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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Said Something to Her (1)

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As a mistress, they had to get into their best condition whenever they saw their sugar daddy.

Liancheng Yazhi pressed her against the wash counter. Seeing her swollen red lips because of Su Yus kisses, he only thought that it looked offending. “What did you say to her”

Rong Yan leaned backwards as her left leg curled around Liancheng Yazhis right leg. The way they were engaged with each other looked seductive, and yet Rong Yans eyes looked defiant. “Erm... I cant explain this easily.”

“Dont forget that Im still your sugar daddy right now.” He had gritted his teeth hard as he saidsugar daddy. It was as if he wanted to shatter those words into pieces, and it was obvious that he had seen the words for his caller ID on Rong Yans phone.

Acting like she didnt know, Rong Yan reached out her soft like dodder flowers arms and wrapped them around his neck. She lifted her chin, exposing her slender and soft neck that looked like it could be snapped with just a soft pull. This physical submission had always been useful against Liancheng Yazhi.

She coyly said, “Actually, its nothing much. Its just the fiancée observing the mistress working condition and attitude and also giving something in convenience...”

Liancheng Yazhi opened Rong Yans bag with a hand. The black velvet box in it was extremely eye-catching, making a hint of anger swell within his chest.

His other hand tightened his hold on Rong Yans waist. “Do you lack money that much”

Rong Yan furrowed her eyebrows. “Yes. Ive said this since the first day I followed you. I only want money and dont dare to talk about feelings.”

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“Will you do anything with no bottom line just as long as a man can give you the money you want”

“You cant say it like that too. But... that person has to be tall, handsome, and rich like Mr. Liancheng. Im not someone who accepts just about anyone.”

Rong Yan slightly looked down as she pondered for a moment. “Hm. An example is Mr. Su from today. Hes pretty good...”

Liancheng Yazhi grabbed Rong Yans chin. “Are you that excited to seduce Su Yu, hm”

Rong Yan sucked in a breath of pain. “Aiya, be softer. Youre hurting me. Am I not doing things according to your instructions Why are you unhappy This mistress job is really hard. Aiyo, it hurts. Dont pinch me so hard. Why are you so angry Me. Liancheng, could you be jealous”

Liancheng Yazhi smirked coldly. “Jealous Youre really good at pressing gold against yourself.”

Rong Yan kicked her high heels away, exposing her fair and petite feet, and boldly shook them around.

She chuckled. “Of course, I like money so much. Naturally, I will press gold against my face and wont press myself against others.”

Liancheng Yazhi chuckled at her words. He looked down and saw the white lace exposed on her chest because a button was pushed to its maximum from her pushing her chest up. He glanced at it briefly, as if it didnt affect him at all. However, in the next second, he questioned her with a hoarse voice, “Youre wearing a shirt one size too small and such a tight skirt. Your methods are getting better recently, arent they”

Rong Yan rolled her eyes. How was her shirt one size smaller How was her skirt too tight Didnt all office workers wear the same Didnt he see those every day

Were every female office worker wearing the same seducing him He was really narcissistic.

However, she definitely couldnt say such things in front of her sugar daddy. She tilted her head, looking naive. “Really Then shouldnt you be happy that Im becoming more skilled and refined in my profession under your guidance”

Liancheng Yazhi laughed. “What do you think”

Before he finished speaking, his large hand had already grabbed one of Rong Yans legs.



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