can read it.” Then she returned Fu Chuan’s test paper to him.

However, Fu Chuan quickly folded Yao Yi’s quiz paper and put it in his school bag, and then pushed his own quiz paper towards Yao Yi: “I don’t know when I will return the quiz paper to you.

My quiz paper will stay with you first, if you want to, you can use mine for review.”

Yao Yi wanted to say that this quiz paper was useless to her, but seeing that Fu Chuan had given her no room to speak, she could only put Fu Chuan’s quiz paper in a folder and put it together with her other quiz papers.

Out of the corner of Fu Chuan’s eyes, he watched Yao Yi’s movements, and a faint arc appeared on his lips.

Sure enough, Fu Chuan said that the return date of the quiz paper had not yet been determined, and he still did not return it to Yao Yi even after she completely forgot about the quiz paper.

What Yao Yi didn’t know was that Fu Chuan used this method to exchange all the test papers of the two people.

When sorting out old books after graduation, she took out her folder and found that it was almost full of test papers with Fu Chuan’s name written on it.

 “Yi Yi, do you want to come out to play tomorrow” Today was Friday, and Han Jiaojiao wanted to ask Yao Yi to come out and have a talk with Zhao Qian, Li Ge, and herself . 

Yao Yi slowly packed her schoolbag: “Okay.”

Fu Chuan had left just now, and Zhao Qian returned to his natural state: “It’s settled, we’ll go to your house tomorrow to find you.”

Now Yao Yi lived in the city on Saturday and Sunday, but her parents were busy with other businesses after the New Year, and there was no one at home.

Qin Li also followed Li Ge towards Yao Yi and the three of them.

When Li Ge heard the footsteps, he turned his head and asked angrily, “Why are you following me”


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