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Chapter 18: Capitalist Father

Lao Han was called by his wife to help in the kitchen, leaving behind a dumbfounded group of people who were bombed.

The newly-baked principal’s son, Li Ge, tried to reach out to enjoy the fruit but was slapped away by Han Jiaojiao.

“What are you doing” Li Ge covered his hand with grievance and distress.

“When did your father become the principal” Han Jiaojiao felt that she had been deceived.

Li Ge adjusted his round glasses and stated seriously, “My dad has always been the principal.”


Zhao Qian, who had been hurt twice, was eating oranges and asked the question in Han Jiaojiao’s heart: “Why didn’t you tell us that the principal is your father”

Li Ge felt wronged: “You didn’t ask me.

It’s impossible to suddenly announce that the principal is my father.”

Li Ge’s mood at this moment strangely coincides with Han Jiaojiao’s mood from a few days ago.

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“Nwtw Yswdvykd!” Nk Ql lmnzykxle, “Ebknb zsnyvksd, vbl bsvlz sd vbl pswvb pkel, nspvp y zsv sq xsdlu qsa fwpv sdl dktbv!”

Lugu Mountain had four directions: south, east, north, and west.

The north side was mostly where tourists came and went.

The west side was currently under construction, and the government had begun to develop and expand the west side.

In the southeast, they were all villas, and many foreigners came here to buy villas for retirement at high prices.

A few were used as upscale hotels, and the price for one night was very high.


“My family lives in the south.” Yao Yi said honestly.

“…Your family sold supper on Lugu Mountain” Zhao Qian’s small innocent heart was hurt by deception.

“That’s right, I want to go there to make money by just selling supper.” Li Ge added next to him and he was quite happy to have the attention diverted to Yao Yi.

Yao Yi didn’t hide anything on purpose, and directly said, “My family opened a Hot Spot restaurant.”

“The one in the city” Han Jiaojiao continued asking.

Zhao Qian spread out his fingers and figured it out: “Do you earn that much money by running a restaurant”

Hot Spot Restaurant was a national chain of western restaurants.

It had been running for many years.

It could be said to be a very authentic western restaurant.

At night, many couples or business workers loved to order food there.

Basically, it didn’t close until two or three in the morning, and what Yao Yi said about selling supper wasn’t wrong.

It was just that Yan City was not a first-tier city, and the cost of Hot Spot restaurants was too high.

Ordinary people don’t visit the restaurant often.

Li Ge went with his mother twice, and the seats were never full.

Yao Yi nodded.

“Well, the one in the city is also ours.”

“Also” Zhao Qian keenly felt that the subtle word was different: “Could it be that your family owns other restaurants”

Yao Yi nodded.

“All the Hot Spot restaurants are owned by our family.”


“…Excuse me.” Zhao Qian looked at the three people and felt deeply betrayed.

During this meal, Zhao Qian ate very fiercely.

He was very sad and angry.

It could be said that everyone was ordinary people, but overnight her father was the headteacher, his father was the principal, and there was also a capitalist father.

Before leaving, Han Jiaojiao patted Zhao Qian on the shoulder and said, “My friend, don’t take it too seriously, look at the bright side of it, and just let it go.”

In the past week of excitement about the sports meeting, all the students have returned to their usual state of studying hard on the surface and doing little tricks behind their backs.

Yao Yi once sent a text message to ask Fu Chuan how much the cup of brown sugar ginger tea was, but Fu Chuan only replied that he did not need to be repaid.

Yao Yi had been taught by her parents not to take advantage of others since she was a child.

There must be give and take in interpersonal relationships.

Fu Chuan’s actions made her feel very difficult.

Yao Yi walked out of the cafeteria, stood at the door, and looked at the milk tea shop opposite.

After thinking carefully, she finally ran into the shop and asked the boss if she still had a cup of brown sugar ginger tea.

The female boss was still impressed by Yao Yi and said, with a smile, “I’ll go look for it.”

After searching for it for a long time, the female boss found that she had finished drinking it: “I’m sorry, little classmate, the brown sugar ginger tea is gone.”

Yao Yi was a little regretful, but she didn’t give up.

She looked at the sign in the store for a while and asked, “Is there anything good to drink”

The female boss thought that Yao Yi was still in her menstrual period, and pointed to the sign above and recommended: “How about oat milk It is delicious.”

“Please make me a cup, owner.

Thank you.”


In the end, Yao Yi carried the oat milk to Class One, feeling very proud on the way.

She felt like she knew a little more about the world.

At the beginning of Yao Yi’s world, there was only mathematics, and she didn’t care about anything in the outside world.

And her parents were also sure that Yao Yi would know nothing about the world in the future.

Thus, they always taught her to interact with people, learn to communicate, and pay special attention to her self-care ability.

Yao Yi had always listened to her parents a lot since she was a child, and worked hard to take a little bit of herself out of the world of mathematics to pay attention to the outside world.

Take the time to make friends and deal with the world.

For example, making friends with Han Jiaojiao and the others or buying oat milk today to pay back the favor of classmate Fu Chuan.

This time Yao Yi’s actions didn’t cause too much turbulence because she bumped into Fu Chuan, who had come out to take a breather in the hallways earlier.

The two talked for less than a minute, and by that time, the milk tea had been transferred from Yao Yi’s hand to Fu Chuan’s.

Of course, the rumors of the two big freshmen studying gods challenging one another in the hallway, spreading throughout the entire grade, were another matter.

Fu Chuan brought the sweet and greasy oat milk tea into the classroom.

Only Yu Qingying noticed the extra cup of milk tea.

Yu Qingying secretly kept it in her mind, thinking that it was Fu Chuan’s favorite, and her tone was also a lot lighter and softer when speaking to other girls.

The second week after the sports meeting, there was a heavy atmosphere in the entire freshman grade.

All the class teachers were emphasizing one thing: division.

The general high school subjects were completed in the final exam of the second semester of the first year of high school.

That is, the subjects were divided in the second year of high school.

But in Yan City, there was reform and the division time was adjusted to after the final exam of the first semester, which was the second semester of the first year of high school.

That is to say, these students can only be together for about a month at most, and then the classes will be split after winter vacation.

The atmosphere of Class One and Two was even more severe.

They were facing not only the division of arts and sciences but also the Class Zero battle.

There were only 50 people in a class at most, and only the top 50 in the top 100 list could enter Class Zero.

And the selection of the headteacher of Class Zero fell on the shoulders of the first-place student.

Whichever class had the first-place student in the grade would be the headteacher of Class Zero.


“What if there are two first places again” Han Jiaojiao was worried, “How should we divide the classes at that time”

Zhao Qian shook his head sullenly: “Difficult! Yao Yi has been arrested by the language arts teacher for special training, trying to keep her essay composition at 30 points.”

Li Ge held the eraser in his hand: “I went to see Fu Chuan’s analysis of his language arts scores, and his essay composition was stable at around 55 points.

I heard that Fu Chuan’s essay was always considered a sample essay in their class every time, and the difference here is at least 25 points.”

This was a very terrifying thing.

If a subject differed by more than 25 points in terms of the competition among the top students, Yao Yi’s bad grades in this subject were outrageous, and there was no comparability at all.

“Yao Yi will almost never lose points in the first part of the exam, but it wasn’t the same for Fu Chuan.” Zhao Qian felt that they could lower his score even more.

Li Ge was very unconfident: “I have read all the results analysis, big and small.

Fu Chuan is improving his answering skills, and in every subject, he is narrowing the gap between him and Yao Yi.”

In order to get the news and analyze the situation, Li Ge endured the humiliation at home to help his father knead his shoulders and back, and poured tea and water.

He was very attentive.

Han Jiaojiao was a little irritable: “Our class can’t be really demolished.”

Now the entire Class One was pinning their hopes on Fu Chuan, while Class Two was all focused on Yao Yi.

Li Ge glanced at Zhao Qian and said, “I don’t think it’s a matter of worrying about whether Class Two will be separated, but whether the four of us can be divided into one class.”

Hearing this, Han Jiaojiao turned her attention to Zhao Qian.

“Look at what I’m doing.

I’m already working hard.” Zhao Qian was inexplicably ashamed.

Class Zero only needed the students to be in the top 50 in the top 100 list, and Zhao Qian had never entered the top 50 in a big test.

“If our class is torn apart and you are not selected for Class Zero.” Han Jiaojiao paused and declared, “Then don’t greet me when you see me.

We don’t know each other.”

“Jianjiao, don’t be so ruthless.” Zhao Qian said weakly, lying on the table listlessly, “Aren’t we friends”

“If you don’t enter Class Zero, we are not friends.” Han Jiaojiao looked at Zhao Qian with contempt.

“Are we plastic friends We can only keep together with grades.”

“That’s right!” The more Han Jiaojiao thought about it, the angrier she became.

Now she not only has to study hard every day, but she also had to worry about being divided into classes.

Then finally, she had to pay attention to a certain “underachiever.”

As for Yao Yi, she lived in dire straits every day.

After class, she was caught by the teacher to copy good words and sentences, to experience the charm of language and the wonder of words.

“I don’t think this logic is quite right.” Yao Yi pointed to a model essay and commented, “He said that every inch of time is worth an inch of gold, and later he urged us to regard money as dung and ideals first.

But then, doesn’t this mean that gold is dung”

“…” The language arts teacher coughed and scolded angrily, “I just let you feel the charm of language, not for you to pick up logic errors.

If you think the logic is wrong, don’t write these two sentences in the same article, and write them separately..

“Oh.” Yao Yi nodded in grievance.

In her opinion, there were too many loopholes in the Chinese model essay, and it couldn’t stand scrutiny at all.

That’s why she always didn’t like to imitate good words and sentences.

The language arts teacher was also helpless, and he couldn’t refute what Yao Yi said.

But it was impossible for an essay composition to have a formula.

Furthermore, the charm of language was full of uncertainty, and only various combinations could form a splendid culture.

“Alright, alright, go back and think about it yourself.

Don’t go too far.” Finally, the language teacher sent Yao Yi back.

The language teacher looked at Yao Yi’s back, and let out a long sigh.

Although the teachers were worried about the division, he actually taught language arts for both Class One and Two at the same time, so it was reasonable to say that there was no need to worry so much about the division.

But this year, he always felt that the atmosphere of Class One was not as good as that of Class Two, perhaps because the number of students in Class One was too conspicuous.

He still hoped that Class Two would not be completely dismantled.


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