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Chapter 5: Signing the Contract (1)

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After they had placed the contract in front of Rong Yan, she quickly scanned through it and signed her name.

Party B: Rong Yan.

Two beautiful Chinese characters were written on the white paper. It was like an imprint after being branded, which was hard to remove.

With that, Rong Yans contract forservice between her and Liancheng took effect.

She was a young woman at the prime of her youth, but she embarked on a path she had once thoroughly despised.

A mistress was really an old and long-standing career.

The content of the contract was simple and was roughly divided into seven articles.

One: Party A may call Party B at any time, but Party B shall never call Party A.

Two: Party Bs phone shall be kept on for 24 hours and be on call at all times. No matter where or what Party B is doing, Party B must immediately rush over as long as Party A has given orders.

Three: Once out of the door, Party A and Party B will remain as strangers. Party B must not cause trouble to Party A.

Four: Once the game starts, it can only end when Party A says so.

Five: Party A shall transfer five hundred thousand dollars to Party Bs account every month until the contract ends...

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Six: No entangling after the contract ends.

Seven: During the term of the contract, Party B shall obey Party A, and shall bear the consequences if there are any violations.

Five hundred thousand dollars was not even considered money for Liancheng Yazhi, and this was the lowest price among all his women. He thought that Rong Yan was only worthy of this price.

For men, women who throw themselves at men are always cheap.

But this was considered a lot of money for Rong Yan. A lot, a lot...

Liancheng Yazhis eyes swept over the signature on the bottom right corner of the A4 paper... Rong Yan. It was only then that he found out that her name was Rong Yan.

It was such a nice name. But being the dirty woman that she was, it was all ruined.

Liancheng Yazhi looked at her, and as if he was an executioner from the ancient times who was allowing the prisoner to speak her last words, he asked, “You dont need to think about it”

“No, its very fair. Mr. Liancheng, I hope we have a pleasant cooperation.” Rong Yan extended her hand to Liancheng Yazhi.


Liancheng Yazhi did not reach out his hand for a shake but only threw her a cold gaze.

Pleasant He was not happy. After this woman had plotted a scheme against him, he felt no happiness.

Seeing her, it would remind Liancheng Yazhi that everything he did in his life was smooth sailing, and people who admired him were always around. Although many women wanted to have a relationship with him, no one dared to trick him.

Rong Yan did not feel embarrassed. She shrugged and drew back her hand. “Its almost dawn. Mr. Liancheng, have a good rest. Im leaving. You can call me anytime in the future. I promise I will be on call at all times.”

Secretary Zhou, who had been standing behind Liancheng Yazhi and acting like he was air, handed over a bag. “Miss Rong, these are your clothes.”

Rong Yan glanced at the brand and wanted to whistle. It was the seasons new dress from Dior. Taking it, she smiled. “Thank you.”

Rong Yan took a bath, and she put on the dress Secretary Zhou had prepared. Although her body still felt uncomfortable and hurt a lot... It felt much better. At least it mentally relieved her of a lot of pain.

In the future, she needed to be in constant contact with Liancheng Yazhi and these things were inevitable. She would get used to the pain, eventually.

The gray sleeveless dress was low-cut, and it showed a little fair and tender scenery. Her skin was as white as snow, making the marks on her chest even more eye-catching, but she couldnt care less.

The curve of her waist was beautiful and moving, slender like willows in early spring. The swinging of her waist when she walked could really captivate peoples souls.

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