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Chapter 15: Sports meetings have started.

[The composition is well written.

The analysis angle is peculiar, it is penetrating, and the emotion is sincere.]

Fu Chuan sent Yao Yi a text message, trying to mock her exaggerated degree of off-topic.

It was a pity that Yao Yi could misunderstand a simple composition title, so his mocking text message would be even more incomprehensible for her.

[Actually, I also think my writing is good, but the teacher thinks that I can only get 28 points, so there must be something wrong with my writing.

But I still want to thank you, classmate Fu Chuan.


Yao Yi replied, thinking that Fu Chuan was really a good classmate.

Although he had to compete with others, he still praised his opponent sincerely.

He deserved her respect.


“…” Originally wanting to break Yao Yi’s appearance of being in high spirits all day long, Fu Chuan completely understood the sentence, “Stupid people have stupid blessings.”

Maybe that was why she didn’t understand what sarcasm was.

So she could have a good life every day

[Classmate Fu Chuan, the boss has a new batch of books, can you help me bring them You can also buy it and go home to do the problems.

The question type is newer than Yan City’s.]

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“Thank you!” Yao Yi seemed as if she had gotten a treasure, and even tried to hold Fu Chuan’s hand, but was unfortunately stopped by Li Ge.


“Yao Yi, come and pick!” Li Ge’s voice was deep, which didn’t match his figure at all.

Fu Chuan saw that the exam paper had been in her hands, and walked straight back to his classroom.

“Pick what” Yao Yi inexplicably looked at the pile of forms in Han Jiaojiao’s hand.

“Sports meeting.” Zhao Qian was already burying his head in the papers while filling them out.

Li Ge took out a few forms from Han Jiaojiao: “There are still activities for girls; there is the 800 meters, 5,000 meter long-distance running, and relay races.”

“Eight hundred meters had just been picked.” Han Jiaojiao crossed out a place.

“Then… 5,000 meters” Yao Yi hesitated.

At this time, the class president had asked around and came back.

His face was not very good: “Yao Yi, can you apply for the relay”

“Class president, she already picked the 5,000 one! She still has to run” Han Jiaojiao said dissatisfied.

The class president was also having a hard time: “Just now you saw that only our class’ cadres participated in the competition.

No one else wanted to go.”

Generally speaking, students with good grades were generally not so good at physical fitness.

They were not that interested in this kind of competition, but the grade was forced to send someone to participate, which could only make the class cadre suffer.

“Okay.” Yao Yi didn’t refuse; she didn’t think it was a big deal.


“It won’t be very comfortable to run 5,000 meters.” Zhao Qiangang finished filling out the form and raised his head, “It’s better to let other girls participate in the relay.”

Now that it was late autumn, people would feel uncomfortable when running, especially if it was long-distance running.

In previous years, the school would call an ambulance to wait around in the vicinity, just in case.

“Hey, let Yao Yi choose for herself.” The class president was anxious and quickly stopped Han Jiaojiao and the others from trying to provoke Yao Yi.

In the end, Yao Yi still signed up for two competitions.

“Deskmate, you have to go to the drill ground with me every day to practice in the future.” Zhao Qian patted Yao Yi on the shoulder, very sad.

Zhao Qian applied for the boy’s 5,000 meter long-distance race, and this kind of competition had to be trained for a period of time.

Otherwise, they would definitely not be able to run the whole way directly.

“You can go every afternoon.

We will accompany you.” Han Jiaojiao pointed to herself and Li Ge.

Li Ge also nodded, expressing his approval.

The sports meets had nothing to do with Fu Chuan, and he did not apply for any events.

According to the class president, Yu Qingying, the boys’ group registration did not encounter many obstacles, and many people couldn’t refuse the request of the female class president.

The girls’ group was more difficult.

In the end, the headteacher took action and ordered a few girls to come out to participate.

When the classes were over in the afternoon, the drill ground was full of students in the freshmen year who were training.

Both the sophomores and juniors had evening self-study, and they were not competitive.

They basically just stayed in the classroom after eating.

Zhao Qian and the other three went downstairs together.

Han Jiaojiao was carrying two large bottles of water in her hand.

Li Ge had two white towels from some unknown source.

It was quite decent.

“Um, Jiaojiao, drinking this water… it would feel cold in your heart!” Zhao Qian touched a bottle and looked at the two bottles of water in horror.

“Shouldn’t it be hot water”


“Give me a bottle and I’ll help you.” Han Jiaojiao pouted, “Besides, do you drink hot water after running”

“This water is cold boiled water, and it has added sugar, which is good for the body.” Li Ge added from the back.

“The 5,000 meters will be finished quickly.

Why do you need so many things” Yao Yi was puzzled.

“…” The three fell silent, and Zhao Qian spoke first, “Is 5,000 meters very short”

“It’s not that long” Yao Yi asked, confused.

It turned out that Zhao Qian was completely decimated by Yao Yi in the 5000 meter run.

The four came to the drill ground, and Li Ge and Han Jiaojiao found a seat to sit on.

Yao Yi and the others began to warm up.

“Are those the students from Class One” Zhao Qian looked at the people on the drill ground while moving his wrist.

“I don’t know.” Yao Yi shook her head honestly.

She didn’t know anyone she hadn’t spoken to.

If they had changed their clothes, she still wouldn’t recognize them, not to mention everyone was wearing school uniforms.

Zhao Qian remembered her face blindness: “You don’t know anyone over there”

Yao Yi denied: “I know one.

The one in the middle is Yu Qingying.”

“Hey, how did you know her Do good-looking people have a privilege” Zhao Qian asked in confusion, rubbing his chin.


“No.” Yao Yi shook her head, “Yu Qingying’s school uniform is the most well-fitting in Class One.”

“…” Zhao Qian glanced at Yao Yi strangely, then turned his head to look.

Sure enough, Yu Qingying’s school uniform was not as loose as everyone else’s.

On the contrary, he could even see the girl’s beautiful body lines.

“Start” Li Ge was standing on the railing above, waving and shouting, “I’m going to start the timer!”

The two heard the words and immediately stood on the starting line, ready to start.

Han Jiaojiao lowered her head and pulled out a whistle from her neck.

The moment it blew, the two started running.

“Yi Yi is such a fool!” Han Jiaojiao was annoyed, “This is not a 100-meter race.

She is running so fast in the beginning.”

“It must be that Yao Yi has never participated in long-distance running before.” Li Ge pointed to Zhao Qian, who was behind, “You know the strategy of long-distance running just by looking at Zhao Qian.”

Lap after lap, Yao Yi’s speed did not slow down at all, as if she was running like a robot.

Zhao Qian, who was behind, began to pant, and his speed slowed down.

“Surpassing, surpassing!” Han Jiaojiao stood on the stage to see clearly, “She surpassed a lap!”

The two could not sit still, so they simply went down and waited for Yao Yi at the end.

“Ahhh! Why are you so powerful, Yi Yi!” Han Jiaojiao screamed, excitedly hugging Yao Yi, who came over.

Poor Zhao Qian passed by them and had to keep running.

Li Ge gave him a little attention, and pointed to his watch, indicating that it was still timing.

“Yi Yi, are you tired Are you thirsty” Han Jiaojiao was very excited.

“It’s okay.” Yao Yi took Li Ge’s white towel and wiped the fine sweat from her forehead.

The three stood by and waited for Zhao Qian to finish running, while the students in the surrounding class all stared at Yao Yi, dumbfounded.

Did normal people run like this Without taking a breath, just speeding up.

“Huh…huh…” Zhao Qian ran back.

His face turned pale.

Running in this type of weather made his throat dry and sore.

At this time, Zhao Qian didn’t care whether the water was cold or not.

After gasping for breath, he drank a large portion of water in a few mouthfuls.

“Yao Yi, are you crazy!” Zhao Qian regained his senses and looked back at Yao Yi, who looked like nothing had happened.

“5000 meters is fine.” Yao Yi really didn’t feel tired.

In previous years, when she went to Lugu Mountain, she would often re-sell some small things.

She always picked up a bunch of messy things from the bottom of the mountain and ran up the mountain.

Although Lugu Mountain was not steep, the height was just enough to be slightly challenging, and it took a lot of physical strength to climb.

Two weeks later, the sports meet would be held as scheduled.

Each class found a position and arranged a few tables, and everyone gathered together.

Class Two came a step late, and all the good seats were occupied by other classes.

The mighty group carried several large tables and looked around.

In the end, Yu Qingying from Class One stepped forward to ask them.

“Didn’t you find an area”

“There are already people here, and they won’t let us move in.” The second-class president was distressed.

Yu Qingying smiled and said, “Our two classes are close to each other in the first place.

If you don’t mind, you guys can move here too.”

“That’s great.

Thank you.” The class cadre of Class Two breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Yu Qingying one after another.

There were not enough seats for the two classes, so Class One and Class Two were almost crowded into one class.

“Let’s get some snacks to share with the students of Class One,” the class president suggested.

After some friendly exchanges, the atmosphere between the two classes gradually became harmonious.

Moreover, there were always people in the two classes who were former classmates in middle school.

The coincidence rate in the exam room was also quite high.

Everyone met regularly, so they all had a little impression of each other.

“Today is the girls’ and boys’ 100-meter races.

Where are the runners in your class” Yu Qingying was friendly and did not have the arrogance of ordinary girls, which made people feel comfortable.

“They’re getting badges nearby,” explained the chemistry class representative of Class Two.

Just as he was talking, the athletes came over under the leadership of the class president who had just left.

Yao Yi also followed behind, bowing her head and pulling at her clothes.

Although it was a sports meet, high school students had to participate compulsorily, and the class president would call names.

As soon as the students in Class One saw Yao Yi behind the team, they all looked at Fu Chuan, who was sitting in the corner.

In their eyes, the two were bound to be incompatible like fire and water.

Yao Yi also followed everyone’s gaze curiously and found that it was an acquaintance, classmate Fu Chuan.

“What are they doing” Yao Yi whispered to Zhao Qian.

At this time, Fu Chuan was also being stared at, so he became impatient and looked up with a frown.

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