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Chapter 11: Challenge Letter.

The student with the highest total score at No.

1 High School would have their name emboldened in large black characters, which was much more conspicuous than the other ninety-nine students with white characters on a red background.

Of course, the first thing Yao Yi saw was her name, which was very conspicuous, and there was no fluctuation in her heart.

It was just that there was another name with bolded, large black characters right below her name, which meant that she was not the only one who got first place.

“That Fu Chuan is also so powerful” Zhao Qian didn’t even care about his own ranking, but instead looked at the names of the top two people in surprise.

Yao Yi nodded silently, adding another label to Fu Chuan, other than being a kind and good classmate: good grades.

The ranking list had not only the total score but also a detailed score ranking of each subject.

Those with the same score will be ranked together, starting with the math score, and so on.


“His language arts score is 20 points higher than yours!” Zhao Qian carefully compared their scores, and finally came to the conclusion, “But it’s okay, his science score is not as good as yours.

Even if his total score is the same as yours on the final high school exam, you will still be ranked higher.

If… Fu Chuan also chooses science.”

None of Fu Chuan’s nine subjects had a subject score that was noticeably higher than the other subjects.

Although he couldn’t compare to Yao Yi, a pervert with almost perfect scores in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, he could pull back all the points with just one language arts subject.

However, Zhao Qian was right.

As long as Yao Yi scored higher in math, even if the two had the same total score on the final high school exam, her ranking would still be first.

Colleges looked at these rankings.

Yao Yi did not appear to be worried.

First place was too easy for her.

It was like a commonplace meal for her, and it wasn’t like there hadn’t been someone with the same score as her.

It was normal.

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Yao Yi put her phone back in her pocket silently and conscientiously looked for Li Ge and Han Jiaojiao’s names on the bulletin board,


“Here, the thirty-eighth place.” Zhao Qian saw Li Ge’s name at a glance and pointed to the top row of score rankings.

“Jiaojiao is in ninth place.” Yao Yi also discovered the name of Han Jiaojiao.

The two silently remembered all the scores.

As soon as they returned to the classroom, the two students in front of the classroom turned around and stared at them.

“How was it Yao Yi, are you the first” Li Ge clenched his fists nervously.

“Why are you in such a hurry” Zhao Qian asked as he sat down.

He couldn’t stand it.

He tore off a piece of paper and wrote down Li Ge and Han Jiaojiao’s rankings and scores that he had just memorized.

“I’m worried that someone will steal the first place title in our class! “Li Ge said as he raised his non-existent chest.

“I’m first.” Yao Yi said casually, “Fu Chuan from next door is also first.”

“Is he… that powerful” Han Jiaojiao was a little sluggish.

In the beginning, it was just a joke that Fu Chuan had good grades, but she didn’t actually expect him to be so good.

Han Jiaojiao knew how many top students there were in No.

1 High School.

Every year, the school recruited students who could rank in the province.

Just because she always thought her grades were good didn’t mean she dared to imagine that she could be the first in the high school exam.

“You guy’s rankings.” After Zhao Qian finished writing it, he handed it to Li Ge and Han Jiaojiao.

“Hey, Jiaojiao, you’re actually ranked ninth in the grade! You improved from your final middle school exam.

” Li Ge was surprised.

Han Jiaojiao rolled her eyes: “I didn’t do well in the final middle school exam, or else how would I be ranked 20th in the province”


When Han Jiaojiao wanted to continue asking about Fu Chuan’s grades, Lao Han came in with the transcript.

Lao Han’s expression was not very pleasant.

He came in with a frown, stared at the piece of paper in his hand for a long time, and then looked at the students below.

“Have you all seen the rankings downstairs Those who are not on it should reflect.

This time the exam paper can be said to be very simple, and this is how low your level is” Lao Han had lost his usual humour in class.

“Someone in Class Fifteen made it to the top 100.

Reflect on yourself.”

As soon as these words came out, Class Two’s students couldn’t sit still and lowered their heads.

Class Fifteen was a well-known balance class at No.

1 High School.

The so-called “balanced class” meant that the students’ scores from the final middle school exam were not enough, and they used money to buy a spot in the school.

And now someone actually got into the ‘100 list’!

After the reprimand, they still had to have a regular class period to review the exam paper.

Lao Han explained every step very carefully without skipping any details.

“Since the exam paper was simple, the teachers will definitely be strict when grading the papers.

Every step must be written carefully, and what should be saved should not be left out.” After Lao Han finished explaining a big question, he said to Yao Yi, “Yao Yi, in a moment, share your exam paper and let everyone know how to answer a question properly.”

“Oh.” Yao Yi nodded.

Yao Yi got a full score in math.

For her, the fun of taking math exams was just guessing the teacher’s style.

The difficulty of the exam papers didn’t exist for her at all.

Unlike other high-performers in math, she was keen on writing the answers exactly like the standard answer ones.

Fu Chuan’s math score was deducted by about ten points.

She estimated that it was because of the steps in the big question.

As a person who had seen national exam papers, Yao Yi could clearly tell the difference between the answering standards of Beijing and Yan City.

Unlike Lao Han, the headteacher of Class One, Zhou Hui, had a smile on her face.

They had first place in their class!


This meant that if they divided the subjects, she could become the headteacher of the top students in No.

1 High School’s freshman class as long as Fu Chuan chose science.

Zhou Hui was not so worried.

Yan City paid more attention to science.

Looking at the size of the classes, it could be seen that there were more than double the number of science classes as language arts classes in the second year of high school.

Just in case, Zhou Hui called Fu Chuan to her office after class in the afternoon.

Fu Chuan closed his book and walked to the office on the sixth floor.

The whole floor upstairs was where the teachers worked.

The chemistry teachers had offices concentrated in one area, and the math teachers were in another.

They were divided according to subjects.

Zhou Hui was also a math teacher and had an office at the back of the corridor.

The language arts office was in the first room, and as soon as Fu Chuan went upstairs, he heard a teacher scolding a student: “Is it because the teacher’s ability is not good, or do you have an opinion on the teacher You got such a low score on the test.”

Fu Chuan was not interested in these and was about to walk through quickly when he heard a familiar voice.

“No, teacher, I really can’t write essays well.” Yao Yi drooped her ears, and she had the same feeling as when Zhao Qian was scolded by the English teacher last time in English class.

Fu Chuan slowed down and looked at Yao Yi, who had her back turned to him through the half-opened office door.

He couldn’t help but be surprised: Did she fail the exam It was probably because she was held down by the first place in the province, which led to her poor performance.

The headteacher of Class One, Zhou Hui, also confirmed Fu Chuan’s conjecture.

“Fu Chuan, this time you are the first place in the grade.

Continue to work hard to keep it.” Zhou Hui looked at her student kindly, “You will choose the science major, right”

For a while, Fu Chuan was a little distracted and didn’t react.

Zhou Hui was anxious: “Although you have good grades in every subject, you have greater potential in science, and you will have more opportunities to choose a good major in the future in college.

Our No.

1 high school has always attached more importance to science students, you…”


“Teacher, I will choose science.” Fu Chuan came back to his senses and interrupted the head teacher’s chatter.

“…Oh, that’s good, that’s good.” Zhou Hui immediately laughed, and after a few words with Fu Chuan, she let him go.

When he walked to the language arts office again, it happened that Yao Yi’s reprimand was also finished, and she walked with her head down.

The two walked side by side down the narrow stairs.

Perhaps it was because Yao Yi looked too pitiful, or perhaps because Yao Yi was the daughter of a neighbour in Lugu Mountain, when they were about to reach the fourth floor, Fu Chuan suddenly said: “Next time, work harder to get first place.

One exam is nothing.”

“” Yao Yi was perplexed as he stared at Fu Chuan, who had vanished at the door of Class One.

He… did he just throw down a gauntlet and give her a challenge letter

Yao Yi walked into the classroom confused, still thinking about what classmate Fu Chuan said.

“You’re back.

Were you scolded” Zhao Qian patted his roommate with an “I understand” expression on his face.

“…Mhm.” Yao Yi sat down in a trance, “Just now, classmate Fu Chuan gave me a challenge letter.”

Before Zhao Qian could react, the two people in front suddenly turned their heads and stared at Yao Yi, as if they smelled snark, and asked in unison, “Challenge letter”

The people in the classroom, who were immersed in their homework, were stimulated by these two unusually loud voices and frowned and looked back at them, trying to condemn them with their eyes.

“Tell me, what’s going on” Li Ge asked excitedly, leaning closer to Yao Yi’s table in a low voice, how could he miss this kind of first-hand gossip.

Yao Yi scratched her face: “He said that this exam is nothing, but next time he will continue to work hard to take the first place.”

“So crazy” Han Jiaojiao pouted, “If it wasn’t for your poor score in language arts, how could you be tied for first place with him!”

In the case of almost full scores in other subjects, Yao Yi’s language arts performance was very eye-catching.

Yao Yi quietly explained for Fu Chuan: “He’s just not used to the way we give questions here, and he will improve after a while.”

After school, there were still crowds of people in front of the bulletin board.

Fu Chuan hadn’t come to see it before.

He didn’t care much about his grades.

He didn’t know how she did in the exam.

She was so sad, Fu Chuan lowered his eyes and thought, but his feet subconsciously walked towards the bulletin board.

When the people around him saw Fu Chuan, who was recognized as the school grass, they silently moved away to make room for him.

The two big black characters “Yao Yi” at the top of the row were deeply reflected in Fu Chuan’s eyes.

He was stunned, and his pupils shrank.

After reading the rankings of the two people, Fu Chuan realized that he was the one making a joke.

His expression was not very good as he walked out of the school with a sullen face.

“Is he unhappy that Yao Yi has a higher place than him” The students around him saw that his expression had become sullen, and they whispered to their friend next to them.

“Who would like to have the same total score, but a lower ranking position.” The friend said, matter-of-factly.

The author has something to say: Here Yao Yao’s view of Fu Chuan is in a downward state, similar to: “Wow, it’s not easy for someone to have the same score as me.”


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