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Chapter 10: Lugu Mountain Neighbors

It had nearly been a month since the freshman opening ceremony, and Yao Yi’s skin tone had gradually returned to its original appearance.

Han Jiaojiao, who was sitting in the front row, was still sometimes surprised when she looked back.

Strictly speaking, Yao Yi didn’t look like a boy.

Although her facial features carried the heroic spirit inherited from Father Yao, she also had the fair skin given by Mother Yao.

Because her skin was too tanned before, her appearance was not noticeable.

Plus, Yao Yi did not pay attention to her appearance, so she was frequently mistaken as a boy.

After Li Ge finished a physics problem, he turned around and rushed to the other three to tell them: “Next week, we will have our first monthly exam.

I heard from Class One that Fu Chuan’s grades are very good.

This time, he might take first place in the monthly exam.”

Although Han Jiaojiao was obsessed with Fu Chuan’s looks, she was a person who believed in strength.

She had disdain for this kind of gossip, “Just because he has good grades, does that mean he can get first place My grades are also good.

Does that mean that I will get first place in the monthly exam”


Zhao Qian was delighted and said with a smile, “You can get first place Come on!”

Han Jiaojiao was not convinced: “What’s wrong with me I was first in the last language arts test, and also in English.”

There were many people with good grades in Class Two, and Han Jiaojiao’s grades were not bad among them.

So it was not surprising to say such a thing.

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As soon as she arrived at the school gate, she saw her parents.

Sure enough, her mother had come too.

The closer that Yao Yi got, the more she realised that something was off.

Her parents’ backs were turned to her, and they were talking to a student in a school uniform.


“Dad, Mom.” Yao Yi called.

“Xiao Yi, why are you so thin again” Yao Yi’s mother looked Yao Yi up and down and frowned.

After Yao Yi approached, she found out that the person who was talking to her parents was classmate Fu Chuan.

After being stunned for a moment, she showed a friendly smile: “Classmate Fu Chuan.”

“Xiao Yi, do you know him” Dad Yao asked in surprise.

Yao Yi nodded: “He’s a classmate from Class One.”

“It’s such a coincidence!” Mother Yao said with a smile, “Do you remember what I told you before about the neighbors on Lugu Mountain I didn’t expect you two to know each other already.”

“Lugu Mountain” Yao Yi looked at Fu Chuan in surprise.

Her parents had told her before about their neighbors on Lugu Mountain, but she did not expect it to be Fu Chuan.

Every year when Fu Chuan recuperated in Lugu Mountain, he ran into this couple.He had heard them talk about having a daughter the same age as him.

They ran into each other today, so they pulled him over to say a few words.

Then, they saw Yao Yi coming this way.

Fu Chuan smiled politely at Father Yao and Mother Yao, and his eyes swept over Yao Yi.

She was not like her parents.

Father Yao was a businessman, anyone with eyesight could tell.

Mother Yao also did not look like an ordinary woman.

At least the couple should be people that act tactfully, unlike Yao Yi who showed everything on her face.

In the end, Fu Chuan declined Yao Yi’s parents’ invitation for lunch and took Uncle Li’s car back to the apartment.

“That child is really handsome.” Mother Yao sighed while looking at Fu Chuan’s back.


Father Yao nodded: “He looks more energetic than before.”

Yao Yi had never seen Fu Chuan in the past, and even if she had, she had no impression.

She could only silently listen to her parents constantly praise Fu Chuan’s appearance and proper etiquette.

“Xiao Yi, did you sleep well at school What about eating Did you only take a few bites and say it was good” Mother Yao turned to her daughter.

Yao Yi didn’t like to lie, but she also didn’t want to worry her parents.

She awkwardly tried to change the subject: “Why haven’t I ever met Fu Chuan in Lugu Mountain”

“He only goes to Lugu Mountain during summer break.

You only lived there when you were a child, and you never wanted to leave the study room in the city.”

She understood her own daughter.

Mother Yao didn’t want to give Yao Yi a hard time, so she went along with this topic.

Father Yao asked again, “You really don’t want to live at home I heard that the food in the school cafeteria is not very good.

Xiao Yi, you always stay at school.

We can’t have peace of mind when we work at home.”

“I’m already in high school, and study time is tight.

I have to fight for a good university.” Yao Yi said seriously.

“Don’t act dumb!” Father Yao was unhappy, “You think I don’t know You’ve already finished your high school curriculum.

Besides, we just want you to be happy.

As for a good university, you don’t need to sacrifice your health to get admission.”

Sometimes parents were contradictory.

When their children didn’t have good grades, they hoped that they would study hard.

But when their grades were good, they didn’t want their children to be too stressed, and having good health is good enough.

“Xiao Yi, can you come home on weekends” Mother Yao asked expectantly, holding Yao Yi’s hand.

“…Oh.” Yao Yi couldn’t stand her mother’s coquettish look, so she could only nod her head in agreement.


After dinner with her parents, Yao Yi returned to the dormitory and began to pick up the composition paper to review.

Yao Yi was not worried about her grades in other subjects, but composition was her weakness.

In the past, Yao Yi was able to muddle through writing essays and compositions from middle school.

However, in high school, the content of the compositions has deepened, and the requirements for what students have to write have also increased.

The top class itself already had more tests than ordinary classes.

In less than a month, Yao Yi has already been called by the language arts teacher to talk several times.

The teacher said that what she wrote was cold and unrealistic.

It was full of the straight-line logic of the brains of science students.

The language arts teacher of Class Two once took out a piece of Yao Yi’s composition and showed it to other language arts teachers, but they couldn’t understand it.

The composition was cracked by the chemistry teacher, and they saw that the composition was an example of chemical synthesis.

It wasn’t that these examples couldn’t be used, it was just that other people would not delve into the principles.

They would just put the results of chemical synthesis on the composition and finally come to a conclusion.

As for Yao Yi, she wrote a lot of principles in her composition.

Yao Yi’s brain probably had a shielding function for all compositions.

She had a good memory, and everything she had read would be deeply ingrained in her mind.

Her composition was no exception.

But when it came to writing, she just wrote something randomly and could not remember the content at all.

“Jiaojiao, can I borrow your language arts test paper” Yao Yi didn’t give up.

A week before the upcoming exam, she sorted out all of Han Jiaojiao’s essays and learned from them.

She even asked the language arts teacher for help.

Yao Yi’s various achievements were quite conspicuous.

Naturally, it was impossible for the language arts teacher to let this subject hold Yao Yi back.

Otherwise, not only would he feel sorry, but even the principal would scold him.


It could only be said that the reason why a weakness was considered a weakness was because of congenital insufficiency and innate insensitivity to the aspect.

Yao Yi stared at the Chinese characters and listened to the language arts teacher’s words about writing skills.

She felt dizzy as if she was on a bus all day.

The language teacher could probably see Yao Yi’s confusion and finally gave up: “The first paragraph should introduce the topic.

The middle paragraphs should give examples, and finally, the conclusion at the end.

As long as the middle example is not too outrageous, you should still be able to pass.”

In the blink of an eye, it was the first monthly exam.

The exam room seats were arranged according to the grades of the students when they entered high school.

Yao Yi was, of course, in the first seat, and because Fu Chuan was a transfer student from another province, he was placed in the last chair in the exam room.

There was no division of subjects in the first year of high school, so exams were required for both liberal arts and science, with a total of nine courses.

Generally speaking, except for the writing exam, Yao Yi thought the test was relatively easy.

It was not much different from the past.

When the students were taking the second exam, the teachers had already started to grade the exam papers from the first exam, so the results came out very quickly.

They finished testing on Friday, and after the weekend, the results were posted on the bulletin board in front of the school building on Monday.

Many people went to look at it after class.

Each class would have its own score sheet, and the bulletin board in front of the school building only posted the top 100 of the entire grade.

After the second period, Yao Yi and Zhao Qian strolled out to buy cakes and eat together.

The two went downstairs, and the bulletin board was already full of people.

When the two came back, the crowd had almost all scattered.

Zhao Qian finished eating his cake by dividing them into three and five pieces: “Guess who is first”

“Me.” Yao Yi said without modesty, biting the carrot cake with her head down.

Zhao Qian turned and ran to the front of the bulletin board to check the ranking.

Yao Yi held the cake in her hand, and walked over slowly.

She glanced at the bulletin board at random, and was suddenly stunned.


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