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2750 Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (268)

Qiao Ruoxi realized that she had bumped into someone and pulled Li Yixue to a stop.

She turned her head and saw the powder on the ground.

She had no choice but to pick up the box and apologize to the other party.

“Im sorry.

I didnt mean to smash your things.

How much is this I can accompany you!”

“Pay Can you afford it”

Ling Xuan squinted and looked at Qiao Ruoxi.

Qiao Ruoxi did not know her, but she had already gotten to know Qiao Ruoxi in advance.

From the information Wen Keer had sent her, she already had a preliminary understanding of Qiao Ruoxi.

It was said that this woman was originally the daughter of the Qiao family.

After she had fallen from grace, she had been living in Yinzun.

Later on, she had clung onto Feng Yunan and even shamelessly forced him to marry her.

She did not care about such a shameless woman.

Initially, she had wanted to look for Qiao Ruoxi, but she did not expect to run into her today.

They were enemies now.

Since she had taken the initiative to offend her, then dont blame her for finding trouble!

“You can tell me how much this is.

Ill pay you back at the price!” Qiao Ruoxi wanted to hurry up.

She didnt want to waste time on this kind of thing.

“Even if you want to compensate for it, you wont be able to afford it.

This is a limited edition Analin compact powder.

You cant buy it even if you have the money.

How are you going to pay for it” Ling Xuan said as she crossed her arms.

It seemed like he was giving her a hard time!

Qiao Ruoxi looked at her facial features and clothes.

She could tell that she was a woman with good taste.

The clothes she wore were also expensive.

“Then what do you want, Miss” Qiao Ruoxi asked.

Li Yixue also spoke up for Qiao Ruoxi.

“Miss, my friend didnt do it on purpose.

You can name a price.

We will definitely think of a way to compensate you later.

Right now, my friend is in a hurry.

Can you make an exception”

Of course, Ling Xuan knew that Qiao Ruoxi was in a hurry to hand over the script for the preliminary competition.

However, she had returned to the country under the request of Wen Keer.

Her purpose was to stop Qiao Ruoxi from participating in the competition.

Now, Ling Xuan was not going to give up easily no matter what she said.

She directly grabbed Qiao Ruoxis wrist and said aggressively, “Are you trying to leave on purpose Ive seen many people like you.

First you find an excuse to leave, then you cant even see your shadow.

I wont fall for it!”

Qiao Ruoxi could not break free and was surrounded by people.

She felt very helpless.

Just as she was panicking, a pleasant voice sounded.

“She has already apologized and is willing to take responsibility.

This beautiful lady, shouldnt you be more lenient”

Qiao Ruoxi turned around when she heard a familiar voice.

It was Mu Yunli.

Seeing Mu Yunli, Qiao Ruoxi felt like she had found her savior.

If he could help her out, she would be very grateful to him.

Ling Xuan turned around and saw an elegant man walking towards her.

She could not hide the surprise in her eyes.

She was stunned because she recognized him at a glance.

Wasnt he the president of Simu Jewelry

Before she returned to the country, she had done her homework and learned all about him.

Moreover, when she first saw him on the news on the Internet, she was already attracted to him.

He was her prince charming, her type!

He was also one of the reasons she returned to the country this time.

Because of Mu Yunlis sudden appearance, Ling Xuan let go of Qiao Ruoxis hand and frowned.

She said to Qiao Ruoxi, “Consider yourself lucky today.

For the sake of this gentleman, Ill let you off this time.

Be careful when you walk next time.”

“Thank you, thank you,” Qiao Ruoxi thanked Ling Xuan.

Mu Yunli came to her side and said, “Lets go, girl.”

“Thank you, Mr.


Qiao Ruoxi thanked Mu Yunli and they walked towards the elevator together.

Ling Xuan looked at the backs of Qiao Ruoxi and Mu Yunli from behind.

She was surprised that Qiao Ruoxi knew her prince charming.

It seemed that he could not underestimate Qiao Ruoxi anymore!

Mu Yunli accompanied them upstairs.

But when they reached the designated floor, he got off the elevator early.

Ever since Li Yixue saw Mu Yunli, she had been quietly acting until she left.

She hugged Qiao Ruoxi excitedly.

“Oh my god, Xi Xi, I didnt expect President Mu of Simu Jewelry to be so handsome! He looks so elegant and gentlemanly! Ahhh, my little heart! Oh right, how did you meet President Mu of Simu Jewelry”

Qiao Ruoxi was almost suffocated by her.

“I met him by chance.

I havent told you that the Xiao Kebai clothing the other day belonged to him.”

Li Yixue became even more excited after listening to him.

“I knew it! If you can wear Xiao Kebai, you must have great taste.

Its just as I thought.

Oh my god, luckily Mu Yunli appeared in time just now.

Otherwise, you wouldve been in a lot of trouble today.”


“But that woman is so annoying! I hope shes not here for the competition.” Li Yixue did not have a good impression of Ling Xuan.

It was the same for Qiao Ruoxi.

Even though it was her first time seeing Ling Xuan, she did not like that kind of woman.

Qiao Ruoxi came to the floor where the competition was held.

She took the information sheet, registered her name, got her number plate, and sat down to wait.

Not long after, Ling Xuan and her entourage came in.

She saw Qiao Ruoxi and the others sitting in the hall and went past them to hand over the documents.

Li Yixue noticed Ling Xuan again and turned to Qiao Ruoxi.

“Hey, look! Shes really here for the competition!”

“I dont care.

I just need to take care of myself,” Qiao Ruoxi said, thinking about what to say when she meets the judges later.

Ling Xuan was a designer who had graduated from a famous overseas design university.

She was new here and always wanted to let others know about her background.

Therefore, when she passed by Qiao Ruoxi and the others, she deliberately dropped the documents in her hands.

The information sheet fell right next to Qiao Ruoxi and Li Yixues feet.

Qiao Ruoxi subconsciously picked it up.

Li Yixue took a look at it and exclaimed in surprise, “Oh my god, Savannah-University!”

Qiao Ruoxi heard Li Yixues exclamation and looked over.

She also saw the name of the university on the form.

This university was the best in international design, and it was also the university that Qiao Ruoxi yearned to study in.

She did not expect that the person she had bumped into just now was called Ling Xuan, and she had graduated from this university.

Qiao Ruoxi looked at Ling Xuan again and couldnt help but look at her in a different light.

Ling Xuan took the documents from Li Yixues hands and left without saying anything.

Li Yixue turned around and said to Qiao Ruoxi, “Xixi, so shes also here for the competition.

She actually graduated from Savannah-University.

What a strong rival!”

‘She is indeed a strong rival, Qiao Ruoxi thought.

Finally, it was Qiao Ruoxis turn to enter the stage.

Li Yixue cheered her on.

Qiao Ruoxi brought her work to the preliminary stage and met with the judges.

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