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Chapter 20: Go back.

There was an entire month of winter break, and the homework assigned by the teachers of each subject was too easy for the students in the top class.

It was almost of no difficulty.

The sadness of the upcoming class separation was also dispelled a lot by the good news.

Anyways, during winter break, what should be dissipated will dissipate anyway, and the classmates will forget about each other.

This time, the results of the final exam were a little slow.

The class application was due the next day.

Yao Yi naturally wanted to choose science, but she still politely called her dad to tell him about it.

Father Yao was obviously silent for a long time before sighing: “You are grown up.

I can’t hold you down.

But in the future, you can’t ignore the world just because you are focused on those messy numbers.

Don’t forget your mother and me.


“Oh.” Yao Yi was not surprised to hear her father’s specious words.

Since she was a child, her parents didn’t like Yao Yi’s good grades very much.

They didn’t want her to be too brainy.

They always had to instill in her some self-care ability and an attitude towards others.

It was as if there was a shadow in their hearts.

After handing out the class applications, the headteacher began to announce the winter break to the class.

Even in the top class, when it came to breaks, everyone was excited to death.

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“No thanks, I still have something to do.” Yao Yi refused, “Let’s make an appointment during the winter break.”


“A winter break appointment!” Han Jiaojiao wanted to raise her hands, “Let’s go to Yao Yi’s to play.”

Zhao Qian and Li Ge looked at each other and shouted in unison, “That’s right!”

Han Jiaojiao poked Yao Yi: “Yi Yi, are you going to Lugu Mountain during winter break”

Although they were natives of Yan City, they did not often go to Lugu Mountain.

They heard that it was particularly beautiful in the winter.

If there was a chance, they could see the fog, especially the beautiful sunrise, which was famous all over the world.

“Yes.” Yao Yi nodded.

The house on Lugu Mountain was one of her parents’ favorite houses.

If they had to live in Yan City for a long time, they would definitely live there.

“Then we’ll go to you to play and live at your house.” Han Jiaojiao laughed immediately.

They, as locals, could go, but they basically don’t live there.

“Okay.” Yao Yi agreed, thinking that her parents would be very happy that her friends came to play.

Back in the dormitory, Yao Yi stood at the door and looked at the dormitory for a long time.

Then she dragged out the dust-covered pink suitcase from the corner and wiped it clean.

After that, she placed some clothes and all her mathematical theory books in it.

Finally, she rolled up the quilt, put it in a bag, and stuffed it into the closet.

The mat on the bed was also rolled up.

The rope used to tie the mat at the beginning of school was still there.

Yao Yi picked it up and tied the mat again.

Except for the longer hair, thicker clothes, and heavier suitcase, Yao Yi walked out of the school almost exactly like when she came to the school at the beginning.

Yao Yi was very eye-catching.

After all, no one carried a mat in winter.

It was only ten o’clock today when the class disbanded, and it was no later than eleven o’clock when Yao Yi finished packing.

In order to save money, she took the transfer bus to Fengyang Road.


Because there were so many things on her body, everyone on the bus was about one meter away from her.

There were a lot of people on the bus, but a bubble formed around her.

Yao Yi was very calm.

She didn’t care about the strange way people looked at her.

She was calculating in her mind how many exercise books she could fit in this leather suitcase later.

The assignments assigned by the schools and by the teachers of various subjects were definitely not enough.

It wasn’t even enough for Yao Yi to pass half the month.

She had to buy a few more books.

After a few transfers, Yao Yi arrived at Fengyang Road.

The bookstore owner was startled when he saw Yao Yi’s appearance: “Are you trying to escape somewhere”

“It’s a holiday break.

I’m going to take everything home.” Yao Yi put down the mat, dropping it on the smooth floor of the bookstore.

It made a ‘boom’ sound.

“Even a straw mat” The bookstore owner had always known that Yao Yi was amazing at buying books.

However, he didn’t expect her as a whole person to be so amazing.

“This is a cool mat, not a straw mat.” Yao Yi earnestly corrected the bookstore owner’s words.

“It’s just a cool mat.” The bookstore owner tacitly went to get Yao Yi’s special workbook and handed it to her.

Yao Yi took it with both hands and leaned the mat against the door.

Then she squatted down to open the suitcase and tried to stuff it inside.

The bookstore owner looked at her series of movements and suddenly exclaimed in surprise, “Asprey”

“Ah” Yao Yi was sweating profusely, not understanding what the bookstore owner said.


“Your suitcase is from the brand Asprey.

What a way to treat it.” The bookstore owner looked sadly at the scratched suitcase spread out on the ground.

“Really I don’t know what brand it is.” Yao Yi pressed the case with all her strength and finally zipped it closed.

In fact, she had taken this suitcase out of the room where her mother kept purses.

Yao Yi had been using it for many years, specifically for reselling things on Lugu Mountain.

She dragged it up and down the mountain.

No matter how good the quality and luxurious the style was, it could only be reduced to a “broken leather box” in the eyes of outsiders.

The bookstore owner watched Yao Yi re-pick up a bunch of messy things and walked out of the store, and couldn’t help shaking his head.

“I really don’t know what kind of parents could raise such… simple children.”

Yao Yi was pulling a broken suitcase, and she was holding a cool mat in her arms.

Even her school bag was not new.

Most people, when seeing her, would feel like she was fleeing from some famine.

At least in Fu Chuan’s eyes, there is no difference.

Fengyang Road had a good environment and had a few people.

Fu Chuan would sometimes come and walk around aimlessly.

Today, he didn’t expect to meet Yao Yi, who was walking home on the road.

“Good afternoon, Classmate Fu Chuan.” Yao Yi also saw Fu Chuan, and the greeting was very formal, with not even a superfluous interjection.

“…Good afternoon.” Fu Chuan replied.

Unlike Yao Yi, who was still wearing a baggy school uniform, Fu Chuan was currently wearing a knitted sweater.

His posture was straight, his long hair was tied up, and his handsome face was indifferent.

The long black hair should have been a little strange, but it was blended into a strange beauty under Fu Chuan’s unique temperament.

“Well… see you next year.” Yao Yi smiled politely at Fu Chuan, lowered her head and continued to walk forward.

Fu Chuan walked forward for a few minutes, turned his head, and found Yao Yi standing at the bus stop not far away, probably waiting for the bus.


Fu Chuan was not a nosy person, let alone he and Yao Yi were not even considered friends. 

It was just… staring at the person on the platform, Fu Chuan frowned.

She looked a little miserable.

Anyone who saw a girl with a big school bag on her back, lugging heavy and worn luggage, with a rotten mat in her arms, would subconsciously feel sympathy.

After looking at Yao Yi, who stood there on the platform for a while, he turned around and walked towards her.

“Hey, Classmate Fu Chuan, are you also taking the bus” Yao Yi had originally lowered her head to observe the cracks in the road.

However, she couldn’t help but look up at the approaching person when someone blocked the light.

“But the bus takes a long time to come, so you should let your family come pick you up.” Yao Yi knew that Fu Chuan was picked up and dropped off from school, with the benefit of Li Ge’s daily gossip indoctrination.

She knew she had to wait a long time and she still stood here Fu Chuan’s eyes showed confusion.

“Why don’t you take a taxi back” Since her parents could be neighbors with him in Lugu Mountain, her family’s economic situation could never be bad.

Was she not loved by her parents Fu Chuan looked down at the slender Yao Yi with a faint suspicion in his heart.

Fu Chuan quickly rejected his idea.

The last time he met Yao Yi and her parents, it seemed that they had a very harmonious relationship.

“I’m going back to Lugu Mountain.

It will be very expensive to take a taxi from here.” Yao Yi had developed the habit of frugality since she was a child.

In addition, the books she entrusted to her neighbors to buy this year had made her money low.

Fu Chuan glanced down at the time; it was already two-thirty in the afternoon.

If a single bus passed, it would take two or three hours from here to the foot of Lugu Mountain, and it would be dark by the time she got there.

“Gu Gu——” Yao Yi’s stomach suddenly rumbled.

“…” Fu Chuan looked up at Yao Yi, wondering what she was thinking about all day.

“I didn’t have time to eat at noon.” Yao Yi pursed her lips, and she was a little embarrassed.

She came out in a hurry, and she rushed over to buy a book.

She put the matter of lunch at the back of her head.

Fu Chuan wanted to say something, but he was silent again, and finally said: “I am also planning to stay at Lugu Mountain.

You can go with me by car.”

Yao Yi raised her head to look at Fu Chuan, who was facing her.

She was stunned, thinking that he seemed to be waiting for the bus just now, and finally agreed.

“I forgot to get something.

You wait here.” Fu Chuan said to Yao Yi as if he had suddenly remembered something.

“Oh.” Yao Yi nodded and watched Fu Chuan walk to the other side.

Fu Chuan was going to Lugu Mountain, but not today.

When he returned to the apartment, Uncle Li was called out.

He heard Fu Chuan’s words and couldn’t help asking, “Didn’t the young master say you would be going next week”

“Suddenly, I didn’t want to stay here today.” Fu Chuan said lightly, “In addition, I met a classmate just now, and she is coming with us.”

“Ah” Uncle Li looked at the young master who walked into the kitchen.

He didn’t think about the friend he met by chance.

He only thought that the young master didn’t like the apartment here on Fengyang Road.

Fu Chuan asked the cook to pack a box of snacks, and he carried them out himself.

Then he returned to his bedroom, grabbed a bag randomly, and went downstairs with Uncle Li.

At the bus stop, Fu Chuan got off the car and walked toward Yao Yi.

“Let’s go.” Fu Chuan wanted to take the suitcase in her hand.

“You take this.” Yao Yi looked at Fu Chuan sincerely, “This is light, my suitcase is too heavy.”

“…” In the end, the broken mat fell into Fu Chuan’s hands, which looked quite incompatible with him.

Uncle Li stopped by the side of the road, waiting for the young master to bring his classmate over.

Unexpectedly, he saw his young master holding the straw mat with a girl next to him.

Uncle Li subconsciously took a deep breath.

His hands and feet were in a flurry.


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