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Chapter 25: Rent

“Qin Li from Class 15 is here too.” Li Ge pouted, “He never even made it into the top 50 last semester.”

“Qin Li” Han Jiaojiao seemed to remember something, “That name sounds familiar.”

“The one who squeezed into the top 100 list in the first monthly test before.” Zhao Qian happened to be in the top 100 at that time, and was almost squeezed out.

He was very concerned about the sponsored class that was born out of nowhere.

At that time, Lao Han was also very angry, and he mentioned it in class.

“No, I seem to have heard of him elsewhere.” Han Jiaojiao shook her head, feeling that the name Qin Li sounded familiar.

Yao Yi was face blind.

She looked over just to see a pixelated face and couldn’t recognize it even if she tried to recognize it.

She simply gazed at her classmate Qin Li’s body instead, and slowly retracted her gaze after observing the scar on his hand.


“Was Lao Han bribed” Li Ge was not afraid to suspect Lao Han, Han Jiaojiao’s father, in front of her.

Han Jiaojiao’s gaze swept over with a fierce look: “What nonsense”

“Otherwise, how did he get in All the people sitting here are the top 50 students.” Li Ge wanted to figure out what he didn’t understand.

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Yao Yi was lying on the desk, a little listless, and her eyes swirled around Fu Chuan and Qin Li.


Han Jiaojiao, who was in front, was even worse, and it seems that her deep-rooted three outlooks have been impacted.

Finally, Lao Han stepped forward and entered the new classroom when the school bell rang.

Standing on the podium, Lao Han looked at the half-unfamiliar faces below and said with a smile: “If there are no accidents, I will be with you for two and a half years in the future.

During this period, I hope to work hard with everyone and work towards a common goal.”

After saying some polite remarks, Lao Han suddenly became serious: “Last year’s results have already been announced, and you all know the rankings.

One thing to note is that one of the students in the science classes top 50 has transferred schools, and another student is unwilling to come to Class Zero and wants to stay in their original class.

After discussing it with the principal, we decided to choose two students from the top 100 to come to this class.

If you have any questions, you can ask me in private.”

Hearing this, Han Jiaojiao immediately regained her vitality while angrily pinching the flesh on Li Ge’s stomach under the table.

“It hurts!” Li Ge exclaimed in a low voice.

“I let you talk nonsense.

You really have the potential of a paparazzi.” Han Jiaojiao was very angry.

She had almost doubted her father’s moral conduct just now.

Li Ge was pinched, and he didn’t dare say anything back.

But in fact, he still had some faint doubts in his heart.

Because he had gone back and checked the top 100 list, excluding those who chose liberal arts.

Yu Qingying happened to be in the top 51, but Qin Li was definitely not in the top 52.

After the hustle and bustle of divisions and classes, everyone began to slowly return to their original campus life.

The new teaching building for Class 2 was located on the third floor, right under the sun.

It was warm in the winter and hot in the summer.

After school in the morning, Yao Yi dawdled to pack her things and only got up after everyone had left.

“Classmate Qin, do you still have that journal” Yao Yi was thinking about it, and finally couldn’t help but ask.

Qin Li raised his eyes: “You want to read it”


Yao Yi nodded quickly: “Can you lend it to me”

Qin Li lowered his head and took out a leather-covered journal from his schoolbag: “Yes, but rent will be charged.”

“…Okay.” Yao Yi never expected that this classmate, Qin Li, would charge rent from his classmates, but she really couldn’t bear to not read it.

“How much”

“Seeing that you are a classmate, fifty.” Qin Li said without blinking.

“So expensive” Yao Yi touched her pocket.

Qin Li sneered: “Do you know how much it costs to order this journal”

“But yours is from a few years ago, and it’s also missing pages.” Yao Yi knew that the journal was missing many pages as soon as she saw the thickness.

“Thirty, it can’t be less.” Qin Li made a gesture to withdraw the journal.


On the spot, Yao Yi handed over thirty yuan to Qin Li and quickly grabbed the journal with one hand.

“Don’t damage it, or you will owe me money.” Qin Li frowned and stared at Yao Yi’s hand.

“Mmmm.” Yao Yi got what she wanted, so she could say anything.


Yao Yi didn’t eat lunch that day, she just went to read this old journal.

Qin Li should have finished reading it.

The book still contained his notes.

There was a page full of calculations, which were to calculate the theory of a certain page.

Yao Yi did the calculation by herself and then looked through Qin Li’s process again.

She found that he made a mistake in one step, which led to all the mistakes afterward.

At the same time, a week later, Yao Yi returned the book and included her own draft of calculations.

Qin Li saw it while checking that the journal was in good condition.

He picked up the draft and examined it for a while before he looked up at the person opposite.

His eyes were no longer indifferent but filled with light: “You know how to calculate this”

“You are too careless.

According to the above, this result could have been easily deduced.” Yao Yi nodded.

Qin Li became interested, turned to a certain page of the journal, pointed to it, and asked, “How much do you know”

Yao Yi glanced at it, and immediately started explaining.

When it came to things related to mathematics, she always had a lot to say.

The more Qin Li listened, the brighter his eyes became.

In the end, the two of them conversed for a long time and became more excited.

They didn’t eat or go home.

They went downstairs to buy some bread at the supermarket and then went back to the classroom to talk.

“It turns out that you are so powerful.” Qin Li sighed a little, “How about this I will give you a ten yuan discount when you read my journals in the future.”

“Only ten yuan” Yao Yi asked, swallowing her dry throat.

Qin Li looked at Yao Yi hesitantly for a moment, and said, “If you can help me solve a problem I don’t understand, I’ll let you read a copy for free.”


“Okay!” Yao Yi thought that she could save a little money.


This is what Fu Chuan saw when he came to class in the afternoon: Yao Yi was sitting in his seat, talking and laughing with his tablemate, head to head, very close.

Stepping forward indifferently, Fu Chuan kicked the foot of the table and motioned for Yao Yi to stand up and return the seat to him.

At that time, Yao Yi had calculated the most critical moment, which was related to whether she could read a journal for free, which was extremely serious.

“Classmate Fu Chuan, can you wait I’ll be done soon.” Yao Yi glanced at Fu Chuan and replied immediately.

Fu Chuan remained silent.

Yao Yi could only stand up and walk to Qin Li’s front table to sit down so that she could make way for him.

Qin Li didn’t care about this.

He only cared about Yao Yi’s calculation process, pulling her to sit down quickly.

Looking at the unsightly two people, Fu Chuan’s face was heavy, and even the bright red mole on his forehead seemed to dim.

“What formula is this” Qin Li asked in surprise, pointing at a certain step on the scratch paper.

Yao Yi was surprised: “You don’t know”

Qin Li shook his head, feeling a little wronged: This Yao Yi, he knew of from the beginning of high school.

The two of them always got full marks in mathematics every time.

When he was in Class 15, the math teacher used Yao Yi to show off how good he was, saying that he could actually get the same scores as her.

It was hard to not remember her.

However, he always thought that he was better than her in mathematics.

But high school mathematics content was only so little, the highest possible score was only 150, and his skill level could not be seen at all.

“Oh, I learned it from a book.

Do you want to read it” Yao Yi offered.

“Yes.” Qin Li nodded immediately.

“One book is sixty yuan and can be borrowed for ten days at most.” When it came to doing business, it wasn’t like Yao Yi was inexperienced.

“…Isn’t it a bit expensive” Qin Li asked with a dark face.

She was actually even darker inside than him.

“My book is much thicker than your journal, and it’s brand new.

The content in it is enough for you to ponder for a while.” Yao Yi felt that the price she offered was not high enough.

She had to sell watermelons for at least two months to be able to have enough money to buy this book.

“Cheaper, thirty.” Qin Li bargained.

Yao Yi shook her head: “At least fifty.

I’ll show you tomorrow and see if it’s worth it.”

Qin Li frowned and began to regret not charging a higher price at the beginning: “How about forty I really don’t have that much money.”

Yao Yi sighed deeply: “Fine then, forty-five, take it or leave it.”

“…You are so stingy.” Qin Li was very dissatisfied with Yao Yi, “We are classmates.”

“You were the one that wanted rent first.” Yao Yi was also very dissatisfied.

The two of them instantly changed from the harmonious atmosphere in which they were discussing math topics to a dangerous atmosphere of shooting daggers with their eyes.

Fu Chuan suddenly interrupted coldly, “Class is about to start.

Can you go back to your seat first”

Yao Yi and Qin Li looked at Fu Chuan at the same time.

Finally, Yao Yi obediently said “oh” and walked back to her seat.

“What’s the matter, why did you talk to that boy from Class 15” Li Ge was very curious when he saw Yao Yi talking to Qin Li as soon as he arrived.

“He is no longer from Class 15.” Yao Yi first refuted Li Ge’s words, and then explained, “I wanted to read his book.”

“What book” Han Jiaojiao turned around and asked.

“A mathematics journal.” Yao Yi didn’t explain in detail, and at that time, the class bell rang.

Everyone sat and waited for the teacher to come in.

Before the class started, Fu Chuan pretended to turn his head inadvertently and glanced at Yao Yi, who was sitting at the back.

The unpleasantness in his eyes was about to overflow.

It turned out that she would associate with anyone who could help her.

If it weren’t for the fact that he lived on Fengyang Road, it was estimated that the two of them would not have been in contact for all three years of high school, right

Of course, Yao Yi didn’t know what Fu Chuan was thinking about.

The next day, she happily chose a book from a set of books that she had entrusted to her neighbor to send in from country M, and brought it to the class, ready to rent it to Qin Li.

“Is this a set!” Qin Li recognized it at a glance and asked excitedly, “Do you still have any”

“Yes.” Yao Yi said matter of factly, “I bought a set.”

Qin Li suddenly began to regret it again.

He shouldn’t have been too stingy at first, and it would’ve been nice to just lend it to Yao Yi.

They would be friends, and he would be able to read this set of books for free.

“If you can lend me your other journals, I will lend you this set of books.” Yao Yi added, “No charge.”

“…I.” Qin Li said with difficulty, after passing the initial happiness, “I still have two old books, which are dirty and missing a lot of pages.”

“Where did you buy it and why…” Yao Yi couldn’t figure it out.

Qin Li was silent for a moment and then answered, “I picked it up from the garbage station.”



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