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Chapter 17: Each and every one of them do not have simple relationships.

Fu Chuan turned his head calmly, looked at Yao Yi who was holding brown sugar ginger tea, and waited for her to continue talking.

Yao Yi raised the cup in her hand: “Brown sugar is sucrose, and glucose is monosaccharide.

I should drink glucose water to absorb it better.”

Next, she explained to Fu Chuan from ingredients of sugar to the structure of sugar, from high school chemistry to college chemistry, and finally concluded, “Actually, I don’t know much about nutrition, and I don’t know much about the field.”

Fu Chuan stared her silently for a while, and finally said what he wanted to say for a long time: “Did you become stupid from studying”



Yao Yi looked at Fu Chuan inexplicably, and felt very aggrieved in her heart: she didn’t know what she did wrong to let her good classmate Fu Chuan say such a thing.

“Forget it.” Fu Chuan’s eyes crossed her blank face and he said in a low voice, “I’ll go first if there is nothing else.”

“Oh.” Yao Yi stopped biting her straw, stared at Fu Chuan who walked out of the school ground, still pondering about what she had done wrong.

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Lao Han also stood outside the circle and watched, and the two greeted him together.


“Yao Yi ran well just now.” Lao Han said with a smile, holding out a bottle of water in his hand.

“Glory for the class.” Yao Yi said with a serious face.

Lao Han looked at his student with gratification and nodded in satisfaction.

At this time, a gust of wind blew, and Lao Han smelled a familiar aroma.

He stared at the coffee cup in Yao Yi’s hand and asked with a frown, “Yao Yi, why didn’t you ask for leave when you’re not feeling well You didn’t have to grudgingly participate in the competition.”

The more Lao Han thought about it, the more he felt that Yao Yi was too much.

How could a girl ignore her body so much just to win.

What if something went wrong

Yao Yi and Li Ge stood beside him, dumbfounded, wondering what Lao Han was angry about.

“I’m in good health.” Yao Yi looked at the head teacher blankly.

Lao Han, an older man, was too embarrassed to say such a thing, especially when there was a boy of the same age as Yao Yi standing next to them.

“My daughter wishes to lie on the bed for a whole day, and we have to feed her right to the mouth when it comes.” Lao Han said vaguely, “Even if you don’t feel uncomfortable, Yao Yi, you can’t participate in this kind of competition.”

Yao Yi and Li Ge looked at each other, their faces blank.

“What’s wrong with you Are you sick” Li Ge whispered to Yao Yi next to him.

Yao Yi shook her head: “No, I’m fine.”


Han Jiaojiao had already finished the competition by this time, and headed their way with Zhao Qian.

“What’s the matter” Han Jiaojiao couldn’t help asking, seeing the solemn atmosphere.

Before the three could speak, Han Jiaojiao had already discovered the brown sugar ginger tea in Yao Yi’s hands.

She was so familiar with it that she knew what it was when she smelled it.

“Why are you drinking this for no reason, where did it come from” Han Jiaojiao knew that Yao Yi was not on her menstrual cycle, and when she saw her drinking it, her expression became confused.

“I’m a little thirsty, I just bought it at the milk tea shop.” Yao Yi shook the coffee cup and said matter of factly.

“…” Han Jiaojiao was disappointed by Yao Yi’s blunt words, “Don’t drink it, Class President has already brought water.”

Only then did Lao Han realize that something was wrong, and he was really speechless of his student.

“Remember to go home early for dinner in the evening, your mother made soup today.” Lao Han looked at Han Jiaojiao, who snatched the brown sugar ginger tea from Yao Yi’s hand, and threw it away.

“Understood.” Han Jiaojiao nodded and dragged Yao Yi towards the backup area.

The four of them had walked less than ten meters, and Zhao Qian suddenly reacted: “Your mother What is the relationship between Lao Han and your family”

Han Jiaojiao shook out her long pigtails and held Yao Yi’s hand: “My mother is Lao Han’s wife, what relationship do you think”

The three of them stopped in unison and gaped at Han Jiaojiao in shock.


“Lao Han is your father!” Li Ge was shocked.

“Yes, we both have the same last name, didn’t you notice” Han Jiaojiao shrugged, “You guys are too slow.”

Yao Yi immediately retorted: “There are five to six students with the same surname Han in the class.”

“Anyway, you guys know now.” Han Jiaojiao felt that she didn’t need to hide or specifically say that Lao Han was her father.

After the four people digested this matter, they headed for the backup area in a mighty manner.

The morning competitions were almost over, and everyone in their class was basically gathered in the backup area.

When everyone saw Yao Yi, they couldn’t help but gather around to welcome their champion.

The class president also specifically brought a beverage over and wanted to give it to their champion.

“Is there any water” Yao Yi refused to drink the beverage offered and only wanted to drink water.

The classmate standing next to a box of water immediately took a bottle of water and handed it over.

The people in Class Two were all very joyful, talking and laughing.

The atmosphere in the next class was a little more dignified.

Fu Chuan had left early.

Their class didn’t even qualify for the finals this morning.

In particular, the class president Yu Qingying’s face expression was not very pleasant.

She was usually smiling, but at this moment her expression had fallen and she didn’t chat with other students.

The students of Class One thought that their president was unhappy because of their unsatisfactory results in the competition.

Some boys gathered around and comforted her, trying to convey a friendly mood.


Yu Qingying sat in the middle, tears fell instantly, and she sobbed softly.

The boys around were in a hurry, and some girls who were good friends with Yu Qingying began to push the boys away and comfort her in a low voice.

Class Two next door saw this scene, and their happy atmosphere began to dissipate.

Some students turned their heads to take a look at the situation, and spontaneously began to disperse.

“Okay, don’t forget about the competition at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Now let’s go get lunch and rest.” The class president didn’t want to continue dragging everyone to have fun together and began to disband.

Yao Yi, Han Jiaojiao, and the other two went out for lunch together outside the school, and then they disbanded and headed back to their own dormitories to rest.

It was just that Yao Yi hadn’t even rested for a while yet when her break was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Turning over from the bed, Yao Yi put on her coat and walked to the door to open it.

“You… need something” Yao Yi looked at Yu Qingying outside the door in surprise.

Yu Qingying smiled weakly: “Can I come in”

Yao Yi was not wary of girls, and she immediately stepped back two steps to let Yu Qingying come in.

Yu Qingying looked at the bedroom quietly, it was mostly empty, it could be called simple.

Of the four bunks, only the bottom bunk on the right was slept in, and the other bunks were all empty.

She could even see the bare bed planks.

Only the desk was brimming of various exercise books and a pile of thick books.

Their covers were blocked, and they were placed inwards.

Yu Qingying couldn’t see what type of books they were.

“Classmate, what’s the matter” Yao Yi didn’t know why the class president from the Class One came to her, why didn’t she go to their class president

“Classmate Yao, are you familiar with Fu Chuan” Yu Qingying asked tentatively.

Yao Yi gazed at the class president from the class next door who was still looking around at her room, and said patiently, “We have a pretty good relationship.”

Yao Yi thought that it was pretty good, and Fu Chuan always lent a helping hand when she was in trouble.

Yu Qingying’s face sank where Yao Yi couldn’t see, and when she turned her face, she smiled sweetly: “I’ve never heard Fu Chuan mention Classmate Yao.”

She deliberately said something plausible.

But Yao Yi didn’t understand what Yu Qingying was here for.

She asked in confusion, “Why would he mention me” Could it be because she hadn’t paid back the money yet

Yu Qingying’s eyes were gloomy: “Yes, why would he mention Classmate Yao”

Yao Yi couldn’t stand Yu Qingying’s way of going around without directly saying the main point, so she yawned and asked again, “Classmate Yu Qingying, is there anything else you need me to do”

As if she couldn’t tell that Yao Yi wanted to sleep, Yu Qingying continued: “Classmate Yao and our class are competitors, and I hope you don’t get too close to Fu Chuan.

If you always pester Fu Chuan, it will be very annoying and cause trouble for him.”

“Did Fu Chuan tell you to tell me this” Yao Yi suddenly became serious when she heard this.

Of course Yu Qingying didn’t dare to lie directly, she could only reply vaguely: “You always have to pester Fu Chuan, and he is kind-hearted and unwilling to reject you.

As the class president, I hope Classmate Yao can stop pestering the best student in our class.

Fu Chuan needs time to study, Classmate Yao should understand.”

“Oh.” Yao Yi breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Fu Chuan didn’t ask Yu Qingying to come.

“It’s okay, I don’t go to him often.

I only go to him when I need something.

I usually don’t disturb Fu Chuan’s studies.”

“This is not a question of whether it will disturb Fu Chuan’s study!” Yu Qingying subconsciously raised her voice.

“Then what’s the problem” Yao Yi stared blankly at the class president from the class next door.

She thought that she must have poor math grades, and she couldn’t even figure out the most basic logical relationships.

“You!” Yu Qingying felt that Yao Yi must be pretending to be stupid, “I saw today that you deliberately pestered Fu Chuan to ask him to buy things for you.

But everything was obviously already in the backup area.

Is it really good for you to do this”

“I didn’t do it on purpose.” Yao Yi explained, “I just forgot to bring money, and there was no water in the backup area, so I borrowed money from Fu Chuan.”

Shameless! Yu Qingying gritted her teeth tightly, and thought with hatred in her heart, she didn’t expect Yao Yi to look so honest, but had so many small thoughts.     

In the end, the conversation was like apples and oranges.

Yu Qingying was angered out of the dormitory, but Yao Yi was still confused, and slowly hid under the quilt to continue her lunch break.

The competitions lasted for three days, and Yao Yi spent the rest of the time writing her own topics except for when she had to compete or another one of the four friends had to compete.

She also tried to help with writing a broadcast script, but was driven away by the representative of the language arts class in disgust.

There was still a day of rest after the sports meeting.

After a discussion, Zhao Qian and the others decided to go to Han Jiaojiao’s house for a meal together.

Lao Han also went to the market early to buy vegetables, ready to show off his cooking skills to his students.

The four of them were sitting in the living room watching TV, listening to Li Ge talk about the gossip he had collected, from one school to another, from students to teachers.

“Li Ge, don’t choose any major in the future.

Just be a paparazzi, and you will definitely become an excellent and dedicated paparazzi king.” Han Jiaojiao said with contempt.

“What’s wrong with the paparazzi Without the paparazzi, there is no way you can get your entertainment and news.” Li Ge said solemnly, “My dream really is to be a capable and disciplined paparazzi.”

Lao Han came over with a plate of fruit and couldn’t help but smile: “Li Ge, if you want to be a paparazzi, you’re not afraid that the principal will break your leg”

Zhao Qian stretched out his skilled hand and consciously ate the fruit: “What’s the matter with him being the paparazzi and the principal”

“His son wants to be a paparazzi, he wouldn’t be angry” Lao Han sat down and planned to chat with his students for a while.


“Whose son” Han Jiaojiao suddenly felt the reward of evil power.

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