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Pokemon master cultivator chapter 4: practice fight

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(mc pov)

..... four months past .....

i can believe its been four months why is it taking so long as i dodge a kick going towards my face, by ducking low and i finaly have an opening to imbalance Wang li by leg swiping her off the ground.

but when she was about to loss her balance she catches herself by doing a hand stand and position herself to kick me again but this time its downwards right in my shoulder. but i deflected it by just doing another leg sweep for her to be sent tumbling away from me from the otherside of the ring but she have the advantage being closer to the middle while Im at the very edge.

we return to our fighting positions and waited to see who will move first but i didn have to since Wang Li charge at me again with a straight punch which i dodged and hit her in her right ribs then quickly upper cut that stuns her under six second.

which is enough time for me too go behind her and doing a flying back kick. with this i knock her out of the ring with a loud thud.

"damn it i almost had you seven!!!" Wang li complained as she get up and dusted herself.

"thats 20 out of 7 in favor of seven." Huifen announce which Jai Li cheered while hiding behind Huifen "i knew you can do it seven... ep!" as she hide her face.

"i can believe you can actually fight since you

e the most laziest kid in the orphanage." Chao-xing as she leans on a tree looking cool.

" eh i just don like wasting my time and energy" i said to Chao-xing as i past her by to go to my favorite spot to sleep in.

but i was stop on my tracks because Chao-xing punch me in the head knocking me out as i fell in the ground.

"waste my butt just admit that your lazy and beside you have chores to do remember, so lets go back to the orphanage." as she peak me up and carry me to the direction where the orphanage is.

..... one short trip later .....

waste of my time, i could have been training more rather than wasting it doing chores. as i was rudely woken up by Chao-xing as she drops me off the kitchen floor like a sack of potatos.

she tossed a mop at me and a bucket telling me to clean the floor while she cleans the dishes.

man i wish i could get my own pokemon right about now, at least they can cheer me up while doing my chores

(Wang Li pov)

Wang Li look at the retreating Seven as he is being carried around by Chao-xing.

"can believe that lazy squirt can actually fight." Huifen speak up right beside me as she stand fold her arms as she continues to say what she was saying.

" now Im jealous because he can fight and has the prettiest face out of all the kids in the orphanage, it really annoys me." as she crumbled.

" true but since he doesn want to cut his hair especially his bangs, he would have been mistaken for a young girl." i laugh as i imagine Seven wearing a skirt which strangely fit him dresses up like a girl.

" but seriously for a lazy guy like him, hes really strong and a great martial artist to be able to beat you." as Huifen kept talking.

"you could beat that hot blooded pig Chen Gang and that evil incarnate Gang lei no problem, but when if its against Seven you loss so easily." Huifen huff as she grumbles.

"thats why i alway bug him to spar with me, because out of all people here hes the strongest." as i smile proudly from the proclamation of how Seven is the strongest in the orphanage.

"not even Gang lei, Chen Gang or the blue haired narcissist Hoa Dong could defeat Seven if he actually try to fight them." as Huifen continues "i don understand why he let them bully him."

i have some idea why he let them bully him and i decided to share it with huifen and Jai Li.

" its probably because he doesn want them to know that hes strong. those three buffoons just fight for no reason while i in the other hand just ask his permission. i should know as those three have been hounding me every day just to get beaten up." which gave a hint of jealous because of how those three buffoons is now targeting her since in their eyes shes the strongest but in fact it was Seven.

" oh hes smart to." as i heared the hush voice of Jai Li as i look at her blushing up a storm which borders me for some weird reason.

" of course hes smart too why is he so fortunate to have talent and be as lazy as a cat." as Huifen runted.

"calm down Huifen your just mad because it is now you that is the weakest of the group." as i inquired with a smug smirk while looking at her.

"thats why i have to catch up at least to the point that i could last a second when im up against you." as she walks away to her favorite training spot so she could start training.

"um i going to water my garden now so sorry if Im leaving you alone..." as Jai Li shyly say it while looking at the ground.

"its fine Im also going to train more later anyways so you can go. beside you dont need my permission to leave anyways, you can just go if you want to." i give her a big smile so that she could feel comfortable around me.

"thank you very much!!!" as she run of towards her garden.

i started to hum a song that my mother always hums to me when she was younger. i sat down and relaxed to recover from my recently as i continue humming my mothers music.

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